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18, [Continued], Aunt Taylor's to dinner, John Taylor and family, Mr. John Howard &
Mrs Howard there - C.P. Howard set out last thursday for Philadelphia.

19, Distant thunder last night, some drops rain in morning, Windy with broken clouds
& changed cooler. Sent Essex & L.Peter & brought a young steer of mine from
Reu Taylor's. Stephen Fox breakfasted here & offered me 9/- p/r bushel for
wheat. I changed or gave M. Biggers 38 dollars & 6.4 & his acco't 1.5.9.euros for
10 pieces French & Spanish gold. euros 13.0.1. - Patrick Bell got a waggon load of
M.Biggers's corn sold by the latter to Anthony Garton. Mr. John Howard, John Taylor,
Reuben Taylor & _________ Kendall dined here.

20, Snow on G. Mountains, Cold windy with flying clouds. Had my old Bull killed; not
fat weighed about 360 or 370 lb. sent about 25 lb in 2 pieces to M.Biggers.
M.Biggers deliv'd Pat Bell the balance of 9 Hhds[?] corn for A.Garton. John Taylor & Jons Shipman came in evening & staid 2 or 3 hours.

21, Wednesday, Sharp frost water frozen in small branches- Clouds & sunshine. I went to Mr. D. Triplett's store and settled my account with him to this day- when the balance due to me was £137.5.2. by account received- to carry interest from 1st, Sept'r last. Dan'l Triplett agreed to give me 9/- p/r bushel for my present crop of wheat- The goods I purchased to day & hereafter to go towards payment for the wheat, and the balance(if any) at the end of one year to be paid in Cash- I reserved it in my option to sell a waggon load of the wheat to some other person, or let D.Triplett have the whole, supposed 130 or 140 bushels- I went to D.Triplett's to dinner0 Mr. John Howard, Mrs. Burnley, Salley Burnley & Mrs Howard there. I returned home in evening.

22, Sharp frost, windy, clear and cool. Patrick Bell came for an ox left here the 20th & got it. I walked to stephen Fox's he was gone to Fred'g. I bought some articies & paid for them0ret'd by 2 o'clock to dinner. Mr.John Gibson cam here about sunset, left his family at C.Taylor's-staid with me.

23, Cool and cloudy. I sent Frank and got some goods from Aunt Taylor's brought from D.Triplett's, in the carriage Mrs Howard &c went & came down in. After breakfast I walked with Mr Gibson to C.Taylor's. C. Taylor got hom from Fred'g about noon. Mr.Gibson & family, Miss Molly Mallory & sister dined at O.Taylor's

24, Sharp frost-remarkably clear-not very cold. Sent Moses & Martin to Madison's Mill- got home with meal in night. Mr.J.Howard came here- I sent a boy to ask bror's James & Charles. Brother James- J.Taylor jr & Charles Bell came and they dined here- I measured a piece oznaburg(got of D.Triplett marked 50- and charg-ed 50 Ells) in presence of Mr.John Howard- it measured only 48 1/2 yards

25, Sunday, Cold and clear sharp frost, continues very dry. I staid at home.

26, Sharp frost-moderate and clear. I rode to Court- Saw Malachi Adkins, we signed two Articles of agreement for his overseeing my business-I kept one & gave him the other. Informed Mr.D.Triplett that the linen I had from him was only 48 1/2 yards-he promised to rectify the charge. I left with him a paper mention-ing the settlement made the 21st inst and bargain made for wheat sold-for him to sign. Stephen Fox agreed to give me 9/- p/r bushel for a Waggon load of wheat to be taken from my house next week-to be paid for in goods-or in cash on 12 months credit. Paid ___Cowherd for Tallow got of his father 23rd Oct'r 18/7. Let Larkin Clark have 4 dollars to pay his mother (in part) for weaving, 24/- Lent William Gibson one dollar, 6/- Recieved of Wm Bell for 1/2 a Mutton had the 13th instand 15/-Received a pr double vamped Shoes of John Henshaw & Cr. his acco't.

27, Sharp frost- Smoky, hazy and moderate-very dry. Sent Frank & Martin with Corn to Madison's Mill, he left it, came by Jos Clark's & brought home cloth, wove by Mrs Clark, also from T. Richard's Store 1/4 lb Tea. I wrote for on C. Taylor's acc't Sent 1/4 Mutton to Wm Bell & rec'd payment for 14 lb 6/- & grog. M.Biggers & my people went with Cart & brought 2 loads Slab timber from Reu Taylor's land. I rode to Court-dined at W.Bell's-

From the Taylor Diary, #1907-2 in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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