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13, Smart rain last night, cleared in morning.a shower in the evening with wind-not
a great rain. John Pendleton, Charles Bell & C.P.Howard dined here.

14, Thursday, Warm with Clouds up the Country, some drops rain here, John Pendleton
and family went from J.Taylor's this morning, going to the Springs- I walked
the road when they passed, gave E.Pendleton ten dollars. I walked in evening to
J.Taylor's- J.Taylor jr not ret'd from T.Barbour's- Mrs H.Pendleton, Mrs Par-
sons, Aunt Thomas,& J.T.jr's wife, C.Bell & E.Chew there.

15, Hazy & warm(no rain). I walked to Court house, bought sundry articles of E.Hack-
ley& paid him a balance. Reu Taylor cut my hair in the Store-Saw J.T.jr who
said T.Barbour had sent 18 Gal's Whisky to Madison's mill for me- All of us
went home to our dinners- Tom ceiling chamber. Sent a Dollar by Frank & got a
bus'Salt from Hackley & got a cheese, F.S.Taylor sent for me.

16, Warm, sultry-thin clouds without rain. I went by J.Taylor's & with J.Tyalor jr
went to Doolin's- I left a Pattern of Sagathy & trimmings with Doolin, who took
my measure &c. There was a considerable company playing at fives- I staid till
sunset & it was dark when I got home. I let G.C.Taylor's Tom have 7 yds Tick-
lenburg & thread to make shirts. James Sebree rec's __ Bus'Wheat for D.Tripletts

17, Sunday, A little mist in morning-Cool fair evening. I went to C.Taylor's who got
home from Fredericksburg about 10 o'clock. M.James jr., Salley Burnley & I dined
there. I walked home by J.Taylor's- Mrs Parsons & E.Chew there. J.Taylor jr
gone to Fred'g- Nancy to Orange Springs.

18, Thin clouds sultry- a light rain in evening & at night. C.Taylor called here,
said a waggon promised to lodge some goods for him here- He went away before
noon, going to visit N.Madison's negroes. George Walters brought sundry articles
from Fred'g and left here for C.Taylor, who came here after dinner and had them
carried home. Took 9th Hhd Corn out of New House.

19, Cloudy morning, Showery wet evening, no thunder, the wind from East. J.Taylor's
Cart brought from Madison's Mill a Cask with 18 Gallons Whisky- Sent there by
T.Barbour for me.

20, Cloudy night with small rain.Same weather to day in afternoon heavy showers, with
thunder. J.Taylor jr called here after dinner.Left a doz Lemons with me & said
he bought 2 Wash Bowls & 4 lb Shot also for me, that the shot was lost and 1 bowl
broken. Sent 2 bags Corn to Taliaferro's mill & got meal.

21, Thursday, Scattering clouds, cleared pleasent day. Sister J.Taylor sent & borrow-
ed my old saddle, going to Springs. C.P.Howard came here after dinner from Mrs
Burnley's. Robert Cawthorn was here & bought a pair of my Oxen. The black & pied
ones, the price was 50 dollars, he paid 40 dollars & gave his note on demand
for 10 dollars. Wm Stewart sent Daniel by whom I sent 6 3/4lb Butter in my pot.
Had Watermelons & Cucumber seeds planted by potatoe patch. Sundry persons here
for Cherries. Hived a swarm of Bees, the 2d, in plank hive.

22, Fair morning, some clouds & very little rain in evening. I went to Court house-
Exchanged a Quart Decanter for 2 pint ones, with Hackley & gave 1/3- Bought
pair Stirup leathers of W.Stewart- C.P.Howard was at Court house I came with
him to Aunt Taylor's. Rob't Taylor & family, Betsy & Patsy Taliaferro, Salley
Taylor, dined there.

23, Some clouds with some drops rain. I rode by J.Taylor's & J.Taylor jun'r went
with me to Barnett's ford. Doolin had done nothing to the Coat he promised to
make- I came about noon with C.P.Howard to Rob't Taylor's- C.P.Howard & wife
& Miss Taliaferros dined there. Hived 3d Swarm Bees in Split Gum. I paid J.Tay-
lor'jr 12/- for articles he got for me at Fred'g.

24, Sunday, warm. A light shower with thunder in evening. I went to Court house-
Mr.O'Neil preached to a tolerable number present. I went to J.Taylor's- Col.Jas
Barbour, Reuben Taylor & R.T.Moore dined there- J.Taylor jr, his wife & E.Chew
only of the family at home.

From the TAYLOR DIARY #1907-Z in Southern Historical Collection,
University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO

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