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12, Sunday, Warm, No frost-some clouds but no rain. I sent the smallest fish to C.Taylor- I walked there. Nancy Taylor & Fanny Pendleton dined there. Betsy Taylor has been sick several days & is still sc.
13, Monday, Warm-Fine rain & misty all day. I rode to J.Taylor's and with him to the Glebe,shere a Vestry was appointed- Nobody having met we did not alight, but returned home- I got a little wet.
14, Thick cloudy and some rain, warm. J.Taylor sent and got 5 1/4 lb fresh butter. I was at home.
15, Fair after morn- Windy & a little cool. I sent to J.Taylor's to know if his & J.Pendleton's familys intended to dine with me to day- they sent word that Reu Taylor & family were expected there and for me to go over- I went to dinner. Reuben Taylor &c did not go- J.Pendleton & family & girls who came with him. E Chew & C.Bell there-After dinner Col Madison, C.P.Howard and Rob't Taylor there, the two former came from Aunt Taylor's.
16, Smart frost- fair pleasant day. J.Taylor, his wife, Gibson & Nat Taylor, Jno. Pendleton and family, Nelly Green, E.Chew, Charles Bell, C P Howard, his wife, & C.Taylor dined here.
17, Friday, Cloudy-began to rain with spits of snow about 9 o'clock and continued small rain all day. John Pendleton came here and I rode with him to Reuben Taylor's, he was gone from home, we did not alight, returned and dined with me.
18, Rainy night, and morning-cleared at night. I walked to J.Taylor's, heard the river past fording. C.Taylor,J.Pendleton & family,E.Chew & C.Bell dined there- J.Taylor jr, his wife & Nancy Taylor not returned from T.Barbour's.
19, [SUNDAY], Great white frost-fog in morn, fair after,cloudy evening. C.Taylor sent and got a little more than pint wine. I walked to J.Taylor's-and dined early. After dinner John Pendleton & Family & Nelly Green went(in J.Taylor's carriage) to Tho's Barbour's- J.Taylor went & saw them cross the river at Barnett's ford.
20, Warm, Rained a little before day, Cloudy morn, Cleared-J.Taylor sent & got 4 1/4lb butter Grandison- Sent the two Franks with corn to Dade's Mill, which was dressing- they went to Madison's & got meal. About noon, C.Taylor's wife sent to ask me there. C.T.was from home- I wrote D.Triplett C.Conway, who intends there
21, Tuesday, Cloudy day, began to rain after sunset. I staid at home, walked out in the evening. Rob't Moore called here while I was away.
22, Heavy rain last night, warm & fair after morning. I sent Frank to Aunt Taylor's & got Balm, Hyssop & Rue. After dinner I walked to C.Taylor's,carried Lining for vest-Paid Sally Taylor 3 dollars for making cloaths. Bro'r James's wife & Lucy Fitzhugh there.
23, Clouds and sunshine- cooler than yesterday. I walked to Court house-returned to dinner. The young pied Cow had a female calf.(2d, calf)
24, A little rain last night- thinclouds all day. Had seeds sown in plant patch near the Spring in the Mountain field. After dinner I walked to J.Taylor's- J.Taylor jun'r, his whife,Nancy Taylor & Fanny Pendleton, came from T.Barbour's yesterday.
25, Cloudy and cold. Maj'r Moore came here. We went by J.Taylor's, who, with J.Taylor jr, went to the Seat where Ben Winslow pat'd to build a mill. There was a Jury ( I was one of) who thought it wou'd not flow so far up the Run to damage John Baylor's land, which crossed about 300 yards above the Seat. The following persons were Jury- Pearce Sanford, Joseph Clark, Robert Clark, Ben Porter-Edmund Terrill, Joseph Smith, Robert Wilson, William C.Webb, Colby Cowherd, John Leathers, William Sutton & F.Taylor. They made their Inquest that,if when the Dam shall be built the water should overflow any of Baylor's land, in that case Ben Winslow must pay the said Baylor at the rate of 40/- acre for the land overflowed- Wm Moore,Sheriff, J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr, Stephen Smith, one Harrison, beside Ben Winslow &_____ Martin, were present- There was Whisky, Meat & Bread.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARMING: HOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECED BY COPYRIGHT.

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