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9, [Continued], Sent 5 dollars by Frank to Mrs Clark, he brought home 39 yds Tow Linen. The 26, April had 46 yds Wooled from do. Had Indian Peas Planted by the Meadow- Had Indian pepper & Cucumber seeds planted in fire patches in meadow.
10, Fair. M.Biggers carried a Bar 45 lb Iron to H.Taliaferro's Shop. Sowed Hemp in Turnep patch. Killed a Shoat.
11, Warm, some clouds & a little rain. Had 4 Bushels Irish potatoes planted. Had hide of Steer put in Soak. I walked to Court house- two Negro men of W.Merry Daniels were tried & punished for Stealing Bacon. I bought & pd Jenkins for a Sifter & 1 doz plates 8/-
12, Clouds, with a very little rain in morn, fair even. I went to J.Taylor's Maj'r Moore & wife, R'd Barbour & wife, Rob't Taylor & do. Mrs Burnley & daughters & J.Taylaor jr's wife dined there.
13, Dry,warm,fair morn, hazy afternoon. Replanting Corn. I walked to Maj'r Moore's fence & fished up the run but caught very few.
14, Thunder & very high wind with a little rain at night. Had a Hhd Corn moved into old house. Reu Taylor was here about an hour before noon, told me he sold his horse in Fredericksburg for $32. he & Rob't Moore came up with Joseph Clark & waggon. Finished replanting Corn.
15, Sunday, Whitsun, Cloudy morn with a very little rain- the earth very dry. In the evening I walked to James Taylor's, he had come from Culpeper,where he went for a carriage he bought, made by B.Banks. John Pendleton's wife & children and a daughter of Armistead Green came with him
16, Hazy morning, warm & clear evening. I went to dinner to J.Taylor's- J.Pendletons family, E Chew, Miss Green & Mrs James was there. Heard that Mr Shepherd continues very ill.
17, Cloudy, thick weather, some small rain.
18, Rain before day and continued moderately (a good season ) cleared before noon windy & ground dried fast. Planted cabbages but had not enough. Sent Steer's hide to J.Taylor's to be Tanned.
19, A little rain in morning & light showerd afternoon. Sent 3 Bushels Wheat(the whole I had) by Frank to Dade's Mill & got flour.
20, Cool morn, Some flying clouds. J Taylor came here and breakfasted; after Breakfast I went to his house & assisted to make Docket. J.Pendleton's wife & family, Cha Bell & E.Chew Dined there. J.T. & self walked to Col.Barbour's place & got some cherries in evening. Had my Sheep (39) Sheared- M.Biggers weighed the wool 126 lb- 26 Lambs- 11 male, cut & marked; 14 Ewe lambs marked- 1 Ram lamb was left and neither cut nor marked.
21, Continues cool- Fair. I took Jallap & Ipecachuana- Mrs Day called here going home from M.Biggers's- Wanted Spinning- I told her would give her 6 lb Wool- Boy from C.Taylor's asked me there. I went to dinner. J.Taylor, J.Pendleton & wife, J.Taylor jr's wife, Nancy Taylor, R'd Barbour & wife, Rob't Moore, C.Bell Sally Burnley, Harry Fitzhugh & family, Sukey Conway & Lucy Fitzhugh, dined there- I paid 5/6 to C.Taylor for bal'ce pd by him for sundries when he was at Fred'g.
22, [SUNDAY], Fair & windy, hazy evening. Old Mr Howard & C.P.Howard rode here from Aunt Taylor's after Breakfast and I went with them to Rob't Taylor's. Aunt Taylor, Mrs Howard & Mrs Wardell, dined there. J.Taylor sent in evening for Robert Taylor. I came with him- J.Taylor had got a fall getting Cherries & hurt his arm, suppose one bone fractured- J.Pendleton & family, T.Barbour's family R'd Barbour & wife, J.Taylor' jr's wife &cwere at J.Taylor's. Bees Swarmed, hive set in Garden.
23, Cloudy morn- some drops rain in day. Had Hhd Corn moved into old house(5th) I went to Court. Rec'd of WmEdwards $52.16.4. in further payment of his bond for land. I paid John Henshaw 11/- for a pair shoes. Paid Pedlar 3/6 for lining for 2 Gowns for E.Chew. Pd 1/3 to Jenkyns for 1/4 lb Fig blue. Swore to O'Neal's Replevy bond not being paid.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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