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11, Cool, smoky, thin clouds and a very little rain. I had sown in Garden by the pales next meat house, Cabbage, Lettuce,Turnep,Sellery & Mustard seeds. Reuben Taylor called here after dinner, had been to Court house & J.Taylor's Gave him quills and some seeds. Macon Biggers got seeds to sow in plant bed below his house.(24th Feb'y, sowed by Mountain Spring.) Some blossoms on Apricots.
12, Cool, thin clouds-some drops rain at night. I walked to J.Taylor's,dined there- E Chew there- J.Taylor jr & wife went to Rob't Taylor's- Nancy Taylor,Fanny Pendleton & Betsy Gaines were at Mrs Bell's, they all came before I returned.
13, Cloudy morn & mist- Warm smoky even, some clouds. I sowed Peas in square to left of Garden Gate. The 6 rows next the yard common- the other 3 Marrow-fat or Nonpariel pens. Greftae some of Aunt Taylor's pears(by cellar) on cyons under Pear tree in Garden. Macon Biggers fastened Slabs on Stable cover. C.Taylor sent a note by John, by whom I sent a Pot of butter for Capt Conway, 21 lb pot included.
14, Very warm,some clouds,a very light shower of rain in even.Reu Taylor came here I went with him to D.Tripletts store and bought articles $2.3.6.- Mr Triplett was not returned from Fred'g- Nancy Taylor & Fanny Pendleton walked here about sunset and sat half an hour. I have been unwell to day than common.
15, Fine warm morning- Cloudy cool afternoon. I went to J.Taylor's-Paid him 6/- for tax on County Seal & gave him credit for affixing Seal & certifying my acknowledgement of Deed to Wm Taylor for Land in Shelby County Kentucky. Rob't Moore F.Pendleton,Betsy Gaines,E.Chew,C.Bell,J.Taylor jr & my wife dined there.
16, Thursday, Cloudy and light mist all day, warm. J.Taylor jr, Robert Moore & C.Bell came over- we had a hare hunt: they dined here.
17, Misty morn- a good rain before noon- warm clear evening. Reuben Taylor had been to J.Taylor's, came here when it rained and staid to dinner. I agreed to let him have a Land Warrant (100 acres) which he intends to locate on land adjoining his, which he expects is vacant- he ret'd the warrant the 20th. I had 4 Apple trees planted in the place of dead ones in the Orchard- 2 Apricot trees in Garden- 3 Common Cherry trees in the 1st row in Orchard.
18, Fair, warm and very windy. I went to J.Taylor's & dined- J.Taylor returned from the Wedding at Capt Conway's-The Horses having got away- J.Taylor jr & wife & Nancy Taylor had not got home when I came away. Fanny Pendleton & Betsy Gaines & E.Chew there. A fire burnt much of Mrs Bell's & Mrs Burnley's fencing- I walked with J.Taylor there. My Overseer & Negroes & most of nigh neighbors helped to suppress the fire. ---[Susannah Conway- dau of Capt Catlett Conway, m. Mar.16,1797: Ray Taliaferro, b. *Rose Hill* 1775: d.June 25,1834. He was son of Col.Lawrence & Sarah (Dade) Taliaferro--see Hayden, 264-- PFT] Diar.16, Hay Taliaferro md. Sukey Conway--]
19, Sunday, Fair, changed to cold in afternoon, windy. I sent for C.Taylor to see Sary's child- He came by & directed Castor oil to be given,w'ch I understood operated well. I went with C.Taylor to Sermon at Court house- Came to J.Taylor's to dinner- Mrs James, Col T.Barbour's daughters, Lucy & Nelly, Col.J. Barbour's, Lucy- F.Pendleton, Betsy Gaines, Cap Jas Barbour & Phil Babour (of Ambrose) dined there- J.T.jr & wife went to Maj'r Moore's. M.Biggers & wife here about sunset- J.Taylor ret'd 1/2 Bus Salt borrowed 28 Oct'r last.
20, Sharp frost- Fair cool. I went to Election for a Member to represent this District in Congress- John Dawson had 156 & Thos Posey 45 votes in this County- Reuben Taylor returned the Warrant I let him have the 17th instant,not thinking he will want it. Had ___Bus Oats Sown adjoining Meadow and Sowed Clover Seed with it. I paid Valentine Winslow a Dollar for brining a Sack Salt, Iron & Steel from Blairs.
21, Smart frost, fair morn-Smoky cloudy evening. Had Flax seed Sown below the Spring in Hog pen. M.Biggers informed me that a Sow had killed 4 Lambs and that only 14 are alive. Sary's child continues sick- Sent for Doct'r Taylor to see it. He came in the evening. I took 20 grains of Ipecac & 20 of Jallap, this morning

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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