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17, Some frost, Fair pleasant day. I had the meat hung up to smoke,that was first killed,part was hung up last week.
18, Rained a little in morn-mild-fair evening. C.Taylor came here to breakfast from Mrs Bell's, told me Mr. Gambel died last night. C.T's family are at Capt Conway's,he went from here (after breakfast) to go there. Tho's Doolin came here. Brought a mem'dum that 3 1/2 yards coating weighed 3 1/4 lb- my Coat weight 2 1/2 lb-he wanted me to pay him- I paid 5/- for making Great Coat and refused to pay for making the other,it being too small &c-
19, Some clouds-moderate,no falling weather. I was at home.
20, Friday, Snowed before day about 3 inches deep, Snow,Sleet and rain through the day,but not deeper at night than in the morning, not very cold. I staid at home. Rec'd a letter from J.Madison jr[President] inclosing my plat,2 of Reuben Taylor's & 1 of Col.W.White's, for land N.W. of Ohio, which he cou'd not obtain patents for, they wanted form.
21, Rained a good deal last night, cloudy all day and thawed, but not to melt the in from the trees,there being a great deal. Snow mist at times to day. I was at home all day. Davy mended (Sealed) Old Peter's & S.Daniel's Shoes. L.Peters had been mended a few days ago.
22, Sunday, a little fine snow fell in the night (1/2 inche) on the old,which was mostly ice, some clouds, cleared moderate but did not melt all the ice from N.side of trees &c. I walked to J.Taylor's- J.Pendleton & family & E.Chew dined there T.Barbour sent for Doct'r Taylor that his daughter was ill- C.Taylor was at Capt Conway's and did not come.
23, Thaw, fair, mild-miry. I went to Court. Got the Boots J.Henshaw had put new feet to & paid him 3 1/2 dollars- paid Mr Shepherd 1/6 for postage & 1/3 for removing mare's shoes. Capt Conway, Col A.Maury & C.Taylor came home with me, I gave Rich'd White a plat of Land of his brother Col W.White's sent in Col Madison's Letter. Saw Mr T.Richards at Court, he said Mr Triplett had no money for me yet.
24, Mild,thawing day, most of snow one off. Capt Conway, Col Maury & C.Taylor went away after breakfast- C.Taylor intended to Maj'r Moore's,being sent for to see a sick negro girl,hear she died before he got there. I promised to 1st Capt Conway have part of a Land Warrant (50 acres) out of one I have of 100. I rode towards Court house, met Maj'r Moore going to Aunt Taylor's and went there with him. John Taylor, Mrs Howard, Polly Glassel &c. there.
25, Cool sharp morning, fair moderate day. I had a Shoat killed. Maj'r Moore, John Moore, Robert Moore, Capt Richard Barbour, John Taylor,Robert Taylor,J.Taylor,J.Taylor jr. John Pendleton & Charles Bell dined here. John Taylor staid with me.
26, Mild, thaw, hazy. John Taylor went away after breakfast- he intends setting off home to day. Had the last killed pork hung.
27, Friday, Slight frost, some clouds, mild. I staid at home, more unwell than common. J.Gibson & Nat Taylor & J.Pendleton's three boys came over in the evening I gave them Walnuts & Apples. Thunder & a little rain before I went to bed.
28, Very mild, a little hazy and windy. I took Ipecac & Jallap & staid at home. J.Taylor sent home my butter pot he had butter in it in December,gross 26 lb, pot 8 lb, Nett 18 lb. A young heifer had a male calf.
29, Sunday, Cloudy morn & a very little rain- very windy at night. I went to J.Taylor's- dined there, they had Rock fish- * Old Mrs Gaines, J.Pendleton's family Fanny Pendleton, Nelly Green, J.Taylor jr & wife & E[lizabeth] Chew, were there --[The Gaines's were descended from the 2nd wife of the 1st James Taylor-WKA]
30, Thin clouds or hazy. I was very unwell last night & today-took Salts but puked them up. I walked to J.Taylor's-carried 24 yards Bed tick to get 2 Bed ticks made by John Pendleton's wife. The Bed tick was brought yesterday from Mess'rs Barbour's by Joe- I dined at J.Taylor's- his wife & Mrs Gaines were gone to Mrs Bell's. Nancy Taylor to Tom Bell's, J. Pendleton & the same as yesterday (except as above) at J.Taylor's.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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