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15, Some drops rain about day- Cloudy,smoky & warm. M.Biggers cut 4 Shoats yesterday & Spayed 5 today. Sent Frank with sleeve lining & hank silk to Doolin's and to Mr. Shepherd's for Dutch Oven,sent from Blair's. J.Taylor was here in evening. A Darby got Licence to day.
16, Wednesday, Smoke went off- North wind, clear and cooler. Macon Biggers found a little Wheat in Straw Stack, supposed hid by Old Peter. Also some in bag in Jim's room, suppose stolen by him. C.Taylor came to see Sary's young child(sick) he dined here. I walked with him in evening to J.Taylor's.
17, Sharpest frost this Fall- conitnues dry- wind South. I went to J.Taylor's- T.Barbour jr got there last night fr'm Fred'g. but was gone home before I went. I dined there, Jno.Nooe dc. Finished gathering corn & got all to stacks.
18, Very warm for the season.I met Reu Taylor at my gate, I walked & went to Court house with him- He dined with me as he returned. I carried 3 1/2 yds Drab Cloth &c to T.Doolin to get a Great Coat made. Got my close bodied Coat- very little of 3 1/2 yds left. I sent in morning and got a Sack Salt from T.Barbour's waggon at J.Taylor's.
19, Very little frost, fair, warm and smoky in evening. I took a purge- Saw Reu Taylor going to D.Triplett's, he got 5 hanks silk for me, called on his return & dined with me.
20, [SUNDAY] Smoky, warm, clouds and some drops of rain. I walked to J.Taylor's in evening- James Thomas (Culp'r) there.
21, Smoky, warm, dry. Mrs Gilden sent home 2 pair more Stockigns, making in all 7 pair- 5 was brought the 5th instant. I walked to Court house- got 1 yard Linen & 1/2 yd Jeans for my great coat & delivered to Doolin. Also got 1 1/2 yds cloth & 1/4 Tea, the whole from Barbour's store. Rec'd a letter from G.C.Taylor-informing that a waggon wou'd come off the 18th, past for his negroes &c.
22, Very warm,some drops of rain in day & shower in night & cool- Had 16 Hhds Corn put in New House. C.Taylor came here to breakfast, talked with him ab't having G.C.Taylor's fixed to get out when the Waggon comes for them &c. I was sent for & went to J.Taylor's- Aunt Taylor, Mr & Mrs Howard, Sally Burnley, C.Taylor & Reu Taylor & E.Chew dined there. J.Taylor got home in evening from Culpeper Court.
23, After the rain in night,clear & cold, sharp frost, fair. Had 14 Hhds corn put in new house. I went with C,Taylor in his carriage and purchased sundry articles for Cloathing G.C.Taylor's Salves, also a few things for myself- C.Taylor & I dined at D.Triplett's we got home after sunset-cool evening. G.C.Taylor's Jim went off this morning tho' forbid. I wrote to John Pendleton(from Triplett's) to send Will over. Had Cabbages taken up & set in trenches. I fear too dry.
24, Very sharp frost and cold-flying clouds. Gave the wroking people(except Jim) Stockings. After dinner I walked to J.Taylor's- Mrs Burnley & family & Mrs James were there. Col Barbour's wife came there about sunset. Had 6 Hhds Corn put in New house,making 36 Hhds put into New Corn House- M.Biggers kept 16 Hhds & put in his house and said he has used 6 1/2 Bus' _____Hhds has been put into Old Corn House & chiefly fed to Hogs & horses- The above made in Barn field, total _____.
25, Severe frost, cloudy and cold day. I walked to Doolin's, got my Great Coat- walked to Court house- got a few articles at Store. The posr did not arrive- J.Taylor & C.Taylor were at Store. We staid late expecting the post.
26, Clouds & spits snow last night. Extreme cold and clear day. J.Taylor jr, John Moore & Rob't Moore walked here from Maj'r Moore's, dined and staid till night with me.
27, Sharp cold continues, fiar morn, cloudy evening. I walked to C.Taylor's, Miss Sally Miller & Allan Nassey dined there. J.Taylor there in evening. -[SUNDAY]-
28, Continues cold but milder than before. Snowed a little. I went to Court, paid Jos Clark 6/- for Oysters rec'd the 11th. Gave Wm Tomlinson a letter for nephew *Wm Taylor of Kentucky. Rec'd no money. -[* son of Jonathan, in Ky prospecting--WKA]

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the South Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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