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26, Slight Frost, cool and thin clouds. I went to Court. Saw Mr.F.Taliaferro sen'r who I believe will decline buying my Oxen. A son of Hoshua Willis paid me a dollar, for which I am to let Mrs.Scott have 1/2 Bus' Hemp seed. William White & James Burton came here from Court. My throat &c continues sore.
27, Tuesday, Warm, pleasant- a little smoky. Peach & Cherry begin to bloom. I went with Col.White and Capt.Burton to Court. Paid C.P.Howard 6/- for Antibilious pills & received 2/- of Thos Jenkins for 1/3 part of them & am to let J.Taylor have 1/3 of them for same and keep 1/3 myself. Yesterday rec'd a State of my acco't with Mess'rs Blairs and on C.Taylor's request agreed that 40/- of money in their hands may be applied to Cr. G.C.Taylor. Rec'd a letter from F.S.Taylor yesterday dated 12th inst't. Spoke to Mr. *Wort to defend the suits brought against me byMcCall &c- did not give him fees.[*Wm.Wirt, Att'y Gen'l U.S.]
28, Hazy, mild. I continue unwell- Davy complained on monday and continues unwell with pain in the side. Sent this morning for C.Taylor who directed a purge of Jallap, which I gave- The Doctor thinks he ought to have been bled at first. I walked to Court house & ret'd in evening.
29, Thin Clouds & sprinkle rain in morn, fair & smoky even. I took Castor oil and relieved a little. In evening went to J.Taylor's, T.Barbour & wife there, their daught, Nancy, died yesterday,the corpse brought down. J.Taylor took 36 pills & paid 2/-.
30, Friday, smoky and warm-some thin clouds. Sent 21 Bushels Wheat in my cart to D.Triplett's, it weighed there 19,/56- Had 36 Bus' Bran bro't home in the Cart I bought sundries, and got home between 2 & 3 o'clock- Peter & Frank went w'th cart & Macon Biggers rode up & saw Wheat weighed. C.Taylor came in the evening to see Davy. I sent for him in morning when he was from home. I gave a dose Castor oil to Davy, who says he is better.
31, Smoky, windy, warm & some clouds. Roger Bell sent 3/- & got 6 lb Hemp. Reuben Taylor sent Harry & got 3 Bus Oats. J.Taylor sent to request me to let him have butter. I had but little & sent a small bit, did not sell. I staid at home in the garden. The Wheat & Rye in this neighborhood is very thin and low & unpromising for a good crop.

1, Sunday, Warm,windy,smoky with thin clouds- dry. I went to Sermon at Court house- Came to J.Taylor's. Mr.O'Neil read the burial service on Thomas Barbour's dec'd daughter. Col.Madison sen'r, Mrs. Bell & son Thomas, Maj'r Moore, Rob't Moore, Mrs Burnley, T.Barbour & family, Richard, Gabriel & Philip & Fanny Barbour, C.Taylor's daughters, Thomas Jenkins & Reuben Taylor, J.Taylor jr & wife, there. All of above dined there but Col Madison who went to Aunt Taylor's. Catlett Pendleton from Culpeper got there about 3 o'clock.
2, Cloudy & began to rain in morning, continued all day. some thunder, wind chaged to North in the morning and blew strong and cold, much rain. Had the Yearlings turned out of the meadow.*Tho's Bell's wife died to-day. [Probably Tho's Bell jr's wife. He died 12th Apl.1798--WKA]
3, Raine with cold wind last night and continued all this day very constant. Old Ewe died. I expected several persons to dinner, from the wet weather (I expect) nobody came.
4, Same weather continued- not quite so cold. Staid at home.
5, Close rainy weather, wind North,but not so cold as the preceding three days of rain. I had headache and continue unwell.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANSCRIPTS ARE PROTECED BY COPYRIGHT.

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