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21, Foggy morn, cloudy day. After breakfast Maj'r Lindsay & Doct'r Morrow set out to go to Mr Harry Taliaferro's, Culpeper. I walked to Court house, got Newspapers & returned about 10 o'clock. I paid A Shepherd Sen'r 9d for bringing iron Oven from Blair's. Paid C.Bell 5/- for l lb powder he bo't in Rockingham (see 13th)
22, Fair and warm. I staid at home. Reu Taylor returned 7 Bus Wheat, I lent,
23, [SUNDAY] Foggy morn, warm fair day. I went to Church & ret'd to dinner. Mr ONeil preached.
24, Took out Hhd Corn (the 19th) and put in old house and removed the old corn into old house. Fair and very warm. Killed a Wether & sent a Side 23 lb to Th's Bell p/r note. I went to Court. Received 200 dollars in part of Daniel Triplett's debt for Wheat. He to pay the bal'ce next Court. I confirmed an agreement made formerly to buy my present crop of Wheat- He to give me 9/- certain and if it rises to more than 10/- p/r bushel in Fredericksbug I am to have within 1/- or said price to the time payment is made- One half the money to be paid on or before the 1, April 1797, the other half by 1, Oct'r 1797. If I get goods, they are to be deducted out of the paym'ts as they respectively become due- W.Bowling paid 1/3, a balance due for Wool. I let Macon Biggers have two dollar Gave Capt P Merry Letters for Richard, Wm & Ben Taylor. [All in Ky- WKA]
25, Fair and very warm. Sent a side mutton 23 lb to G.Barbour by George. C.Taylor sent John & got a Gammon & Midling, 30 lb bacon. I walked to Court house. No Court for want of Magistrates. I dined at G.Barbour's. Col J.Barbour, Doct'r Barbour, Reuben Taylor, dined there. Had 2 Hhds Corn gathered in Barn field- one of the old Cart Wheels broke to pieces, bringing up the Corn.
26, Fair, warm & smoky. M. Biggers finished covering Nanny's house with slabs. I walked in evening to C.Taylor's- Caty Nooe came home with Sally Taylor from T.Bell' they left Betsy & B.Burnley there.
27, Thursday, Fair, warm and smoky. Digging Irish potatoes, about 30 or 40 bushels M.Biggers making axle tree for New Cart wheels. I settled my account with Macon Biggers and paid him the balance due $3.3.4. in full to this time.
28, A little cooler- cloudy morn, fair evening. R.Bell sent & got 1/2 Bus Salt for J.Taylor- An Ox died in Cart yesterday. I went to Dan'l Triplett's- Got him to sign agreement for Wheat. I bought Cloth for Negroes & Sundries to amount of $15.6.9. I returned home to dinner about 3 o'clock.
29, Smoky, moderate- some thin clouds. Had 25 Hogs put in pen to fatten. M.Biggers, Roger Bell, J.Taylor & my negroes worked on the road- I was with them towards Mrs Burnley's. I sent Frank to Mr.Shepherd's & got the goods bo't yesterday.
30, A little frost- Smoky, mild. Reu Taylor walked here- I went with him to Aunt Taylor's. Rob't Taylor & family, J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr & wife, Sally & Polly Taylor dined there. -------[SUNDAY]-----
30, A little frost- Smoky, mild, rain- cooler in evening & misty. Sent Jim to assist Mrs Day to build a house. Had wether killed- A hind Qr gave M.Biggers. The weather Remarkably mild in October. Nothing in Garden frosted.

1, Tuesday, Last Night very windy, clear cool day. Sent Jim again to assist about Mrs Day's house. I walked to Court house- The Militia Officers on Court martial I bought a pr Steelyards, Almanac & pack cards of Jenkins &c. J.Taylor & I returned together- Met Abner Gaines & Wiliam Pollock Jr- Witnessed a bond from W.P to Legatees of James Gaines dec'd to pay for land when deeds made &c
2, Sharp Frost- the first that hit herbs in my garden, fair mild. C.Taylor sent a note that Mr Dade invited me to dinner. Also for a few pounds butter- I sent 5 lb. Began to gather corn by Drake's branch. I went to Mr. Dade's, his daughter was Christened, a large Company, mostly young people. I got home at dark.
3, Frost and ice, fair, moderate,smoky. J.Taylor came here to Breakfast- I went with him to Mr.D.Triplett's store. He bought sundries which were charged to my account to amount $6.11.0, which he promised to pay for next Court. I got for my own use sundries $5.18.4 3/4.Jas Bell was at Triplett's store, he returned with us- we stopped a while at G.Barbour's- I got home to dinner at 3 o'clock- 2 Hhds Corn put in Old house this evening. I delivered 9 pair shoes to Negroes.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Hisotorical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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