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22, Tuesday, Frost, Fair morn & cool, Thin clouds in afternoon and mild evening. J.Taylor sent & got my horses cart & carried the wheels of his(which are broke to Campbell to get repaired. I sent Frank & Martin with two bags corn and got ground at McKinney's mill. I was sent for about noon to go to J.Taylor's, I went over- Mrs Bell, Mrs Gambell, C.Taylor, Bailey Taylor, Salley Burnley, J.Pendleton & family, T.Crutchfield and wife, J.Taylor jr & wife, dined there. Betsy Taylor after dinner. I staid till after supper.
23, Cloudy and warm for season. Frank went to C.Taylor's & got him to draw a tooth Edmund Terrill called here with a petition to the Assembly for leave for him to build a Toll bridge at Barnett's ford. I signed it. After dinner I carried Cloth &c to Mrs Burnley's to get her make Jacket & pair breeches. Her family at home except Sally who is gone to Col.Madison's with J.Taylor jun'rs wife from Bro'r James's. George brought a Bar of Blistered Steel,about 12 lb from Court house, says Mr.D.Triplett sent it there for me.
24, Last night cloudy with rain & sleet,which continued to day- the ice hangs on trees, grass & c. Sary was delivered about 3 o'clock this morning of a male child- Aunt Taylor's Venus was w'th her. J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr, John Pendleton, C.Taylor, John Taylor & C.P.Howard dined here & staid till 10 o'clock at night. J.Taylor jr lodged here. morton Pannil came here to see C.Taylor, but would not stay to dinner.
25, Cloudy all day- the ice continued on the trees &c. J.Taylor jr went away before breakfast,said he instends going to Col.Madison's. Malachi Atkins carried 9 lb Blistered steel to J.McNeils shop, with old plows &c to have plows made and repaired- I sent Frank to Mrs Burnley's with Breeches &c to measure for new ones.
26, Rained last night- Cloudy and rainy:remarkably dark about 1 o'clock-& most of the day- moderate.
27, Rained much last night- ceased before noon, cool cloudy evening. I staid at home the weather being very damp & earth very wet. [SUNDAY]
28, Sharp frost, cold cloudy till evening, then clear. I rode Sorrill mare to Court. M.Hughes' negro Horatio we tried & condemned for a Rape on ___Webb. James McNeil gave me his Smith's acCo't- I paid him 7 dollars in part. James Barbour jr gave me a Rec't from the Reigster of Land Office for Plat 31 acres Land, he paid 1 dol'r 78 Dents, which I told him I wou'd repay next time we met- I paid And'w Shepherd jr & dollar more (making 7 dollars)for the Barrel Flour he bo't for me the 19th instant. i received 6 dollars of Wm Stewart in part of his acco't.
29, Cloudy morn with sprinkle of snow & cold. Fair mild evening. John Pendleton & J.Taylor jr went by with guns & Dogs but did not start any hares- They came with me to the house and dined & staid till night. J.G.Taylor & Jemmy Pendleton came here in evening. I sent 3 shirts for E.Pendleton to put on wrist bands. C.Taylor sent for 2 lb butter. I sent it tho' I have no more but a little potted & a little in plate.
30, Fair and moderate. I took a dose of Ipecac & Jallap for a vomiting & head-ach which was troublesome last night & morning, which gave me relief.
31, Thursday, Mild Fair morning, a little hazy in evening. Mrs Burnely sent a Jacket & pr breeches which she made for me. Reuban Taylor came here in evening on his way to a Ball at Wm.Bell's, I did not intend to it before he came but went with him- There was a large company. I staid all night playing at whist and did not come home till evening, 1 February. I lost 10/6 at whist. My Ewes has had 10 Lambs, 9 of them alive to day. Had in Feb'y 4, 4 alive 1st March. In March 3 or 7 Lambs, same number died, only 13 Living 31, March. 30 April same number, 28 Old Sheep, 13 Lambs.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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