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1, Friday, Fair morning, thin clouds in evening. I walked to Court house, returned
to dinner. Carried Mr.Howard's books(lent me) to Aunt Taylor'- A.Glassell &
famiy, Milley Smith & Aunt Thomas there. I had the head ache violently in
evening and night.

2, Fair morning- Thin clouds afterwards with drops of rain. I took Jallap & Ipec
which relieved my headache. Robert Cawthon came here to breakfast-postponed buy-
ing a pair of Oxen, but we did not pargain. C.Taylor sent me ___ Flooring, which
he had brought for me from Mr.D.Triplett's yesterday. I staid at home.Had 7th
Hhd Corn removed.

3, Sunday, A little rain last night- Broken clouds. Reu Taylor called here, I went
with him to Court house. Mr.O'Neil was not there- I came home & went to J.Tay-
lor's to dinner. Tho.Barbour & family, John Pendleton's family, J.Taylor jr-do
there, J.Pendleton & J.Taylor jr gone to Bledsoe's meeting & the Springs.

4, Shower of rain last night & good seasonable rains to day. C.P.Howard came here
to dinner & staid all night.

5, Tuesday, A fine rain last night, the Earth well wetted. Some light rain to day.
Mr.C.P.Howard staid here till evening- I sent for James Taylor jr who came,
dined & went away with Mr.Howard in the Evening. James Bell sent his boy Daniel
for some wool which he spoke to me for some time ago-Sent him 37 lb in a bag
8 lb weight, 45 gross, which he is to have Spun,& to have half for Spinning, the
wool was unwashed.

6, Clouds- A moderate shower of rain afternoon. I went by Aunt Taylor's, and with
C.P.Howard went to Mr.Triplett's store, got account of my wheat del'd there.
We dined at Mr.Triplett's & came home after the rain. Tom laid new floor in
West porch.

7, Fair pleasant morn. Heavy thunder shower, with some hail and strong West wind.
Took 8th Hhs Corn out-Sent 6 Bushels to mill. Tom abour repairing Floor &c of
Portico. I staid at home. Davy finished making 6 pair Shoes- 5 for the Workers
& 1 for Frank.

8, Friday, Some Clouds- droped rain. I walked to Court house- C.P.Howrad was there
& asked me to Aunt Taylor's- Rob't Taylor & family, Mrs Burnley & do. Aunt
Thomas, C.Taylor & daughters Sally & Betsy, Mrs.Glassell & children, Reu Smith
and wife, Nancy Taylor, Fanny Madison, Nelly Madison,Anna Payne,Andrew Shepherd
jr, Betsy Shepherd, Doct'r Winslow & brother, G.C.Taylor & a youth named Wm.
Drope, Dined there.

9, Thin Clouds in morn without rain. I went to J.Taylor's, Aunt Thomas, Aunt Taylor
Mrs Glassell,Polly & Nelly Glassell, Reuben Smith & wife, Col.Madison jr's
wife[Dolly Payne Madison-PFT] Anna Payne, Fanny & Nelly Madison, Sally and Betsy
Taylor,G.C.Taylor,Andrew Shepherd jr, Billy Drope. J.Pendleton's family, dined
there. Col Madison jr, C.P.Howard & Wm Smith came in evening- Wm Daniels wife
& daughter came at dinner- Colo.Madison jr & the Ladies with G.C.Taylor's, went to
C.Taylor's. M.Biggers gor 2 Reap hooks for me at Hackley's.

10, Sunday, Cloudy morn. small rain all evening. I went to C.Taylor's - Col.Madison
jr, his wife, Miss Payne, Miss Madisons, Wm Dade & wife, Nancy & Sally Miller,
G.C.Taylor, James Taylor jr, his wife, Nancy Taylor and Billy Drope dined there.

11, Cloudy with small rain most of the day. Geo.C.Taylor came here in evening from
C.Taylor's. I settled my account with him and recieved Twenty six poUnds,
which with Ten dollars for one month's hire of Tom, made £29. the sum he owed
me.he made me a present of 2 lb Saltpetre- I also paid G.C.Taylor £8.8.0 the
balance due on his proportion of £85.- in the Estate of Geo.Taylor dec'd.
J.Taylor jr came over after G.C.Taylor was here, they went away together- the
latter said he intended to go on tomorrow to Col Mdison's on his way to Rich-

12, Cloudy morn, fair noon- A little rain here in evening with appearance of a very
great rain to North & near. I went to J.Taylor's- J.Pendleton & family, Jno.&
W.Moore,Charles Bell, dined there. Mrs H.Pendleton & Mrs Parsons got there
while we were at dinner. Planted I potatoes behind garden

From the TAYLOR DIARY #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO

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