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22, Moist cloudy morn, fair noon. Clouds & dropped rain in evening & windy. C. Taylor
was here to see Sary's child- C. P. Howard came here (whilst he was here) with a
young man named Wilkinson, who wants to get Scholars for Dancing School- and
spoke to C. Taylor- Reuben Taylor called here going to J. Taylor's- They all
went away about 12 o'clock-
23, Fair mild day. C. P. Howard and wife rode here before noon and staid about an hour
they went by J. Taylor's but did not alight there. Sary's child continues very
ill- C. Taylor came to see it and gave a dose Calomel- it had fits. C. Taylor
dined here.
24, Cloudy with moderate showers of rain, mild. John Moore called here in the rain
after the rain was over went on to Adams's old mill, where he was to meet to
take depositions about F. Moore dec'd Will. Sary's child died about 10 o' clock
I, sent Frank to Court house to enquire if the Nails I bought at Triplett's
were lodged there, they were not. Frank brought a letter from F. S. Taylor and a
Newspaper. M. Biggers made a coffin for the child and it was interred afternoon,
25, A little rain & lightning last night, fair day. I staid at home, trimmed Apple
26, Sunday, Fair morning, cloudy afternoon. I went to J. Taylor's- Paid him four dollars,
being what I subscribed for a Minister last year. Nancy Taylor, Fanny Pendleton
& Betsy Gaines came from Col. Tho's Barbour's- Betsy Gaines being sent
for to go home, set off before dinner. J. Taylor jun'r and wife were at home, &
E[lizabeth]. Chew.
27, Monday, Smart shower of rain in night-cleared windy, the ground got dry & dusty
before night. I went to Court-gave a letter for F. S. Taylor to A. Darby to the
care Mr J. Blair. Paid Hay Taliaferro for Cyder bo't the 10th, 7/6. James Coleman
Executed a conveyance to Elizabeth Chew for a Negro woman named Hannah and
the said Elizabeth is to execute an acquittance to the said Coleman in consideration
of the said Hannah & twenty dollars (for which J. Coleman gave his note)
to all claims against him.
28, Clouds & spit snow in morning- Great Mountains white with snow. Clear cold afternoon.
I sent Frank to Zeb'n Mays & got the nails and coffee bought the 14th
at D. Triplett's, the Waggoner passed Mr. Shepherd's & fotgot to leave them
there. I rode to Court-which adjourned till tomorrow. I staid till evening,
dined at night.
29, Ice and very sharp severe frost, I believe hath killed most of the fruit. clear
morning, hazy evening and continues cold. Sent to Reu Taylor's & got
2 Bags ashes. M. Biggers Cut & marked 6 shoats yesterday.
30, Cold and cloudy morn, some drops rain turned more moderate in evening. I staid
at home, writing Letters to send to Kentucky. In the evening, C. Taylor's daughters,
Sally Burnley & sister was here a little time.
31, Rained a little last night, Cloudy morning windy evening. I rode to Court house
and got my Newspaper. Sowed Pas by Asparagus bed, 5 rows to North Marrowfat,
6 to the South common sort. Sowed Carrot seed in rows with the peas. Sowed
Cabbage & sundry other seeds in the border by Pales to the right hand from gate
Sowed onion, Turnep & mustard in Asparagus bed. Gave Cabbage & Lettuce seeds
to Macon Biggers to sow in Plant patch below his house. Finished breaking up
Corn land 2 or 3 days ago. This month very windy and Dry.

From the Taylor Diary, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection,
University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO

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