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1797, May, 8, Clear, windy and cold. Removed 4 HHd Corn. Replanting Corn. Davy sick. Had Water-melon seed planted in patches by the ditch, Muskmelon (H. Taliaferro's sort) and Cucumber seeds round out rows. Planted Indian peas in borders Garden. In evening I walked to J. Taylor.
9, Smart frost- Clear windy and cool. I dined at home - Walked in evening to J. Taylor Rec'd a letter from F. S. Taylor - dated 19 April.
10, Clear and windy- M. Biggers put a slab cover on Cornhouse.
11, Thursday, Windy-warm - a few scattering clouds. Had my Sheep sheared, 54 yielded about 168 lb wool. 10 Lambs were gelt & 6 Ewe lambs- 1 lamb after. Mr Hay Taliaferro sent his Slave Peter and got a bushel of Hempseed.
12, Warm - some clouds - and drops rain afternoon. I rode to Col Madison's - Requested Col Madison jr to write to Mr Jefferson to mention F. S. Taylor as a candidate for the Collector's place at port of Norfolk when a vacancy - he promised to write. Mr Balmain & wife - Mr C. P. Howard and wife and John Taylor's wife dined at Col Madison's - we came down in the evening.
13, Pleasant. Had Hempseed sown where the rodder stack was near M. Biggers' house. Measured the wheat on hand 68 1/2 Bushels. I walked in Evening to J. Taylor's. Col Madison sen'r was there, had business in the office. I bought 10 Chickens of T. Proctor's Murphy 3/-
14, Sunday, Cool, rained early a little, cloudy. I rode to Mrs Bell's dined there, James Taylor, his wife, Nancy Taylor and John Taylor's wife there. Jas Bell's wife & sister Milly in Prince William and Mrs Campbell did not appear. After dinner J. Taylor & I rode to Mr Shepherd's, who with A Darby & wife came there to day from Fredericksburg - Mr Shepherd had my watch cleaned. I paid him a dollar (which he paid) for having it done - Pd A Shepherd jr 17 cents for Postage Letter from F. S. Taylor.
15, Fair, dry but pleasant day- I wrote and carried a letter to the post office for John Dawson about F. S. Taylor. Got my mare's Shoes removed & paid 1/3 for it. Mr C. P. Howard was at Court house & came home & dined with me, we played back-gammon till evening.
16, Warm and fair. I went to J. Taylor's, Aunt Taylor, Mrs Balmain, Mrs Burnley & girls, C. P. Howard & wife, John Taylor's wife, Rob't Taylor's wife, Nancy Smith & Thos Bell jr, E. Chew, dined there.
17, Wednesday, Fair and pleasant, cool morn & evening. C. Taylor sent a letter &c from G. C. Taylor & for me to go over - I went to dinner - Aunt Taylor, Mrs Burnley
& daughters, Mrs Balmain, Mrs Howard, John Taylor's wife &c, Jenny Glassel, were there - A good many cherries eaten, tho' hardly ripe.
18, Cloudy & warm. Had watermelon seed (from Col E. Pendleton's and T, Barbour junr's) planted near the line fence below the draw bars & to the left my own sort. I was remarkably drowsy & heavy.
19, A little rain last night & to day cloudy. I continue unwell - Took Ipecac & Jallap. Sent Frank to Court house - got Newspapers & a letter from G. C. Taylor
20, Clouds in morn, warm - very dry - Hay Taliaferro's sent Peter for 1/2 Bus hemp seed, I sent a peck, being all I had. I walked to C. Taylor's in evening and Eat some
Cherries - He was gone to Battalion Muster at Z. Hooe's - M. Biggers also went there.
21, Sunday, Fair, smoky, dry, warm. A light shower in evening. I went to Sermon at Court house - preached on the death of Matthew Campbell - The audience large. I went to J. Taylor's to Dinner - John Pendleton & family, Col'o James Barbour, Thos Barbour, Gab'l Barbour, Phil Barbour (of Ambrose) Wm Moore jr & E. Chew were there. Mrs Moore sent for C. Taylor, was taken ill two days ago.
22, Cool morn, dry, fair. I went to Court - Received no money - D. Triplett said he wou'd pay my old acco't at next Court.
23, Fair, cool, clouds & a little fine rain in evening. William Steward, saddler, sent his boy & got 16 lb Wool, 3 lb of it was short - he had 8 lb in April total 24 lb.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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