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17, Sunday, Fair morning-Hazy & warm evening. I went to J.Taylor's, T.Barbour came there with his son James & Gibson Taylor, they are to go to dancing school tomorrow. T.Barbour ret'd in evening- Aunt Thomas, Betsy Taylor, Sally Burnley J.T.jr & wife there.
18, Warm & Hazy- A light shower afternoon.Had Bacon unpacked & sunned, packed next morn. I walked to Court house in evening, staid not long.
19, Tuesday, Cloudy and a very little rain. Packed up Bacon this morning. Daniel Davis was here & got Turnep seed.
20, Rained last night & dripping day- J.Taylor sent & got about a Quart Turnep seed-both kinds. Reu Taylor came & got about same quantity-do.
21, Rained a good deal last night, a little in morn, cleared at evening. J.Taylor jr came here & got a gammon Bacon 9 1/2 lb for the Barbecue.Sent for it in evening & 2 lb Butter, said his father will pay for them. I went to J.Taylor's-Aunt Thomas, Rob't Moore,C.Bell, J.T.jr & wife there- Robert Moore asked me to let him have 8 Gallons whisky for Barbecue,which I agreed to and delivered in evening- 6/- paid the 22d- ? 2.8.0.
22, Fair morning and pleasant day. I went by J.Taylor's to a Barbecue at John Waugh's, made by W.Dade,J.Taylor jr, C.Barbour, Rob't Moore & Allan Massey- There was a good Company- Rob't Moore paid for the Whisky had yesterday- Cut the Grass on my Meadow.
23, Cool, Flying clouds, a few scattering drops rain- Reu Taylor called here(had been to C.Taylor's) & got some Winter Turnep seed & went away before noon. J.Taylor's girl came & got a bowl 2 1/4 lb Butter, say 2 lb. About Hay in meadow
24, Sunday, Cool & some clouds. J.Taylor walked here and I went with him to C.Taylor's to dinner- Betsy, Polly & Patsy Taylor came home from Mrs Burnley's in evening. Sally Burnley came with them.
25, Cloudy & rain, not much. Had Turnep patch sown by Gate- this side summer, next the woods Winter seed. North Summer, South Winter. I went to Court, came home to dinner at night.
26, Plentyful rain with thunder last night. I walked to Court,which sat to day on Sum'n & petitions &c.
27, Warm & fair. Stacked my Hay. C.P.Howard sent word he was going to Mr Tiplett's I went to Aunt Taylor's & he & I went there. I got some articles & Mr Triplett agreed to settle 308,31/60 Bus Wheat he had of me 13/-, there is a bal'ce in his hands in my favour of a little voer $120. He did not pay me any noney- but promised to try to do so by Sept'r Court.Mrs Wm Glassell, Baldwin Taliaferro & sister,*Betsy & Milly Glassell set out from Aunt Taylor's-going to Mr And'w Glassell's- Miss Kitty Richards died last night- Mr Howard & I got back a little past 2 o'clock. I came home to Dinner. Had Old Geese (22)picked-there are 7 young. Took 2 hives of Bees. [ * Elizabeth, daughter of Eramus Taylor & 1st cousin of diarist md. Andrew Glassell- Milly their daughter-WKA]
28, Cloudy & a very little rain- fair evening. The Mare I bought of Reu Taylor died last night, also a Weather Lamb- had them skinned. John Bickers came & got Turnep seed- C.Taylor sent & do. J.Taylor dined here- John Bowling got 21 lb Wool, paid 25/6- 9d due. One Stevenson was with him. Bo't 5 chickens of C.T's Moses, for a quart Whisky.
29, Fair mornm some clouds in evening. I walked to Court house- Returned to a Barbecue at Tho' Doolin's Several neighbors there. G.C.Taylor came to my house in evening.
30, Some drops rain- Fair afternoon. J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr, C.Taylor & son, Reu Taylor & sons Billy & Frank, C.Bell & G.C.Taylor dined with me, the last staid.
31, Sunday, Warm & fair. I went to sermon at court house by Mr.O'Neil. G.C.Taylor went with me- we went to C.Taylor's to dinner. Reu Taylor, J.Taylor jr, his wife, Nancy Taylor & Sally Burnley dined there.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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