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10, Fog in morn, fair day and warm. J.Taylor sent Grandison & got basket peaches & a Midling 15 lb Bacon, to send to J.Pendleton's. Ben Jenkins & one Murphy were here, Murphy wants Overseer's place. The Bohon paid me 41/- & had 45 lb Bacon 1/-. Phil Barbour sent Lucy & got 2 p/s Bacon 18 lb. Had Apples gathered from the Leather Coat & White apple trees down the hill- About 1/2 Bus' of same kinds in New Orchard gathered the 23d- Left the Ralls Jennetts. Had the Oats (Cocks) Stacked.
11, Fair and warm. I rode to Court house,excpted Mr O'Neil was to preach there but he preached at the Church where I proceeded and came home to dinner. I walked to C.Taylor's in evening---[SUNDAY]---
12, Warm fair weather. Began to pull Fodder. Let Macon Biggers have Upper & Soal Leather to make him a paid Shoes- He car'd to Merritt to have made.
13, Fair morn, distant thunder & clouds in evening. Maj'r William Moore paid me $10. which I lent last April when J.Moore went to Kentucky. Maj'r Moore, J.Taylor,J.Taylor jr & C.Taylor dined here. Also ___Graves from Madison,who came for Licence,and a son of Wm Collins. I told Maj'r Moore he might have 10 Bus Corn(for same quantity of Rye) to send to Mill.
14, Warm & fair morn, heavy shower & thunder in evening. Th's Bohon was here & got 20 lb Wool-to pay for soon. Maj'r Moore's boy got 2 1/2 Bus Corn. Sent Frank & got 3 Bus Salt of A Shepherd jr. Frank brought a Hata from Mr. Shepherd's- I suppose made by Pearson
15, Thursday, some clouds- fair at night. J.Taylor & J.Taylor jr came by- I went with them to the funeral of Ja's Leathers at his father's John Leathers's- A sermon was preached by Geo Morris- When we returned I went to J.Taylor's & dined.
16, Very fair & a little cooler. I walked to Court house,met J.Taylor at his field who also walked to do. he told me his son James & wife, Nancy Taylor & Aunt Thomas went for Culpeper this morning. I paid A Shepherd jr 20/3 for 3 Bushels Salt Frank got the 14th instant. Got Newspapers & ret'd to dinner.
17, Some flying clouds & drops of rain,Evening cool & clear. J.Taylor wrote me he was going to dine at Aunt Taylor's, I walked there- J.Taylor & family, James Bell & G.C.Taylor dined there, also E Chew who came to J.Taylor's at night. G.C.Taylor got to C.Taylor's this morning on his return from Philadelphia. I returned by J.Taylor's, T.Barbour & John Moore there. Finished pulling corn blades.
18, [SUNDAY] Cool, clear & windy. Reu Taylor called here, went to J.Taylor's to dinner. Th's Barbour jr & sons & John Moore & E.Chew & C.Bell there. J.Taylor borrowed a Case Bottle Whisky, returned the 28, Brandy for 2 Bottles lent him.
19, Cool & Clear, mild evening. Had a Shoat killed- a fore quarter gave M.Biggers. Gab'l Barbour sent by Negro George for 3 p/s Bacon- I sent 2 shoulders 25 lbs & Gammon 13 lb, total 38 lb. G.C.Taylor was her early- I proposed to him to settle his account with the Estate of G.Taylor dec'd But he declined it at present and made some claims which I think he has not right to- he promised to write more fully on the matter &c. J.Taylor,.Taylor,Reu Taylor, G.C.Taylor, C.P.Howard, James Bell & Charles Bell dined here. I offered G.C.Taylor 4150. for Sary & children, he refused to take less than $180.
20, Sunshine all day, pale & hazy. I went to C.Taylor's to Breakfast. J.Taylor & G.C.Taylor were there- the latter set out on his return home. I desired him Get me Salt Petre 4 lb, Gupowder 2 lb- and 2 Iron Backs,3ft 8in- Came home 10 o'clock. Maj'r Moore's Lawrence got 1/2 Barrel Corn (2d turn)
21, Fair, moderate. I staid home. Stephen Fox came here & looked at a Sow w'ch I asked 5 dollars for- he did not buy any.
22, Hazy & clouds. cleared cool in evening. I was at home.
23, Slight Frost, fiar pleasant day, evening cool.J.Taylor came here before noon- I walked with him to Co't house,got Newspapers. He told me he shall send tomorrow to Maj'r Daniels' for Brandy & will let a Cask of mine go with his- I sent a Cask (about 16 Gallons) to his house in evening- I dined at home.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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