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1, Monday, A few drops rain- begins to be dry. Had the 11th Hhd Corn removed into old house. Had Turnep seed sown in patch west of house. East part Summer, West Winter Turnep. I walked to Court house- no Vestry, only 6 met. Got by a Waggon the things left at Triplett's last week, brought p/Linen, left the hats at G.Barbour's- I dined at C.Barbour's- Maj'r Moore, Col.T.Barbour & C.Taylor dined there.
2, Fair morning. Some drops rain afternoon. Began to Tread out Early wheat. G.C. Taylor came by from C.Taylor's- I went with him to J.Taylor's- C.Taylor,Aunt Thomas, R'd Barbour, G.Barbour, W.Moore jr. Rob't Moore & Mr Milburn, dined there
3, Some clouds in morn, A light shower afternoon. I took Jallep & Ipecac & staid at home. Trod 2d ed Early Wheat. J.Taylor walked here after dinner. Sowed Colwart Turnep &c behind Garden.
4, Cool and fair, very cool for the season. Tred wheat 3d Bed. Went to C.Taylor's J.Taylor & family, J.Taylor jr & wife, Maj'r Moore, Rd Barbour & wife, G.Barbour, Mr Jenkins, Jas Bell, C.Bell, And Shepherd jr, Aunt Thomas, Mrs Burnley & daughters, Fanny and Lucy Barbour & Robert Moore, G.C.Taylor, dined there.
5, Cloudy morning, cool pleasant day. Finised Treading out E.Wheat, suppose from 100 to 110 Bus' I walked to court house, got Newspaper, p'd A Shepherd for removing Mare's shoes 1/3- Ret'd to dinner.
6, Began to rain by 7 o'clock & cont'd all day, plentiful. Sent Frank to Mill with Corn. I was invited to a Barbecue intended to be at J.Waugh's but expect the rain prevented it. I staid ata home.
7, Sunday, Continued rainy(by showers) through the day, moderate. I staid at home Rec'd a letter from F.S.Taylor that he had sent me a cask N.York Maderia Wine 27 Gallons 10/- & a Ream wrapping paper 7/- Mr. Shepherd sent me word that they were at his store. F.S.T. sent me Newspapers. G.C.Taylor called here about sunet- got his Portmanteau &c and went on to Maj'r Moore's, to set off tomorrow with J.Taylor jr to Fred'g. J.Taylor jr came by, I gave him mem'dum to get Hat &c. I gave the negro man a felt hat each.
8, Clear morn, a shower at sunset, warm. I sent Peter & Frank with Cart to Mr. Shepherd's and got cash wine & papers brought home. Also 1 bushel Salt from A Shepherd hr- to be paid for. Run E.Wheat through Fan 2d time & moved to Wheat house.
9, Warm and Smoky or hazy. Fair evening. Had the Early wheat finished putting away in Hhds in Wheat house. Had Threshed wheat cleaned & put in Wheat house. Pearce Sandord was here & got Turnep seed. Bro'rs James & Charles was here about noon yesterday.
10, Clouds & sunshine,growing weather. I met J.Taylor in the Road & went with him to the Brick Church where there was 7 of Vestry and Mr O'Neil met- They met to see what repairs are necessary to make the Church fit to perform service there-but deferred taking any step on the matter till next Court. I came home to dinner ab't 3 o'clock. Some hogs hurt by Dogs at Aunt Taylor's, got 2 home
11, Clouds, I walked by J.Taylor's. saw Maj'r Moore there, they went to Col.L.Taliaferro's about settling dispute with Col Willis. I went to Aunt Taylor's, she was gone to Mrs Burnley's. Went on to Court house, paid And'w Shepherd jr 6/9 for a Bus'Salt had on Monday- Also repaid him 6/- for bringing wine from Fred'g I paid C.Barbour 11/- for a pair Patent Hose- Cash 7/- & 2 quarters of Lamb some time ago 4/- I came to dinner- Car'd a Newspaper in evening to J.Taylor's & got the latest-
12, Rain in morning. Good evening. Sowing some the Red or old sort of Wheat in Barnfield, the 9th Sowed 2 1/2 Bushels Shattered do in the Stony ground on Branch.
13, Rained a little last night, Clouds & sunshine, rain in evening. I walked to Court house,(by J.Taylor's) to muster.I returned home by 3 o'clock. Had the 12th Hhd Corn removed into old house. Plowing in Wheat in Barnfield 7 1/2 Bus Red Wheat Sown there to this time.
14, Sunday, Foggy morning, a little rain at times. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner Aunt Thomas, J.Taylor jr and wife there, Gibson Taylor & J.T.Barbour there also.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARMING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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