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31, Tuesday, Cloudy morn & some drops rain, fair, warm evening. I am better to day but not as well as usual. Had a two year old Steer killed, for quarter weighed 66- hind quarter 65 lb. Let M.Biggers have a fore quarter-He has had 73 lb Beef and 487 lb Nett Pork before- 8 Barrels Corn & 1 Bus' Salt, which makes 39 lb Beef over his allowance- 13 lb Pork less than do and 1/2 Bus Salt still due him for the present year- Had 3/4 Beef Salted put on [?]aktpetre.

1, Wednesday, Cloudy, mist, some drops rain, warm dark day. I staid at home. In evening Rec'd a letter from Wm Taylor that he had paid G.C.Taylor 70 dollars for me. M.Biggers brought the letter from Stephen Fox's
2, Thursday, Fair pleasant day:no ice left in sight. I walked to Court house- There was a Ball at T.Bell's last night- Some Gentlemen there to day playing at Cards. I dined there & paid 3/-
3, Hazy morn-some frost, fair at night-moderate. I walked to C.Taylor's and from thence went with him & family & Lucy Fitzhugh to J.Taylor's to dinner- John Pendleton & family- Fanny Pendleton, M[elly].Burnley & Polly Glassell were there- Rob't Moore & Wm Pollock got there to dinner-The young people danced in evening. I staid till in the night.
4, Frost- Fair pleasant day. I had 32 lb Tallow, 15 lb Bees wax & 1 lb wick made into 210 candles- they are rather small. I walked to C.Taylor's- J.Taylor & family, J. Taylor jr & wife- J.Pendleton & family, Fanny Pendleton, Nelly Green Lucy Fitzhugh & Rob't Moore dined there.
5, Sunday, Moderate- some frost.I went to sermon at Court house,and to Rob't Taylor's to dinner- Mr. O'Neill, J.Taylor & wife, J.Pendleton & wife, Reu Taylor J.Taylor jr's wife, Nancy Taylor, F.Pendleton and Fra's Conway dined there.
6, Monday, Clouds & a little rain in morn- very warm, South wind. Eliz'a Pendleton sent the Bed ticks &c. She made up for me, I sent her by the girl a Gammon old bacon. After dinner J.Taylor jr's wife, Fanny Pendleton, Nancy Taylor and Charles Bell walked here, staid an hour or two & returned- They mentioned that Mr C.P.Howard got back from Philadelphia last night.
7, Smart frost, fair pleasant weather. Roger Bell, Fanny Mallory, Patsy Leathers & another young woman was here & got seeds- J.Taylor came after breakfast & got seeds- said Mr Howard wou'd dine with him & asked me over- I went to dinner- Aunt Taylor,C.P.Howard & wife- Polly & Janey Glassell, Mrs Burnley, Rob't Taylor, C.Taylor,Wm Pannill, John Pendleton & family, Miss Pendleton & Green, C.Bell, E.Chew & J.Taylor jr there(his wife at Maj'r Moore's) I paid C.P.Howard for 2 sheets tin & Court plaister 3/- Began to plow with one plow-2 mares.
8, Frost- Fair and pleasant:mild evening.Sent 2 Bags Corn & got ground at Dade's Mill.J Pendleton & C.Bell called here. I went to Mrs Burnley's with them- Bro'r James's wife, J.Pendleton & wife, Nancy Taylor,Fanny Pendleton,Nelly Green, Aunt Taylor, C.P.Howard & wife & Polly Glassell dined there.
9, Warm, some clouds & drops rain. J.C.Taylor & Janey Pendleton came here & got walnuts. After dinner I walked to J.Taylor's & returned.
10, Friday, Began to rain before day, continued with spits of snow till middle of day- There was a great deal of rain: turned cooler, sun set clear,but cont'd cloudy- This day was appointed for*Mr Gambill to be buried, it was so wet I staid at home- Charles Leathers called here in evening to know if I wou'd sell 500 lb Hay, said he w'd give 6/- per C/t.[ * He died Jan.17th, see entry Jan 18 WKA-- This means his funeral sermon was to be preached-PFT.]
11, Frost- fair pleasant day. Heard frogs for 1st time. Mrs Bell's Bob brought a ticket of invitation to Mr.Gambill's funeral to day- I went- Mr Gambell sen'r and two of his sons and about twenty or thirty of the neighbors were there- Mr O'Neill officiated. I came home to dinner. About dark Mr D.Triplett's Tom came(returning from Fredericksburg)and got 40 Bus' Wheat- I weighed 4 Bushels 242 lb. Tom said he was in want of corn to feed his horses- & I let him have a Bushel- I bought a Rock fish of Tom for 3/1 1/2. M.Biggers brought one for 1/6

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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