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6, [CONTINUED] Jer Stone Set out about 10 o'clock from Charles Taylor's with his Waggon and G.C.Taylor's Slaves- I sent over a letter for him to carry,mentioning money paid in part payment for Sary & her children:Frank, Him (Boy Jim born about Sept'r 5,1790), and John. their price 550 dollars, sent 400. Mrs Day's son & daughter were here to ask when I wou'd help to build a house for their mother. G.C.Taylor's Jim left off work 23 last month, see that date. Dec'r 20, M.Biggers had 1 hog, Nt 74, making with above 487 lb Nt.
7, Cold, cloudy & windy. I had 14 hogs-(Killed yesterday) Cut up & salted. Sent J.Taylor's Cart and Moses and got Bedsteads made by Shannon. M.Biggers had 1/2 Bus Salt-part of 1 1/2 allowance for 1797. Had Gut Fat Refined.
8, Clear and not severe,but sharp frost. Had leaf fat refined. I went to Doolins, he altered the cuffs of a coat. I went onto Court house, returned a piece German gold 6pw. 5 gr(J.Taylor jr got of Doct'r Shepherd & paid me) to Doct'r Shepherd & received Silver for it- I bought a few trifles- Reuben Taylor was at Store- I got back to dinner. My Mare has the scratches,which makes her lame Sent J.Taylor 2 lb Saltpetre by Charles.
9, Froze hard- great white frost- fair. Macon had 2 Hhds Corn out of the Corn house, which with 16 he kept at home & 6 1/2 Bus he had sent to Mill, was the whole of his share & 8 Barl's for next year's provision. I carried back of Jacket & silk & buttons to C.Taylor's, he was from home. I returned to dinner and walked in evening to J.Taylor's- Wilson Coleman was there.
10, Great white frost- Some clouds, not very cold. I staid at home.
11, [SUNDAY] Milder than some time past-tho' frosty. I walked to J.Taylor's- he, J.Taylor jr & wife, were gone to Maj'r Moore's, who they heard was unwell- I dined at J.T's with the rest of the family & E Chew. I was very unwell after noon.
12, Some frost- moderate and clear. I took a dose of Castor oil last night- am better today. Reu Taylor was here before noon, got 2 lb Saltpetre. Bro'r James's wife sent word that Mr & Mrs Gambell were there, and ask me over. I went. Bro' James was from home but got back to dinner.
13, Clear night, white frost, cloudy morning.Snowed a little and afterwards rained very moderately.
14, Soft, low clouds, but nothing fell. J.Taylor, C.P.Howard & Gabriel Barbour dined here.
15, A little frost- mild and clear. I walked by J.Taylor's to Aunt Taylor's- J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr & wife, Nancy Taylor,C.Taylor, Mr Gambel & wife, Milly Bell, Mrs Burnley & 2 young daughters, Gabriel Barbour and Tho's Jenkins dined there Anthony Buck got licence to marry Polly Shepherd.
16, Friday, Scattering Clouds & some (little) snow. mild. M.Biggers mended the Chimney &c of the house where Sary lives- he Dined here.
17, Some clouds in morn- fair evening-mild. Sally Taylor Sent home a pair Breeche (made for me) yesterday & a vest today. C.Taylor sent & got 1/2 lb powder G.C.T. sent down. I had the headach severely this evening and night.
18, Rained in night, thick soft day [SUNDAY], I am unwell, slept but little last night. Mr William Davies of Rockingham (formerly a teacher at the Academy in Hanover) came here about noon and staid with me. He is going to Richmond. I like him and think him agreeable company.
19, Cleared in morn. Fine mild day. After breakfast Mr Davies set out on his journey towards Richmond-via Louisa Court house. Reu Taylor called here returning from Court house,dined. paid 5/- for 2 lb Saltpetre got when here last. J.Taylor called here after dinner. He chose a pot of Butter,26 lb gross, which he is to send for tomorrow- I promised to let him have some fresh when he sends for it. Joseph Shannon sent an order by John Smith to whom I paid Six dollars for 2 bedsteads.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSIONS TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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