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11, Thursday, fair morning, Hazy evening, very dry weather. Finished putting in Rye. 5 3/4 Bushels sown, Had a Shoat killed and sent p/r George to Wm Bell 27 lb N't. Mr. John Howard rode to gate, informed me he was going to Mrs. Burnley's, and asked me to go - I walked there. Had some broken off ears of corn picked up.
Maj'r Moore, Mr. J. Howard, Nancy & Sally Miller dined there. Had some broken off ears of corn picked up.
12, Cloudy, some drops rain, a light rain at night. J. Taylor sent & got 3 lb butter, rec'd 3/- Had the broken off Corn Shocked, also some gathered towards the Tabacco house it was measured, a little over 2 Hnds.
13, Cloudy - a few drops of rain. Sent 2 Bsgs -6 Bus' Corn & got meal from Madison's Mill. Reu Taylor called on me, I went to Gen' 1 Muster at Court house with him - The day being cloudy, not a full meeting. I paid John Atkins for a straw ha t- which is at Maj'r Moore's 3/- Rec'd of Wm Bell for a Shoat sent him the 11th, 13/6. Negroes were digging their potatoes.
14, Cloudy without rain, cool. I went to J.Taylor's- Rd. Noel & wife dined there. J.T. jr, his wife & Nancy Taylor were at Aunt Taylor's -- [SUNDAY]--
15, Cloudy but no rain. I staid at home. M.Biggers planked the body of the new Cart and dined here.
16, Tuesday, Fair warm and dry. J.Taylor walked here, but did not stay for dinner. Had Potatoes of both sorts dug-but few Irish. Capt James Burton had been to C.Taylor's, who was from home, he wanted him to visit a sick son, he dined with me and staid till morn, & went again to C.Taylor's early 17th.
17,Fair and warm-very dry weather. I had a Shoat killed & sent to Wm Bell & W.Stewart p/r George, it weighted whole 24 lb Nett. J.Taylor came this morning and drew off most of his Whisky into two small casks - he & M.Biggers breakfasted here. Robert Cawthon came her after breakfast and gelded my Colt - One cook, a bricklayer, was with him - they went away about noon. Sold M. Biggers quart whisky he pd for- Lent a bottle. Went in evening to J. Taylor's -Mrs. Burnley, Mrs. Howard, Reuben Smith's wife, Nacy Miller, J.Taylor jr's wife & Reuben Newman were there.
18, Fair and warm, Pulling up hemp yesterday & to day, very ripe. Staid at home. Got some Chestnuts-sorry.
19, Cloudy day, with mist and cool. C.Taylor's Girl got 5 lb Lard - and asked me to dinner at C.T's. J.Taylor came early, emptied the Cask Whisky was in and had it carried by Grandison to Court house - he did not stay breakfast. Wm Martin got a Gammon of Bacon & paid for it. 10/6. I went to C.Taylor's. Mrs. Blair & Betsy Shepherd dined there. C.Tayor got home in the evening from Col.T.Barbour's, his wife was very ill. Frank says Mr. John Hencher was here & looked at my young Oxen.
20, Cloudy morning without rain, fair afternoon & warm. Had Sweet potatoes put into a hole under the Fodder shelter. Mostly planting roots - some larger at this end.
21, Sunday, A little fog in morn, fair warm & very dry. I went to C.Tayor's to dinner, J.Taylor & family (except J.Taylor jr), Nancy Smith & J.T jr's wife were there. Nancy & Sally Miller in the evening.
22, Fair smoky, warm morning. Hazy & thin clouds in the evening. Reuben Taylor called here. I rode with him to Court, we got Plats from Richard C.Webb for the lands he surveyed for us the 8th instant- mine 31 acres. R'n Taylor's 45 1/4 & 33. We gave the plats to G.C.Taylor to carry to Register's office. I paid Webb 33/6, his charge of fees &c, & got bill - I paid James Blair for Bar'1 herrings & 1 lb Salts 30/- Paid James McNeil in part for Smith's acco't 30/- Paid for Calf skin 12/- Received of Daniel Triplett, by Mr Howard sen'r, 30 pounds. Rec'd of Wm Stewart in part of his account 3 pounds. Rec'd of Wm Bell for Shoat sent him the 17th=24 1b. 12/- James Taylor Resigned the Office of County Court Clerk and George C.Taylor was appointed Clerk, gave bond to which I was security in 3,000 dollars for performance &c.
23, Tuesday, A little shower of rain last night - windy, clear, and very dry weather. I sent Frank to Mr. Jonathan Cowherd's & got 19 1/2 lb Tallow - Sent my Cart to J. McNeal's Shop to have irons put on it. Davy finished making shoes - 11 pair made. Began to gather corn.

From the TAYLOR DIARY # 1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection.

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