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1, Sunday, Fair, moderate weather for the season. Wiliam Taylor and I went to J.Taylor's,as we promised last evening- John Pendleton's family, T.Barbour's do. J.Taylor jr & wife, Ch's Bell & E.Chew dined there.
2, Windy night & turned colder, cloudy morn, fair evening. J.Taylor came here after breakfast. I went with him and William Taylor to Mrs Bell's, where J.Taylor executed a power of Attorney to W.Taylor to do some business for him in Kentucky- I gave W.Taylor instructions to do some business about my Kentucky lands &c. William Taylor went on to Col.Madison's on his return to Kentucky- J.Taylor went with him to Col Madison's- Maj'r Moore, Capt Scott & John Moore were making a Division of Mr.T.Bell's Slaves, under Decree of Court. J.Taylor jr, Mr Gambel & wife, beside the family, there- In evening I rode to Mr Shepherd's who lent me Newspaper,by which it is supposed Adams is elected President.
3, Cold cloudy night, Snowed about day and till noon about 3 inches deep, cloudy evening not very cold. I staid at home.
4, Cold cloudy morn. Fair evening. Reu Taylor's Ben came with a Cart & got some Pots and Bar iron. I exchanged a Dutch oven 35 lb for one 17 lb. J.Taylor jr, J.Pendleton & Geo Pendleton Fox hunting, called and got a drink of Grog.
5, Fair, not very cold nor much thaw. Col James Barbour, his sons Thomas & Rich'd, Maj'r Moore, his sons William & Robert, John Pendleton, Geo Pendleton, Wm Pendleton, J.Taylor, C.Taylor,Reuben Taylor and J.Taylor jr dined here.
6, Cool, clear morn, mild hazy evening and thaw.Had Oats cleaned about 35 Bushels. I was invited to T.Bell's, to be there this evening, but staid at home-not being so well as common.
7, Very cold, raw cloudy- Cleared in evening. I staid at home.
8, Sunday, Very hard frost, Clear and cold. W, Garde sent Henry with my Shoes which he had scaled & found the leather, he sent for some butter and I sent 4 lb by Henry. I went to J.Taylor's- J.Pendleton & family, T.Barbour & family, J.Taylor jr and wife and E.Chew dined there.
9, Very hard frost & continues clear. I had a pair Shoes made for E.Chew & sent by Sawney in night.
10, Continues very cold,cloudy & not quite so cold at night. J.Taylor,J.Taylor jr, John Pendleton & C.Taylor dined there.
11, Wednesday, Mist before day- Rained afterwards briskly several hours- Ice on trees- Sun shone in evening & fog. mild. I was at home all day.
12, Some clouds- fair evening, fine day. I sent 2 bags corn to Mill and got meal. I walked to the road in evening-Saw J.Taylor jr and John Pendleton hare hunting the latter said his wife had miscarried yesterday.
13, Ground froze hard- fair mild day. I walked to J.Taylor's,borrowed a deed to write one by, to transfer the Land I sold William Taylor. I dined at J.Taylor's Geo Petty was at the office- J Pendleton went to Culpeper to day, his family, Ta.Barbour's family, J.Taylor jr & wife & E.Chew there.
14, Rain early in morn & till evening, great thaw. J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr, Tho Barbour, dined with me.*John Taylor & Ch's Taylor came after dinner. Jno Taylor staid with me.--[John Taylor, son of Erasmus- WKA]
15, Sunday, Thin clouds, mild- very little frost. Jno Taylor went away after breakfast. I staid at home.
16, Monday, Some spits snow in morning,snowed at Great Mountains. moderate fair afternoon. I went to J.Taylor's. John Taylor, Rob't Taylor, Mrs Howard, Reuben Smith & wife(Mildred Glassell-WKA), Reuben Taylor, Gabriel Barbour,Tho'Barbour & family, J.Pendleton's family, J.Taylor jr and wife, Fanny Pendleton, Nelly Green & E Chew dined there. A Shepherd jr there in evening. I staid to supper. T.Barbour gave me an account of articles for E.Chew to amount of 91/g got from their store. I gave John Taylor a dollar to pay Mullin the printer. Littler Peter absented to day, came home at night.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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