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7, Cloudy & fine rain forenoon- likely to clear in evening. I sent negro George & got 1/2 doz queen's China plates from Mr.Jenkins,to be paid for when I see him. John Pendleton was hero here in evening two hours.
8, Rained a little last night, cloudy morn, scattering clouds &c. Had a Ewe Lamb killed- 1/4 to M.Biggers next morn. Widow Day was here, I gave her 6 1/4 lb Wool & a little salt. Peggy Gildern was with widow Day- J.Taylor & family, J.Pendleton & do, T.Barbour & do, J.Taylor jr's wife, Cha Bell, Nelly Green, Ch's Taylor Sally, Betsy,Polly & C.Taylor jr, dined here- Sally Burnley was here in evening-
9, Foggy morning. Clouds & sunshine, some drops rain & warm. Mr.Jno Howard sent Harrison to get me mare & c to ride to D Tripletts- I sent her,tho' her shoes were loose. I went to C.Taylor's, the company here yesterday(nearly) were there. Also Aunt Taylor,S.Burnley & Jenny Glassell.
10, Warm-hazy. Thunder & heavy rain with wind. J.Taylor sent for 1 lb butter, I delivered it to Grandison. I had Melon seeds replanted in New Ground plant patch. Had Irish Potatoes planted, about 4 bushels. I walked to Court house- paid Jenkins 2/9 for the plates I had the 7th instant- I returned to dinner.
11, rainy night, do & cloudy, a little rain to day. Mr. Howard sent my mare home by Harrison,who informed me she had been shod since I lent her. Had the 7th Hhd Corn moved into New Corn house. After dinner I walked to Aunt Taylor's, returned C.P.Howard's pamphlets I had borrowed formerly & got some others- I offered to repay Mr J.Howard for having my mare's shoes removed but he would not receive anything. I returned by J.Taylor's- T.Barbour & family & J.Pnedleton's family were there.
12, Sunday, Rained in night & to day moderately, cleared at night. I went to J.Taylor's. J.Pendleton's family & T.Barbour & do dined there- T.Barbour went home after dinner. AMr___Fields of Culpeper called at J.Taylor's, had business in Office, did not stay dinner.
13, A little Fog- Pleasant morn, hazy. M.Biggers' wife & Wm Bowling's do.came to breakfast, weighed 13 lb wool for Wm Bowling,which they sent for, also 15/- for 12 lb. 1/3 due. In evening I walked to J.Taylor's, J.Taylor jr arrived to day from Kentucky- W.Dade also- I rec'd a letter from Brother Richard[Commodore Richard,-WKA-] who writes his old wound not well- friends Generally were well. Mrs Eastin dead.
14, Tuesday, Fair morning, Cloudy evening, Thunder & heavy rain at night. J.Taylor called here returning from Court house, said he wanted to borrow some flour.
15, Clear at day, thick fog & mist succeeded, cloudy evening. M.Biggers cut & marked 14 Shoats. I went to J.Taylor's- Mr J.Howard,C.P.Howard & wife, Maj'r Moore & family, Reu Taylor, Mrs Burnley & family- C.Taylor & family, Jas Bell, his wife & brothers, J.Pendleton & family, T.Barbour &family, J.Taylor jr & wife &c there.
16, Rained before day, cloudy; heavy hasty rain, afternoon.
17, Fair. J.Taylor borrowed 9 1/2 lb Flour, Wallet 1 lb ret'd. Cut some of my Early wheat before noon, my people went after to C.Taylor's. I walked to J.Taylor's- J.Pendleton & family, Mrs Burnley & do., Rob't Moore, Sally & Betsy Taylor, J.Taylor jr & wife there.
18, Good harvest weather. I did not cut wheat to day.
19, Hazy morning. Clouds & some drops rain in evening. J.Taylor sent & got 3 lb butter. I rode to Court house- Mr.O'Neill was unwell & did not attend- C.Taylor was at Court house with family, Reuben Taylor & I went home with him to dinner- Miss Sukey Conway also was there. ----[SUNDAY]----
20, A little rain in morning, good afternoon. Cutting wheat in morning- Cocked in evening what was cut last Friday. I was unwell & took a dose of physick- C.Taylor sent a quarter Lamb.
21, Foggy morning, warm,cloudy & sunshine. Had Hhd Corn moved into Old house(8) Cutting Early wheat. In the evening- J.Taylor jr's wife- Nancy Taylor, Sukey Conway, Sally Taylor, Nelly Green &c were here and staid about an hour-

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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