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1, Warm and a little hazy. I sat up all night at a Ball at Wm Bell's-got home about susset- Wm Bell wou'd not receive pay for my expenses but I intend to make him compensation- Paid him.
2, A little rain early this morning very mild- rainy at night. Had cabbage,cale, lettuce, radish & beet seeds sown in garden. Davy went to C.Taylor's & got a tooth drawn.I staid at home- M.Atkins went to settle his acco't w'th J.Morton and returned the 3d in evening.
3, Sunday. Heavy rain lat night, cleared before day, smart frost and ice- clear day- Snow on great mountains. I went to James Taylor's- J.Taylor jr & wife Tho's Crutchfield & wife dined there- J.Pendleton was gone to Culpeper,his family to T.Barbour's in Madison & expected to J.Taylor's this evening or tomorrow. I gave a Mem'dum to J.Taylor jr for him or Reu Taylor to get me sundry articles at Fredericksburg, they intend going tomorrow. Let J.Taylor jr have $4. to pay for things if he gets.
4, Sharp frost-Fair day,moderate-some Snow on G't Mountains I dined at home. G.C.Taylor came from J.Taylor's after dinner- Told me he wou'd dine with me tomorrow- he went to C.Taylor's.
5, Cloudy last night- Snowed about day very brisk for 3 or 4 hours- 2 or 3 inches Cont'd Cloudy & thawed some. J.Taylor,John Pendleton & G.C.Taylor dined here. Geo.Newman came from J.T.went to Office with him and returned to dinner. Malachi Atkins went to J.McNeils Shopp,but did not any work done. E.Pendleton sent 2 shirts she had put new wrist bands on, I sent 2 more the 6th which were sent home in evening.
6, Frost, but not very severe, a fwe clouds,but mostly fair. Great part of snow dissolved. I sent 2 bags Corn and get ground at McKinney's,sent 1/6 by Frank for which he got 2 Bushels bran. Patsy Leathers had been to J.Taylor's-called here whilst I was at dinner- She eat dinner & went home.
7, Sharp frost. Clear,not very hard weather. Sent to Wm Bell by Negro Gerge an old Gammon 10 1/4 lb bacon& a Shoulder 9 1/2 lb. Malachi Atkins Received out of New Cornhouse @ Hhds Corn,which with 5 Bushels he has had & about 2 Bushels will be 6 Barrels the provision, I agreed to find. got 2 Bus' the 9th. John Pendleton called here about sunset and got a Newspaper of J.Taylor's-(I got from Co't house yesterday) he was on his return from Capt Conway's,where he and other company went yesterday.
8, A frozen mist early in morn, thick cloudy and misty till evening when it Rained briskly- mild. I have had a bad cold several days w'ch continues. I staid at home- J.Pendleton'said last evening he intended going to Rosehill to day on invitation.
9, A very heavy rain last night,and high wind from South. Rained brisk early this morning,then cleared warm & windy. The rain last night washed my land more than they have been for some years. Ihear there is a great swell in River. M.Atkins had 2 bushels shelled corn & sent to mill- he has now had the 6 barrels I agreed to find him. M.Atkins went to J.McNeils but cou'd get no work done. I walked in evening to J.Taylor's. J.Pendleton & family, Maj'r Moore, T.Crutchfield & wife & Nancy Smith there. Capt J.Barbour was at the office.
10, [SUNDAY], Turned cold last night, hard frost,clear and cold. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner. J.Pendleton & family, J.Taylor jr & wife, T.Crutchfield & do R'd Noel & wife, Nancy Smith & G.C.Taylor there.
11, Clear, sharp frost. Temperate and not very cold. M.Atkins went again to McNeils shop, says J.McNeil promised to have my plows by wednesday. J.Pendleton came here in evening & got some quills.
12, Fair,wind and mild. Sent a Midling Bacon 10 1/4 to WaStewart for George. John Taylor called here & said a Waggon was bringing me a Bar'l Tar & Frying pan & Articles for Maj'r J.Taylor & himself. I went to J.Taylor's in evening & staid to supper. J.Pendleton & family, Tho'Jenkins, Rob't Moore, SAlley & Betsy Taylor, N.Smith &c there.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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