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24, A little rain about daybreak, cloudy all day. I walked to Court. Gave T.Babour mem'dum to purchase for me at Fredericksburg A fine hat, 2 Wheat & 1 Grass soythe & 1 p/s fine Linen, he set out about noon from O.Ct.house. Left a pair shoes & 2 hats with Mr Jenkins to sell.
25, Rainy night and day, N.East wind & moderate. I had Cabbages planted in Pea patches in Garden.
26, Settled rain last night and all day, the earth well soaked for the first time since early March.
27, Cleared this morning, pleasant day. Sent my Cart and brought Wheels home from H.Taliaferro's Shop and had them Tarred. John Pendleton dined with me. Hived Bees in Plank hive & set on Block in Garden.
28, Rained a little before day & rainy forenoon. Sary told me G.C.Taylor's Eliza died last night- I gave her leave to go to Court house. Eliza was not dead. In evening I walked to J.Taylor's. T.Barbour & family, J.Pendleton's family there.
29, [SUNDAY] Good day- some drops rain in evening. Reu Taylor called here & got some Indian peas to plant. I went with him to Sermon at Court house. Came to J.Taylor's to dinner. C.Taylor & family, Reuben Taylor, Wm & Robert Moore, T.Barbour & family, J.Pendleton's family, Gab'l Barbour &c, there.
30, Rain morn, cleared- Heavy rain in evening- Sally Burnley & Mrs Wardell rode to my gate, informed me Mr Howard &c were gone to Mrs Burnley's. I went to dinner, the above- Mrs Howard & Rob't Taylor's wife were there. Sent M.Biggers to Barbour's store, he brought home 2 scythes Mr Barbour had got for me at Fred'g. Cha Bell was here & got some pens for J.Taylor. M.Biggers & ___Cobb was here in evening. Gave Mr Rob't Taylor yesterday a letter to the Clerk Spotsylvania with O'Neal's Replevy bond. Also a l're for F.S.Taylor
31, Tuesday, Some rain in morning- fair evening- I killed a Ewe lamb, sent a Qr to M.Biggers, he sent 1/4 Shoat (very small) to me yesterday. Mr John Howard, C.P. Howard, J.Taylor & C.Taylor dined with me- A son of John Stevens came here to see C.P.H. & went away before dinner.

1, Fair day. A few drops rain in evening. I Lent C.Taylor about 15 lb Flour. 1/Lamb I went to C.Taylor's- Mr John Howard,C.P.Howard,J.Taylor, John Pendleton,Mrs Wardell, Mrs Howard,Sally Burnley, Rob't Taylor's wife dined there. Planted Melon seeds in Sheep pen patch.
2, Fair. I went with Mess'rs Howards to look at Barnes' land this side the road. Returned to Mrs Burnley's- J.Pendleton & family, T.Barbour's family, Nancy Gibson & Nat Taylor, Rob't Moore, Mrs Wardell, J.Taylor jr's wife & Lucy Barbour dined there. J.P. & wife, T.B's wife, J.T.jr's wife, Rob'y Moore, L.Barbour & Nancy Taylor called here going to J.Taylor's. Had Hogshead Corn put in Old House (6th).
3, Friday, Fair morning- Hazy, thick evening. Sultry. Cut Turnep Seed. I went to J.Taylor's- J.Pendleton & family, T.Barbour & family,Mrs Burnley & 2 youngest daughters, J.Taylor jr's wife, Rob't Moore & E.Chew dined there. I paid 10/- to T.Barbour jr for 2 What sythes he bo't for me when he was at Fredericksburg.
4, A sprinkle of rain about day, warm,cloudy,Heavy rain after middle of day. I went to C.Taylor's to dinner. Mrs Burnley & daughters and Rob't Moore there- Mr. O'Neil was expected there,but did not come before I came away in evening.
5, Warm, cloudy & Showery. Had Swarm of bees hived in cracked large gum. I went to J.Taylor's- J.Pendleton & family, T.Barbour & do. Wm Daniel's wife- & J.Taylor jr's wife dined there. ----[SUNDAY]----
6, Cloudy,misty day, some fine rain. Wm Edwards came here & paid the balance due on his bond for Land- also 6/- for 2 Hhds- And 7/8 to myself.Which I paid Wm Pollock last year for his Land tax- ___Jenkins, from Mrs Bell's,got some I. Peas to plant. I went to Rob't Taylor's. J.Pendleton & wife, T.Barbour's wife & J.Taylor jr's wife dined there.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historial Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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