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26, Cloudy, misty morning, warm fair evening. I went early to J.Taylor's-After break-
fast he set out on his journy ro Kentucky: Col.Wm.Campbell, Capt Prettyman
Merry- Bartlett Bennett & Wm Hancock are expected to go with him. J.taylor jr,
&c., Cha's & Tho's Bell, were there. I returned about 10 o'clock. Had 2d Hhd
corn taken out of new C.house. Had watermelons, Cucumber, Muskmelon and Cimbling & Pompion seeds planted in Potatoe patch.

27, Friday, Some clouds, warm, windy and smoky. Brother Jame's wife sent and borrow-
ed my old saddle for Sawney- She & family were going to T.Barbours (Madison)
and intend next week to Jno Pendleton's (Culpeper). I sent my Cart with 21 Bus'
Wheat by my measure to D.Troplett's & got rec't for 20-10. Rec'd 40 Bushels
Bran from do. Peter and Frank went with Cart. I walked to Mr.Shepherd's- Read
sundry Newspapers, dined at Mr.Shepherd's- He, Mrs Shepherd & Miss Betsy pres-
ent. Doct'r Shepherd came home after dinner. Head that Roebuch & Hill were
Elected in Madison.

28, Thin clouds, smoky, some drops rain in evening. Heard C.Taylor had a*son born
yesterday. Charles Smith brought me a Loaf Sugar 5lb, & 12 lb blistered steel
from Mess'rs Blairs. C.Smith Rec'd 35 Bus Wheat for D.Triplett.
[*George Francis, son of Dr.Charles Taylor, born Apl.27. 1798-PFT]

29, Sunday, Very warm, some clouds, distant thunder-smoky. I rode to Reuben Taylor's
who was gone from home. I staid an hour, returned & dined at home. In
evening walked to C.Taylor's - saw his wide and young son , both well.

30, Warm, windy, broken clouds- Fair and very dry weather. I rode to Barnett's
ford where Mansfield had his stud horse: My mare wou'd not take him. I fished
til 12 o'clock, only caught a few small ones. I called by C.Taylor;s as I
went, and met with J.Taylor jr, Roger Bell and Wm Moore jr- I returned by Mr.
Shepherd's & got home to dinner 3 o'clock. Heard Col.Wm Taliaferro died yester-

1, Tuesday, Fair, warm, windy, broken clouds. Sent Frank with 3 Bushels Wheat & got
flour Madison's Mill. Had a swarm of bees-in Short gum next meat house. I
walked to Cawthon's swamp & cut sticks for canes. Capt Jas Walker sent 2 dol-
lars & got a Bushel Hemp seed.

2, A little shower of rain last night-some clouds, fair evening. I got some Cabbage
plants from J.Taylor jr and planted. Maj'r Moore, John Moore, J.Taylor jr,
C.P.Howard & C.Taylor dined here.

3, Very dry- Fair mor, thin clouds in evening. Took out 3rd Hhd Corn-Sent to mill
Had 1/2 Bushel Hemp seed sown. Sent to J.Taylor's and got Broom corn & planted
some. C.Taylor sent for and got 1/2 Bushel Hempseed. Had Watermelon, Cucumber,
Muskmelon & Cimbling seeds planted in patches by Potatoe patch & Nursery. Had
Irish Potatoes planted by Gulley in Corn field.

4, Thin clouds in morning. Windy warm and dry. Had 3 male yearlings gelded & mark-
ed & 4 female marked. Had blue Potatoes & Indian peas planted by Sweet pota-
toes. Sowed Peas in Garden, middle square. I walked to C.house- returned to
dinner. Mrs.Bell sent and got a peck Hemp seed.

5, Fair, dry, warm. A good shower afternoon. I went to Aunt Taylor's, word was sent
me that Jno Taylor desired my company. Aunt Taylor was hone to Reu.Smith's and
C.P.Howard ro Battalion Muster at B.Hyde's- Mrs Howard was at home, John Tay-
lor & C.Taylor there. J.Taylor was not well, had taken Jallap. I returned by
James Taylor's, his family just got home from John Pendleton's- they informed
me the E.Pendleton was some better than She has been.

6. Fair, windy. (Sunday). I went by Aunt Taylors, to Robert Taylor's. Aunt Taylor,
John Taylor, C.P.Howard & wife & Bailey Burnley dined there.

From the TAYLOR DIARY # 1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection.
University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO

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