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20, Clear, very cold morning. Had the remainder fatted hogs killed, being 8 small ones, with only 3 legs being one & weight 46. Macon Biggers had one 74 lb making with the four he had the 6th instant (413,lb) 487 lb.The 7 I kept were of the weight following: 71-71-68-67-64-46(3 legs)- =452, making with 14 Hogs killed the 6th instant that weight 1644- 2096 lb Pork. Had the Pork cut out and Salted. M.Biggers had 2 Bus Wheat & sent to Mill. J.Taylor sent and got a Pot 26 lb butter, gross, also 7 1/2 lb fresh in Plates-which he spoke for yesterday. After dinner I rode to Court house- Saw Col J.s Barbour, who was sending goods from the Store here to one at Madison Court house,being about quitting the business at O. Court house.
21, Cloudy morning, clear cold evening. Had lard refined and put in Cellar. I was more unwell than commonly. About noon my nephew William Taylor[son of Jonathan-WKA-] arrive at my house from Kentucky-who informed me that our friends were well when he left that country- He also informed that he desired to purchase my Land on Floyd's Fork to reside on. I told him I wanted to see Reuben Taylor before I sold, as he spoke to me about the same land.
22, Very Cold,clear,brisk wind. Freezing & severe. J.Taylor came here to see W.Taylor & breakfasted. Ch's Taylor was here afterwards but did not stay long. Wm Taylor and I rode to Reu Taylor's,who told me he had no objection against my selling my land on Floyd's fork to William Taylor- We dined at Reu Taylor's & returned in the evening.
23, Clear and hard freezing weather continued. Wm Taylor paid me $20. fort he mare he bought of me the 5th April Last and received his bond. I agreed to sell William Taylor my Tract of land on Floyd's fork, patented for 1,000 acres, which he said he thought will not measure above 750 acres. I sell the said Tract more or less, to him for 1,333, 1/3 dollars. 500 dollars he paid me in hand, and if convenient will pay 100 to G.C.Taylor. He is to give me his bond or note for the sum unpaid: for the payment of which, I promised to indulge him, as long as it will suit me: and that if the land should not be well worth the money I shall be willing to deduct $50. from the price of it. And I am to execute a Deed to convey my title in the said land to him as soon as conveniently can be done, or when he requires it. We exchanged a memorandum of our agreement,but we were alone and both signed each. The patent was in Jefferson supposed now Shelby county.
24, Continues clear and very cold. William Taylor went from here about noon,intending to Mr John Gibson's. I had one of the two stacks of Hay put into Stable & lofted--[Wm T., md. Susan H.Gibson dau of John G., Nov 26,1795-WKA]--
25, [SUNDAY] Fair, the cold abated last night, moderate to day- I went to Sermon at the Court house, the congregation small. I came to Aunt Taylor's to dinner. Mrs Burnley & family, Rob't Taylor & family & Mr Glassel's children were there viz't Polly & Janey.
26, Snowed in night & morn, scarce his the gro'nd. I went to Court- Mr.Richards told me that Mr.Triplett had no money for me. I came home & about sunset walked to J.Taylor's and staid till after supper. There was a company and dancing T.Barbour's daughter baptized by Mr O'Neill. Rob't Moore & Phil Barbour( of James ) came & lodged here.
27, Clear but not very cold. I went with Rob't Moore & P.Barbour to J.Taylor's to breakfast and staid till evening, most of the company there that were last night, also Col J.Barbour. Mr O'Neill & J.Taylor jr went early to Culpeper Court house to celebrate StJohns.
28, Great whie frost, clear and very dry. Nancy Taylor, Fanny Barbour & Fanny Pendleton walked here from J.Taylor's & staid a while. I went with them & Dined at J.Taylor's. John Pendleton's family, T.Barbour's family, Lucy Barbour and E.Chew were there- J.Taylor jr had not returned from Culpeper & his wife at Maj'r Moore's.
29, Fair and mild. South wind a little smoky. My negroes at work cutting down cornstalks.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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