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26, Sunday, Sharp frost- Clear and cold. I went to Sermon at Court house preached by Mr O"Neill. came to J.Taylor's to dinner- Reuben Taylor, Tho's Jenkins,William Moore jr, Robert Moore-Fanny Pendleton, Betsy Gaines, J.Taylor jr & wife were at home & E Chew was there.
27, Monday, Cool morning- Fair,mild evening. I went to Court-saw Mr Triplett, he said he had no money,but wou'd try to have at next Court- I wrote to Mess'rs Blairs to send me Iron,Steel and a Sack Salt- Wrote F.S.Taylor to send me 2 Reams Brown paper, 25 lb Rice,Oysters,Corks,Castor Oil & Raisons. There was more people at Court than usual in Reb'y. Candidates for Congress & Assembly were there. The old Brinble Cow had a male calf. (Calf 3d,)
28, Cool Cloudy morn, a little snow & rain afternoon. I rode to Court- The Court laid the Levy and did some other business- T.Doolin & I left it to Mr Shepherd whether or not I shou'd pay for making a coat that did not fit. Mr. Shepherd gave his opinion I ought as I kept and wore the Coat.
The weather has been generally mild this month- Some heavy rains, but little frost,snow or ice. 18 Lambs alive-- 5 dead-- 3 calves alive, at this date. I acknowledged a Deed to my nephew Wm Taylor yesterday for 1,000 acres Land, Floyd's fork,Shelby County, Kentucky. to be certified & sent out.

1, Wednesday, Smart frost- fair moderate day. Sent my Cart and got Pine bushes for Sheep. I staid at home, hurt my leg.
2, Cloudy morn- Began to snow about 12 o'clock and continued till night, about 5 inches. I was at home all day.
3, Snowed in the night, ceased before day-7 or 8 inches deep. Cloudy day and thawed much. J.Taylor rode to my out gate, called to me that he was going to Mrj'r Moore's- I got my mare & went there to dinner- J.Taylor, his wife, Nancy Taylor, Betsy Gaines, Fanny Pendleton & J.Taylor jr's wife were there- John Moore gone to Madison. J.T.jr went hunting- Wm Moore jr brought home a Red Fox he had caught.
4, A little rain last night- The snow melted so much that I cou'd see none at night. I was at home all day.
5, Windy drying day, not cold, fair. I dined at home- In evening walked to J.Taylor's. Mr C.O'Neill & F.Conway came here & staid at night.
6, Monday, Last night very windy and clear, turned cold and froze hard, clear & windy day- Mr O'Neill and F.Conway jr went away after breakfast-intend by Rob't Taylor's- I sent my Cart to Aunt Taylor's & got a sack Salt, 12 lb blistered Steel & 2 bars 87 lb Iron, brought from Mess'rs Blairs by Val'e Winslow.
7, Cold morning, a little shower of snow but not enough to cover the ground- Smoky mild evening. I was rather more unwell than common, at home.
8, Rained a little in morn, very windy- warm. Wm Leathers came in morning with a Cart, and got about 30 Apple trees for Mrs Burnley to plant. I expect they are indifferent fruit, tho' don't know.I was unwell, headach &c, too a dose of Salts, did not operate well, head continue to ake.Sent 2 Bags corn to Dade's Mill & got meal.
9, Last night windy, froze hard in morning- Fair & cool. J.Taylor called here- I went with him to Reu Taylor's, who went with us to Hay Taliaferro's, who was not at home- we came back & dined at Reu Taylor's- J.Taylor sent his Cart with a cask to get Cyder of Ray Taliaferro- I sent my Gallon Keg-but H.T. being from home cou'd not get Cyder- The Cart & casks left.
10, Friday, Some spits of snow in morn- Thin clouds-cool. I walked to Aunt Taylor's- J.Taylor & family, J.T.jr & wife, E.Chew, Fanny Pendleton, Betsy Gaines, C.Bell & T.Bell dined there. J.Taylor's Cart brought Cyder fro me from Hay Taliaferro's. Sawney brought the key to the house after dark.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chape Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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