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11, Tuesday, White frost, fair pleasant day. C.Taylor came by going to Mrs Burnley's his son Charles came with him & staid till he returned,before noon. Sent Frank with 3 Bus'Wheat to Dade's Mill. Little Frank carried Corn,got both ground. 90 lb Flour, 7 lb seconds, 23 lb Shorts. After dinner Sally & Betsy Taylor with Fanny Payne and Harriet Triplett walked here from C.Taylor's and staid an hour or two.
12, Mild fair morning- Cloudy smoky evening. Had one sow Shoat Spayed. Had 18 Geese picked,got 3 lb feathers. Sowed Scarcity,Beets & Carrots in Garden, also sowed Cabbage, Radish, Cresses in border next to the Stable- And some Early turnep seed(R.Wilson gave me) in the border this side of mint. Planted two sorts Early Cimblings in the borders where the peach trees & the common sort in the border bu Cluster Cherry trees. Gourds etc.
13, A little rain in morning. Finished planting Corn. Sowed Cucumbers in borders in garden. I walked in evening to J.Taylor's- he & family & Fanny Pendleton invited to Culpeper tomorrow- Mrs Day was at J.Taylor's.
14, Fair, pleasant. Had the Cows(with young Calves) & some of the other cattle,12 in the whole, turned into the Woods. The Red Cow had a male calf. I walked to Court house- got my Newspaper, came by Aunt Taylor's-dined there- Robert Taylor & family, Wm Dade & wife- Allan Massey & E.Chew there. Mr Dade cut a colt for C.P. Howard.
15, Slight rain in morning, most of day moderate. C.P.Howard and Rob't Taylor dined here.
16, Easter Sunday. A goof rain last night-small rain to day,all day, the wind North and chilly. I bought about 3 gallons Spanish potatoes of Joe p'd 1/6. I staid at home.
17, Cleared in night. Cloudy evening and mist. I staid at home. Wrote my will,was alone.
18, Rained much last night, ceased about day. very cold and windy- The Mountains white all day w'th snow. Flying clouds & snowed here several times. Heard that Mr Dade & C.Taylor had several sheep killed. Had Seeds planted in potatoe patch Davy making shoes, only 2 pair made.
19, Hard frost- Ice- ground froze,but some clouds & wind last night & hope not much injury. C.Taylor came here and got Tobaco & Cabbage seeds- he dined here. Had the 11st,Hhd Corn removed from new to old house. Col.Campbell with a man & Stud horse came here in evening from Court house-where the Militia officers were Exercising to day.
20, Sharp frost & ice- appeared to bite tender growth. Col Campbell's horse covered my Black mare & Sylvana- the black mar had a sorry cover- I paid him 15/- I rode with Col.Campbell &c to Court house,where the Officers were Exercising- I dined there. Paid A.Shepherd 1/1 1/2 postage of a letter I got yesterday from G.C.Taylor dated 5, March last. Macon Biggers told me he cut 5 yearlings & left one a Bull to day.
21, The ground a little frozen & white frost- Warm fair. I walked to Court house- Fell in with C.P.Howard who went with me. I ret'd home to dinner, felt very heavy-
22, Saturday, Cloudy,smoky and warm, rainy evening. I took Jallap & Ipecac and staid at home. Began to plow over my corn land 2 days ago.
23, Sunday, Heavy rain in morning- Cloudy day. I staid at home.
24, Cloudy,misty morning- Evening CloudY & warm. Had a shoat killed 1/4 to M.Biggers. Had 2 Hhd Corn removed into Old house. Had two Squares planted with Cabbage plants. I went to Court and Election. Isaac Davis & Jno Wright were Elected- Ja's Barbour 3d, & Jno Spotswood 4th. I paid Joseph Clark 2/9 for 1/2 Bus Potatoes had 10th.
25, Some little rain in morn- Fiar warm afternoon- Moses taken very unwell, gave him a Purge of Jallap and John Bickers bled him. C.Taylor sick and could not come. Moses better in evening. I rode to Court, got the Deeds from Jas Coleman to E.Chew and from E.Chew to J.Coleman proved. Left my Watch with Mr. Shepherd to carry to Fred'g Paid Pearce Sandford 2/6 for Transfer my land.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chaple Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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