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10, Fair (except flying clouds) very mild,great part of the snow dissolved. Had the
Pork hung up that I killed 4, Dec'r last, 23 hogs. William Bell sent the same
wine he borrowed the 4th instant by Davy- Davy got 2 Gammons old Bacon, 18 lb
for his master & paid for it at /13=22/6.
11, Did not freeze. Fair and very mild. I went to C. Taylor's- J. Taylor & family, J. Taylor jr & do- John Pendleton & do. T. Crutchfield & wife, Minor Herndon, Stapleton Crutchfield, Rob't Cruthfield, Ben Ellis, R'd Noel & wife, John Taylor, C.P. Howard, Reuben Smith, Dr. Tho's Barbour, Nelly Barbour, Polly Glassell, dined there. I staid to supper as did most of the Company. Sow that eats lambs had 7 pigs.
12, Saturday, Continues very warm. Fog clouds in morning, Soon cleared, some clouds
in evening. I dined at home. Walked in evening to J. Taylor's, J. Pendleton &
family, James Taylor jr & do, T. Crutchfield & wife, Dr. T. Barbour & sister
Nelly, John Minor Herndon, Robert Crutchfield, Ben Ellis, Salley & Betsy Taylor
were there. Tom Barbour & Rob't Crutcfield went away. I staid at hone- Sent Frank
13, [SUNDAY] Warm-Foggy morn, misty day, rain at night. I staid at home- Sent Frank
with Letter for Reuben Taylor,which I got at J. Taylor's and suppose contains
the Papers sent to Capt James p/r post at Richmond.
14, Foggy and cloudy, without rain, warm. J. Taylor, J Taylor jr, John Pendleton,
Thomas Crutchfield, John Taylor & Reuben Taylor, dined here. Reu Taylor
informed me Capt J. Barbour had returned his papers and carried my plats &c to
15, A little Frost, fair and very mild weather. Joseph Clark's Edmund came to borrow
a swingle tree & ask assistance to move his waggon,stalled by the Old
School house- I lent a swingle & went with M.Atkins & with J. Taylor's oxen he
got on his way to Fred'g- I staid at home to dinner- Hung the meat of hogs
killed Last month for Bacon.
16, Wednesday. A little frost, Fair mild or warm day. I walked to Court house- got
an Iron pot for one I bought the 2d instant of E.Hackley, paid diff'ce ¼ ½ ,
got 9 lb Steel & 1½ yds Shallon of do. I came back by Aunt Taylor's, John
Taylor's child ill. Mr.John Howard still confined but mending- I also called
at J. Taylor's- Mrs.Burnley & children, Mr. Crutchfield & wife, J. Pendleton's family there, I returned home to dinner- After dinner sent Frank with the
pot that leaked to E. Hackley's, he brought the one I got to day in exhange,
also part of Bar of blistered steel. Wm Bell sent a note by Catlett Madison &
got 2 bottles wine, for his sister Madison.
17, Frost, mild fair day, not so warm as yesterday, some clouds in evening. I dined at home - After dinner I carried to C. Taylor's some books of G.C. Taylor's I borrowed and brought others back. Frank informed me brother James had been here while I was away.
18, Rainbow in morning, a little rain, cloudy mild day. I dined at home.
19, Saturday, Rained briskly in early part of last night, thick cloudy day. George
said Wm Bell desired me to send him two pieces bacon. I sent a Gammon, 10½ lb
2 yrs old & a Shoulder 9 lb last year's. Davy had Leather &c to mend young
Peter's shoes. I rode to Call'd Court on Matthew Hughes' negro man Horatio, for
want of some propreity in his commitment, his trial was put off & he remanded
to jail. Tho's Bell paid 3/- for ¼ Bus hemp seed last May. Wm Bell paid
me 21/7- for the Bacon above.I came home between 3 & 4 o'clock to dinner. I
paid A.Shepherd jr 6 dollars for a Barrel of Flour, whih he bought for me,
and to give Fred's price, if more. 28, Jan'y, paid him a dollar more making
7 dol's in all.
20, Sunday, Cloudy last night, cleared before noon, fair mild day. I walked to
C. Taylor (Frank said he was told to sk me), J. Taylor & family, including
J. Taylor jr, Tho's Crutchfield & wives- John Pendleton & family dined there.
21, Ice and frost. Fair not cold for the season. I sent Frank with horse-cart and
got the Barrel Flour A Shepherd jr bought for me. M. Atkins said his brother
was to be at his house to-night and I let him have a bottle whisky.

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