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15, Cloudy & Smart rain afternoon. I went to C.Taylor's, carried 25 yds Linen, but's thr'd &c to make 7 shirts. I dined there.A wasp stung my hand this morning,it swelled & was painful- I was unwell in evening & bad night.
16, Cloudy. Sowed Red Wheat in Barn field yesterday & today. 7 Bushels making 14 1/2 Sown there. Stephen Fox was here & paid me 13/2 for 10 lb Wool which he sent for in evening. I took Ipecac & Jallap-& mended.
17, Fair cool morn, pleasant day. Treading Wheat, the first bed on the Hill, all that was made from 6 Bus'sown of White kind. I walked to Aunt Taylor's- returned 2 Museums to C.P.Howard. Bought 1/4 yd fine Linen of C.P.H. & gave it to C.Taylor being to make wristbands for shirts. Dined at Aunt Taylor's- Aunt Thomas, Rob't Taylor's wife- Reuben Smith and a son of Col Phil Johnston's just from Kentucky, dined there- After dinner I walked with C.P.Howard & wife to Coulier's dancing school at T.Bell's. Sundry neighbors were there, J.Taylor & son, C.Taylor &c. Some games played at Whist-W.Alcock was a player.
18, Fair, some flying clouds,cloudy evening. Trod Red Wheat- I staid at home.
19, Began to rain early & constant all day, fine or small. Sent Corn to Mill-I staid at home.
20, Rain continued thro' night, cloudy & some rain in morning. Heavy rain from East with thunder 2 o'clock & till night. Old Mrs Gaines sent from J.Taylor's one dollar for which I sent 4 1/2 lb Wool 1/4d. I drew out of the bung(with Cimbling stalks) about 4 Gallons wine- It wanted about 3 inches of being full.
21, Sunday, Rainy morning- Cloudy & very little rain after. I went to J.Taylor's- Old Mrs Gaines, J.Taylor jr & wife there. Too wet to go to Church.
22, Cloudy & drops rain- Earth very wet. I sent my cart to Mr Shepherd's & got a Sack salt and 2 Butter pots,which came from Blair's. I went to Court- saw Mr Richards who told me that Mr Triplett had not sent me any money. I paid Wm. Beck 4/- for carriage of Salt & butter pots. Paid Rob't Taylor 1/6 for Reeds, from Caroline, of Nero. Col.T.Barbour came with me from Court. Pulled hemp.
23, Cloudy & scattering drops rain. I went with Col.T.Barbour to Court. A vestry met to day & rec'd Mr O'Neill into this Parish. I dined with Gab'l Barbour- had Punch. Col's James & Thos Barbour, Maj'r Moore, Mr O'Neill, J.Taylor & P Barbour(Madison) were there. Sowing wheat.
24, Great Fogs, warm & some clouds. Reu Taylor brought 21 bushels of Wheat in his Cart & got some quantity of Red Wheat to seed, he went home about noon. Sowing wheat.
25, Pleasant morning. J.Taylor came here in morning, paid me $20.for that sum I lent when J.T.jr went to Kentucky- he also paid 7/- in Credit of his small account. He borrowed a Case Bottle of Whisky, and had p/r Sukey, 2 lb Butter. J.Taylor told me he expected Col.E.Pendleton &c at his house to dinner & invited me there. I went to J.Taylor's. ol.E.Pendleton paid Seventy even dollars $23.2.0 Which he had received of Col Anthony Thornton in part for Debt and Costs of two Judgements, Geo Taylor ag'st the late Joseph Robinson. And I gave rec't for the same, the money was paid by Thornton May 5th 1796- Col.E.Pendleton, his wife, Rob't Taylor's wife, Old Mrs Gaines and Aunt Thomas dined at J.T.'s. J.Taylor jr went to a Sale at Jno Waugh's-got back in evening-
26, Clear cool morn, soon cloudy & Showery all day. Laid Wheat in the yard & began to Tread, about 10 o'clock the rain obliged us to take it off. Mrs Taylor (Rob't's wife) sent for some Damsons. I sent all we had, about 3 Gallons, She said I may have a few when potted. Wheat sown to date 29 bushels.
27, Cloudy & rainy,much rain last night. Had Part of Wheat Cleaned & put in wheat house. C.Taylor & son came here & dined. Let C.Taylor have 3 Gammons,4 Shoulders & 3 Midlings bacon wt 100 lb 1/- he paid 4 English Guineas $5.13.4 being 7/4 over & gave credit on small account. J.Taylor ret'd Bacon,Flour bor'd some time since.
28, Sunday, Cloudy damp weather, some sun afternoon. I bought 9 chickens of Willis's negro. I dined at home- Walked in evening to J.Taylor's. his family went to T.Barbour's this morning. He & son were at home.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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