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24, Slight Frost, fair day. J. Taylor sent his Cart to Maj'r Daniel's for Brandy, my Cask also which the Cart called & left at my house. I went to J. Taylor's in evening, was informed my Cask contained 17 Gallons brandy. Paid J. Daniel 17 dollars for do, the 5th October p/r Receipt.
25, Fair and warm. I went by J. Taylor's- J. Taylor jr went with me to a meeting at Jos Clark's- Morris Preached Coats's funeral- a numerous auduence- G. Barbour & I came with J. Taylor jr & dined at his father's. I lent my young horse to J. Taylor jr. Tho' Bell sent here & I sent him 12 lb fresh butter p/r Davy
26, [MONDAY] Some Clouds in morn, Warm day. I killed a Wether- Sent half of it to Th's Bell by Negro George, weight 30 lb. I agreed with Macon Biggers to employ him next year- to give him 100 lb Beef more than the last ag'mt. If only my own hands that I now have, one sixth of Wheat & Corn- If I buy or hire to be regulated by their value, when I have them &c I put £150. (All gold except a dollar) into the hands of Mr James Blair, to be placed to Fra. S. Taylor, or his order- Maj'r Moore's Boy, Lawrence, got 1/2 Barrel Corn.
27, Warm cloudy morn, fine or small rain in evening. Reu Taylor called here- I went with him to Court house- Carried the Hat Pearson made, which did not fit me, & got Mr. J. Blair to take charge of it & get exchanged- I wrote to F. S. Taylor & gave Mr Blair's the letter- came with Reuben & James Taylor jr to J. Taylor's to dinner. Maj'r Moore was there. I gave J. Taylor jr a Mem'dum & 10 dollars to buy Leather for me in Fredericksburg, he intends down tomorrow. Finished stacking corn tops- The fodder all good.
28, Rained moderately last night- a little this morn, clear even'g. Had the 17th Hhd Corn removed into Old house. Maj'r Moore's Lawrence got 1/2 Barrel corn. I walked after dinner to C. Taylor's- tried on vest- at night sent buttons for vest.
29, Showers of rain last night, clear day, cooler. J. Taylor, his wife, Gibson, Nat, E. Chew, Cha's Bell, C. Taylor & family, except Sally & Betsy, dined here. Stacking Blades fodder to day.
30, Some flying clouds. I walked to Court house, met brothers James and Charles- got Newspapers- we all walked the Road back & each went home- Finished stacking fodder-

1, Saturday, Cool morning & clear- Cloudy evening and rain at night. I did not feel as well as common. Staid at home. M. Biggers & wife went to Louisa.
2. Rainy last night- do through the day, small. I staid at home. [SUNDAY]
3, Rainy night and day, very wet, cool. Davy brought part of a Bedstead from Shannon's. Tho's Bell sent Davy & got a pot with 6 lb butter in it. Davy left a pot he brought. Took the 18th Hhd Corn out of New & put in old house. J. Taylor sent 1 p/s Beef by Grandison.
4, Cleared before noon- Fine pleasant day. Three of G. C. Taylor's young negroes (Eliza's children) were brought here to day: Tom, George & Spencer. I took a dose Jallap & Ipecac, Davy dose Jallap. Had Ralls Jennets gathered, about 3 bushels.
5, Remarkably heavy fog- Clear in middle of day- Some heavy showers in evening & rain at night. I went to Gen'l Muster- Paid J. Taylor 1/6 he bought 41 lb Leather at Fred'g. I have him 10 dollars before Leather cost £3.1.6. Paid John Daniel 17 dollars for 17 Gallons Brandy had 24th Sept'r. Paid 3/- to A. Shepherd for a pair Shoes put on my mare. M. Biggers had 1.2 Bus Salt, being the whole of his allowance. (he sent me 1/4 shoat) for present year.
6, Cloudy morn, fair moderate evening. J. Taylor jr came here to breakfast, took my young horse to ride, went to Mr Shepherd's to have him shod. J. T. said his father went for J. Pendleton's this morn for Nancy Taylor. I sent Moses & got the Leather (J. T. jr bought) from Barbour's.
7, White frost. Fair & warm till evening, some clouds. T. Doolin sent for & got a Gallon honey. he pd for it the 5th. Sent a letter p/r post to G. C. Taylor. Had Feather Bed to lay on.

From the TAYLOR DIARY # 1907-z in the Southern Collection,
University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hil. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO

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