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1, Saturday, Fair moderate. Reuben Taylor called here and got me to write a Will, which, after got witnessed, he left with me. I gave him a letter with a Deed inclosed to William Taylor[son of Jonathan--WKA]- the deed for the Land I sold him on Floyd's fork, in Kentucky, for 1,000 acres more or less I also gave Reuban Taylor Letters to my Brother William Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, Hub'd Taylor and Richard Woolfolk- He also took my plat for 1,000 acres Land N.W. of Ohio, two of his own for 1,000 each & one of Wm White's for 460 acres, to get them made out properly by Col Amderson[ Richard Clough--W.K.A.--] Surveyor of Military Lands. I went with Reu Taylor to J.Taylor's to dinner. Maj'r Moore, Mrs Moore, Mrs R'd Barbour, Rob T.Moore, Mr Howard & wife, C.Taylor, Betsy Taylor, Tho's Jenkins, Capt P.Merry, Ch's Bell, Mrs Day-E.Chew, J.Taylor jr & wife & Fanny Pendleton were there & Rob't Taylor. Elizabeth Chew executed a Deed of relinquishment to James Coleman in consequence of the s'd Coleman's Deed to her for Hannah &c made 27th March.
2, Sunday, Cloudy morning- Fair afternoon & windy. I went to C.Taylor's- He & daughters Sally and Betsy were from home- I dined there. Came by J.Taylor's- Capt Richard Barbour, John Moore, Wm Moore, Benj a Gaines & Fanny Pendleton were there- J.T.jr & wife & E.Chew. I paid Joe 1/ 1 1/2 for 2 fish had some time ago.
3, Very warm, Sunshine and smoky. I rode to Court house with J.Taylor,Reuben Taylor & James Taylor jr, C.Taylor,Rob't Taylor, John Moore,Rob't Moore, Jas Bell, Chas Bell, Capt R'd Barbour &c were there- Reuben Taylor & J.Taylor jr set out for Kentucky from Court house by 11 o'clock: met Harry Samuel who is going with them, & they expect Wm Tomlinson wou'd join them.*Gave J.Taylor jr a Letter for R'd Taylor jr. I came home before noon.Gave Onion,Carrot & Cimbling seeds to M.Biggers to sow & plant in Meadow. Alex'r Shepherds wife died this morning. [ * The letter from Francis Taylor to Ric'd Taylor jr., is (in 1913) in possession of P.F.Taylor and has been copied in the first part of this Mss.-PFT]
4, Cloudy & a little rain in morn. Sunny,smoky,warm evening. M.Bigger's wife came here and got some garden peas to sow. Asked for a Cow, the two there having gone dry.
5, Wednesday, Warm,fair,very dry. Thunder to South,smoky. Let M.Biggers have one of the young Cows for Milk. Gave M.Biggers some powder & Shot to shoot squirrels. I walked down the run before breakfast, saw no game, was fatigued & unwell all day.
6, Fair morning, very warm- A shower of rain in the evening with thunder & another in the night at Col Taliaferro's but hardly laid the dust here. I went to*Col L.Taliaferro's to an entertainment given on account of his sons Hay & Baldwin's later marriages- the Company was genteel but no large and the entertainment genteel. I staid till 11 & got home at 12 o'clock. Tho's Jenkins & Rob't T. Moore came home with me.--[Col.Lawrence Taliaferro,m. Sarah Dade-P.G.T.]
7, Warm,smoky, cloudy & mist. J.Taylor came over to breakfast,brought his Newspapers. After Breakfast, Thomas Jenkins & R.T Moore & J.Taylor went away. I walked in evening to Mr.Shepherd's and got my Newspaper. While I was gone, J.Taylor, his wife, Fanny Pendleton, Nancy Gibson & Nat Taylor was here,but went away before I returned- I met all but J Taylor at the run,walking round their field. Finished Listing Corn ground yesterday. Packed Bacon away in ashes
8, Cloudy with moderate rain, most of day,but chiefly in the evening. The People had leave to hill their potatoe patches, but it was too wet to do much. I was not very well, at home.
9, Cleared in night, windy &cool. Mr Shepherd said he saw ice. Fair morning- Couds & cool evening. I went to sermon at Court house. Came to C.Taylor's to diner- None but his family there- Sally Taylor was at Mr Shepherd's- The Girls from D.Triplett's are expected with her in the evening at C.Taylor's
10, Clear and cold. Some drops rain with hail last night. Snow on Gg.Mountains this morning. C.Taylor sent & got 5 lb butter. Sent bag by his boy for 1/2 Bushel Spanish & Bermuda Potatoes,which the boy brought here and I got them planed by Meadow ditch. Killed a shoat which was weak in field. Cut off old wax from the Bees in the hives Planted a few Potatoes in Peach row in Garden. I walked to J.Taylor's evening, staid an hour or two.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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