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26 [376]
8, Thin Clouds, moderate. J.Taylor came to see me in the morning, breakfasted here
& asked to have Davy next week to make his negroes Shoes. Reu Taylor called after breakfast going to Court house &c. Rober't Cawthon had his Cart broke in
the road, Camehere & got Hammer, Walls &C, wanted borrow 20 dollars, I did not lend- They sent a p/s 13 lb beef to me from J.Taylor's-I sent back a small
Gammon 7 1/2 lb bacon by girl. Got most of my Corn to Stack.Worked both Carts, My back still very sore and painful.

9, A little smoky and hazy, white frost in morn, mild evening. Got the last of my Corn to the Stack. C.Taylor came here in evening to see me, my pain has become moderate to what it was. Had 4 Shoats marked (2 Cut & 2 Spayed). M.Biggers says I have only 15 out &c, besides those fattening.

10, Clear and a little cooler. Wm Edards paid me 48/- Lent him 4, Sept'r, did not stay dinner. Mess'rs John & C.PHoward came here- Isent for Brothers James and Charles who came adn they dined & staid till 8 o'clock at night. M.Biggers went to Louisa.Negroes getting wood.

11, Sunday, White frost, thing clouds, moderate, Sent Mr. T.Barbour's 18 Gallon Cask by Joe, and a message to have whisky sent to me in the same, before Chrsitmas. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner-Mr.Ben Ellis, Sally and Betsy Taylor dined there-Mr. Tom Crutchfield came there after dinner. J.T.jr & wife at Maj'r Max Moore's-E. Chew unwell. Had a puppy from John Taylor's bitch brought home, but it appears to have a shoulder broken.

12, Smoky, hazy and warm. J. Taylor sent 19 lb Tallow-for which I sent 2 Gammons
bacon 19 lb. I walked to Aunt Taylor's-John Taylor & family, Rob Taylor & do
Mrs Burnley & do. Mr John Howard C.P.Howard and wife dine there- Mrs Gambrell & Ch's Bell there after dinner. C.P.Howard received my watch to have clearned &c, when he goes to Philadelphia,where he intends in a few days- Mr.JHoward lent me a small watch. I sent Frank with a bag of 3 Bus Wheat & Martin 2 1/2 Corn to Madison's mill they got the grain ground & got back about an hour after dark. 96 lb Flour & 28 lb Seonds, 123 lbs.

13, Thin clouds in morn moderate rain in evening, mild. Had a wether killer-sent Wm Bell a side 31 lb p/r Davy, sent Wm Stewart a hind quarter 15 lb by Daniel. Had 16 1/2 doz Candles made, 8 lb bees wax, 46 Tallow, 54 lb. I went by J.Taylor's to Robert Taylor's to dinner. Aunt Taylor, Mr J.Howard, C.P.Howard & wife, John Taylor and family there.

14, Not much rain last night- some Clouds,sunshine and smoky,warm for the season. I am unwell, pain in back worse than for 2 or 3 days0 took Castor oil and afterwards Salts. Sent Frank with jug to Aunt Taylor's & got Cyber. I went in evening & got a jacket made for me by Mrs Burnley-who was gone to Rob't Taylor's- Sally & Lucy Burnley at home.

15, Warm windy, sunshine & Clouds- Fog in last night. Had 11 Cart loads, 22 Hhds Corn put in New house; 5 do in old = 10 Hhds,= 32. M.B. says 2 Hhds, by my acc't are omitted. J.Taylor walked here in evening0to borrow my gun to go tomorrow to stand for deer: he is to call for it.

16, A little dash of rain last night with lightning. Fair warm day. J.Taylor called ^ got my gun, to deer hunt with0did not start. Finished Measuring Corn. Wholemade 95 Hhds at 11,5/8 Bus Each= about 221 Barrels. Put into Old Corn house 5 Hhds. M.Biggers had 11 Hhds measured02 Carred away and 9 left in Shelter. I walked to J Taylor's in the evening. Mr Noel & wife and J.Taylor jr was there0 Bro0r James adn family going tomorrow to Culpeper- I brought my gun home. Gave M.Biggers credit for 5 Bus Corn. being his part of 4 Hhds put into my Corn house, he having before sent to Mill 2 bushels & received 13 Hhds- I
gave him a State of teh Settlement of the Corn being fully made. His part was 1/7 of Corn & 1/6 Wheat.

17, Saturday, Some clouds, but cleared,warm smoky & hazy. Mr.John Howard, John Taylor & son Billy rode here in evening and staid about two hours.

18, Warm, smoky and Sunny. I walked to Court house- Mr.O'Neil did not meet. I paid Doct'r Shepherd 3/- for a pair Shoes on my mare the 7th instant. I came to

From the TAYLOR DIARY #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection.

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