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7, Cloudy, dripping morning( not much), fair evening. John Taylor,C.P.Howard,Robert
Taylor & C.Taylor dined here. Had a sheat killed, gave a quarter to M.Biggers.

8, Fair morning-Thin clouds & hazy afternoon-Has a small seed patch burned near
Mountain Spring. Sowed Curled Savey Cabbage & Massenburg's Lettuce seeds. I
wrote a letter to my nephew Wm Taylor desirinf him to let his brother Francis
have 150 dollars(er his debt to me) to be applied to his improvement- gave Jno.
Taylor the letter. I went to Aunt Taylor's(via J.Taylors) John Taylor, Robert
Taylor & family, C.P.Howard & wide dined there- J.Taylor jr there in evening-
Jno Taylor to set out to-morrow to Kentucky.Mrs Scott sent & got 1/2 Bus Hemp
seed, p'd for at March Court. Finished second plowing corn land.

9, Fair morning, some broken clouds afternoon. Sent old Peter & two boys & got
ashes from Reu Taylor's. Replanted corn. I went to Barnett's ford, my mare
refused the horse. I dined at Doolin's paid 1/6- J.Taylor jr, Ch's Bell, Maj'r
Moore & Reuben Taylor ret'd when I did.

10, Thin clouds, dropped rain several times. Macon Biggers had 2 Bus' Wheat to send
to Mill. I was sent for and went to J.Taylor's to dinner- Maj'r Moore, John
Moore, Mrs Bell, Mrs Cambell, Milly Bell, Tho's Barbour, Mrs Noel, C.Bell &c
dined there. Mr.Noel came after dinner. Took out 4th Hhd Corn.

11, Fair morning. Cloudy & a little rain afternoon. Cool day. I walked to Court
house- Bought 2 pr Cotton hose of Hackley- did not pay him- He promised to
write to Fred'g to enquire price of Hemp, and to take mine, if we agreed about
price &c. I came to Aunt Taylor's- Maj'r Moore, John Moore, Capt.R'd Barbour's
wife, J.Taylor jr & wife, C.P.H & do. dined there.

12, Smart white frost, cool dry & very clear morning. Some broken clouds &c cool eve-
ning. I took Salts yesterday & to day. Mr.Triplett's Tom reciveved 50, & Phil.
Ballard's Dick, 45 Bushels Wheat for D.Triplett. Had 7 yearlings tuned out of
my pasture over mointain. Has 2 kinds Indian Peas planted near Cherry tree.
Had a Ditch cut below Oak Spring

13, Sunday, Cold, some clouds& scattering drops rain. I walked to Sermon at Court-
house- called on return and dined at Aunt Taylor's - Sally Burnley, Nancy & Sal
ly Miller there-Batsy Shepherd in evening- C.P.Howard & wine Lent me 8 books-

14, Clear most of day, flying clouds-very dry. Had Oats sown in batton spots of
Confield. G.C.Taylor's Tom came here to work, mended kitchen. M.Biggers rode
to Herndon's mill about plank.

14, Very clear, dry and warmer. I went with Cart to Herdon's mill & got 301 feet of
Plank. Daniel Hord measured it. I ret'd by Stephen Fox's & offered to pay for
the plank but he said I musst pay T.Herndon paid 39/- at Court for all.

16, Remarkably clear-very dry windy. Had 2 Shoats Spayed, 2 cut & 1 male could not
geld-Wm Leathers got 4 lb Hemp & 1/4 Bushel of Hemp Seed for Mrs Burnley- Took
out 5th Hhd Corn.

17, Hazy, thin clouds afternoon. Charles Leathers bo't 1 lb hemp& breakfasted here-
Capt. James Barbour sent 2 Blankets by a boy who said were to wrap up 2 Tables
which were left here by Wm Taylor of Fredericksburg. Maj'r Moore's Overseeer
got some Indian Peas to plant. Sally Taylor, Harriet Triplett, Robert T.Moore
and Charles Bell were here in evening, Has 6 doz Candles made the 15th- 19 lb
Tallow & wax-

18, Thin clouds in morning- fair smoky evening. Roger Bell came & got a peck of
Hempseed. Maj'r Moore's Joe came here to underpin & floor Spring house- but
the water at the bottom would not admit of working on it, drained off part.
James Sebree red's 38 1/2 Bus'Wheat for D.Triplett. Sent a letter P/r post to F.S.

19, Saturday, Fair and very dry. Hazy evening. Joe underpinned Spring house. Mr Trip-
lett's Tom recieved 42 Bushels early wheat. I walked to Hackley's store at
Court house- I agreed to sell himsome hemp at 10 dollar p/r 100. I bought 2
lb brown Sugar- I went & came by J.Taylor's, got home by 10 o'clock.

20, Sunday, Thin clouds, cool and continues very dry. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner,
T.Barbour & family, J.Taylor jr & wife there. T.Barbour went home in evening.
I had 3 pecks potatoes some time past of Old Peter to plant-Let him have 2 1/2
yards Ticklenburg for them & 2/- in money.

From the TAYLOR DIARY #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection,
University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO

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