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1, Friday, Fair Pleasant morning. Had Irish Potatoes planted in missing Hills in pea patch & in Irish & Sweet potatoes before planted. C.Taylor returned flour lent 1st, June. Had cucumber seed planted,where Cabbages were set &c. I walked to J.Taylor's in evening- His people about wheat.
2, Fair, begins to be dry. I walked in evening to Court house, was at Mr. Shepherds who mends slowly- I bought a pair Stockings 6/7 & 1 lb Chocolate 1/6 of Jenkyns &c- they were charged, having money in their hands for shoes & c.
3, Sunday, Cloudy-some rain in morn- & Light shower afternoon. I bought 1 dozen Chickens of Col.Taylor's Jack & paid 4/- I went to C.Taylor's- Capt Conway & family dined there- Returning I met J's Bell & wife going there.
4, Foggy morning. M.Biggers' wife & Hulda were here & got 18 lb Wool- Roger Bell sent 2 dollars by Lucy for Wool, I sent 25 lb, they are to pay for balance hereafter. Reu Taylor called here returning from Court house, he cut my hair. J.Taylor came whilst R.Taylor was here, both went before noon. I went to C.Taylor's- C.Conway & family, Jas Bell & Wife, dined there- J.Taylor jr there after dinner.
5, Some clouds in morn, soon cleared, fiar &warm. Removed a Hhd Corn from new into old house(9th) Had Ewe Lamb killed. J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr, Ch's Bell, C.P.Howard, James Bell, Capt Conway, & C.Taylor dined here. Received a Letter from F.S.Taylor(date June 20th) asking my assistance to begin trade &c &c.
6, Very warm & dry. I was at home.
7, Dry warm weather. J.Taylor jr called here for pair gloves he left the 5th inst. he & wife were on their way to Maj'r Moore's
8, Dry & warm, some clouds in evening, scattering drops rain. I rode to Court- house- Got a paper printed by Mullin, No.6, being the first that had come to hand. J.Taylor was at Court house & said his wife was gone to Mrs Bell's- I went with him & dined there- J.Bell & wife and E.Chew were there.
9, Warm, some clouds & some little rain. I went with J.Bell, C.P.Howard & J.Taylor to McKinny's Mill, fished a little & went to Waughs Billiard table. C.Taylor, Reu Taylor, Harry Bell & Jas Madison(of Francis) were there, we dined & staid till evening. Expenses &c 5/6.
10, Sunday, warm- A light shower of rain at night. I went to Sermon preached by Mr O'Neill at Co't house- Subscribed 2 dollars for building Bridge at Barretts ford- Came from Court hourse to J.Taylor's- W.Dade,AllenMassey, Reu Taylor- dined there. J.T.jr & wife at home. Little Peter, who went away last Sunday, was brought home last night by S.Daniel,who I directed to carry Peter to the Overser's,but he went away on the way- He was taken to day by J.Taylor's Harry, C.Taylor's John & Rob't Taylor's George(to whom I promised to give 2 bottles Whisky), They carried him to M.Biggers, and on Peter's promising good behaviour in future, he was not corrected.
11, Cloudy morn- cool evening- C.Taylor sent for & got 16 lb Hog's lard, by John.
12, Cool morning- A light shower of rain in afternoon- Removed the 10th Hhd corn into Old house- Had the Oats cut- finished before 9 o'clock. Mrs James brought her proved account ag't C.Taylor dec'd here. I gave her a written release for her debt to do.
13, Light Showers-but not enough to prevent plowing. After dinner I walked to J.Taylor's & returned.
14, Showery, moderate & wetted the earth well. I had cabbages set in the pea rows & vacancies in Garden. J.Taylor sent a Cat & kitten here to-day.
15, Rain in night & showery day- The Earth well soaked. I wrote D.Triplett that I should want payment of the balance he owes me, sent the ltter to J.Taylor jr, who was going to Barbecue at Smith's- He did not see Triplett & returned the letter.
16, Cloudy & warm but did not rain. Had Oats Cocked-which were cut last Tuesday. Some Summer & winter Turnep seed sown by Nursery. I went to J.Taylor's- the young folks gone to Barbecue,which was continued t-day- not having many there yesterday- Mrs Moore, * Mrs Throckmorton, Mrs R'd Barbour, Mr Potter & wife, Aunt Thonas, Mr C.P.Howard & wife, dined at J.Taylor's. [ * Jane Taylor, a gr.dau.of James Taylor IV.-WKA--Which I question?-PFT]

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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