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29, Tuesday, Fair,dry and milder than since the 23rd. I rode to Court house- Bought & paid for 1 qr paper. Tho's Bell paid me 35/8 for my account of mutton & butter he had some time ago. Court adjourned till tomorrow. Mr John Henshawa promised to carry home myBoots and have the shoes taken off and another pair larger put on.
30, Great white frost, weather clear & moderate. I sent two Bags of Corn & had ground at Dade's Mill. I went to C.Taylor's, carried Cloth &c to make 2 vests and 2 pair Breeches- I dined there with the family, Sally Burnley & Sally Miller. Davy took sick last night, continues unwell. Finished Husking Corn. The weather this month through has been very dry and moderate till the 23rd. since, very sharp, there has been no snow to show on the earth an hour.

1, Thursday, A moist snow fell last night about an inch deep- a little today: Cloudy and thick all day. G.C.Taylor's Will got here this morning- he brought a letter from J.Pendleton dated 30,November. J Bowie Pendleton came here early in morning and asked if G.C.Taylor wou'd sell Will- I expect not but have no power on that score- He ret'd before breakfast.
2, Flying clouds, spits of snow, mild morn, cool evening. Had ___Hhds Corn put into new house,made in the pasture field___Hhds had been put in before,making in the whole ___Hhds. 13 Hhds have been measured for feeding Hogs and other Stock. Put ___Hhds into old Corn House. Sent 3 Bus'Wheat to Dade's mill of what I had in the house. Rec'd a letter from F.S.Taylor. Rec'd a letter from G.C.Taylor(by the Waggon that has come for his Slaves) directing me to send 400 dollars by the Waggoner.
3, Smart frost but not colder than usual for season. Finished measuring Corn 40 Hhds made in home field, 66 in Barn field 106, or1272 Bus. M.B. had sent to Mill 6 1/2 in all crop 1278 1/2 Bus. is 1/7, 182 1/2, or 36 1/2 Barl's take out 6 1/2 Bus he used & add 40 allowed for 1797 & bal'ce will be 216 Bus or 18 Hhds. he has got 16 Hhds. I walked to C.Taylor's to Breakfast. He and I concluded that the Waggon may start early on Monday next with G.C.Taylor's Slaves. When I got home sent Frank to D.Triplett's for 3 yds plaid to make socks for negro children, also 2 Blankets for G.C.Taylor's negroes. C.Taylor advised me to get the above- I sent two Blankets(sorry) & Frank brought 2 in place with the above- Mr Triplett wrote me that he had no money,but expected some in a day or two by Mr Richards- I wrote to J.Taylor jr that I wanted payment for the horse he bought- I went to Court house where I saw him at Shepherd's store, he borrowed $35 of Doct'r Shepherd & paid it to me; being the sum he owed for the horse I sold him. J.Taylor was at Store, I walked back with him by his house- dined there- C.P.Howard & J.Bowie Pendleton & his own family were there.
4, [SUNDAY] Fair,moderately cold. I went to Court house- Mr O'Neill preached- I came to J.Taylor's- Reu Taylor- Doct Barbour, Phil Barbour(of Ambrose), Wm Moore,Rob't Moore, Sally & Betsy Taylor & J.B.Pendleton dined there. I went by C.Taylor's to know about Waggon of G.C.Taylor's starting- Mrs Conway & daughter there.
5, Monday, Fair moderate. Charles Taylor and Jeremiah Stone came here to breakfast I paid $120. to Stone for G.C.Taylor, as he directed in his letter, in part for Sary &c- Cold $43.18.11, Silver $76.1.1. I also sent to Chs Taylor's for G.C.Taylor, 6 Bush Corn, 2 1/2 Bus Meal, 42 lb Bacon & 2 good bags, provisions for his Slaves. I rec'd from G.C.Taylor 10 lb Saltpetre, 2 lb Powder, 3 lb Shot- C.Taylor to have 3 lb Saltpetre & 1/2 lb powder. Took Stone's rec't for the above money &c.
6, Rained moderately before noon- changed cool in evening- Geo Leathers made complaint of little Peter's striking & abusing him last night. I let him whip L.Peter.Had 18 Hogs killed. Let Macon Biggers have 4 weight:125-115-88-85=413 Nett, part of what I allowed him. I kept 14, weights: 170-163-152-144-125-120-120--120-115= 1109, 94-93-89-87-86-86= 1644 Nt.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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