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29, Frost and ice- clear cool day. Had beans planted in Clover pen. Planted an Apple tree, Pompions- by Cimbing patch. I went to J.Taylor's-Heard that Reuben Beale & H. Hill were elected in Madison County (Delegates last year). Wm Moore, Aunt Taylor, C.P.Howard & wife, C.Taylor's family, E.Chew,Reuben Taylor,Robert Moore J.Taylor jr & wife, dined there. Ben Winslow & Chs. Bell.
30, Sharp frost- Ground froze & ice. Clear cool. Had Hhd Corn moved into old house Planted Corn in New ground,finished. John Moore called on me, his father spoke to me to Lend him some money- I let him have Ten pounds & took his receipt- Capt R'd Barbour was with J.Moore. I went with them to James Taylor's. Maj'r Moore, his son William, Reuben Taylor, Gabriel Barbour & Rob't Taylor were at J.Taylor's- We all,except Rob't Taylor, went(with Ja Taylor jr & John Moore, who set out for Kentucky, & his sister Nancy [Taylor-], going to John Pendleton's,) to John Waugh's, where Wm Dade joined them; as we returned met Col. Campbell & a Mr Bell who were to be of the same party- Capt R'd Barbour was going with them as far as Winchester. Maj'r Moore, his son William, Reuben Taylor, Gab'l Barbour & I, came with J.Taylor & dined there. Remarkably dry month, only the last Wednesday's rain of any consequence & cold & drying since. Sowed peas by the rows formerly sown & not come up well.

1, Sunday, Cool morning, heard was some frost, fair & dry. I received some Norfolk papers with Melon seeds from F.S.Taylor but no letter-Water & Musk melon- I walked to Aunt Taylor's- Robert Taylor & family and Sally Burnley were there. C.P.Howard & wife at home. C.P.Howard returned $5.1.6. the money he borrowed the 28 March last. He lent me some Magazines. J.Taylor walked to my house & went on to Aung Taylor's in the evening- we came away together.
2, Dry, warm and clear. Had 4 yearlings cut & marked- 1 Cow yearling marked. Rob't Taylor sent Wm Tinsdale for my Bull and got him. Turned the Cattle into the Woods.
3, Continues dry weather. The Yearlings ment'd the 2d, were Cut &c to day. Had 3 Rows pompions planted.
4, Dry and warm. Planted a Watermelon patch at New Ground plant bed- the seed from Norfolk, 2 rows Muskmelon in plant bed from do. Cucumber seed round Watermelon & in plant bed.
5, Cloudy, a little foggy- Thunder at night. Planted a Dozen Watermelon seed & forward cucumber from W.Dade in Burnt bed in Garden, also a few Muskmelon seed from Norfolk & White Cucumber. Cucumber seed in beds beyond Garden. Carrot seed sown in Nursery pen. I walked in evening to C.Taylor's,who got home from Fred'g last evening- He told me he paid Rob't Patton 28/- for Sugar-32 1/2 lb had 24 Dec'r last- he bought sundry articles for me- and brought O'Neil's replevy bond from Clerk Spotsylvania. J.Taylor was at C.Taylor's while I was there.
6, A good rain fell in the night, cleared in the mornng, a light shower in afternoon. Had 700 Cabbages planted.
7, Fair and pleasant. Mr. Richard Taliaferro came here to get some money exchanged. I let him have $25. 10. 6. Gold & Bank notes for silver, he went away about noon. Reu Taylor was here & staid dinner. C.Taylor came over & paid $30. I lent him the 21st July last. Got broom Corn from J.Taylor's & sowed. Hived Bees in Hewed Gum first swarm. Settled with C.Taylor for the following articles he bought for me at Fredericksburg. I sent 10 dollars by him. He bought 45 lb. Iron 18/9, Medecine 6/- 1 lb Soap 1/6, 1/2 lb Tea 4/6, bringing up to 9d, $1.11. 6
C.T. paid Rob't patten for 32 1/2 Sugar had Dec'r 24th, 1. 8. -
Do. paid Mullin for 1/2 subscription Newspaper - 6. -
$3. 5. 6
8, Sunday, A little rain last night- flying clouds & very cool evening. I went to Sermon at Court house. Came to J.Taylor's to dinner, E.Chew there.
9, Clear & sharp frost- Tender herbs & leaves killed. Cold & Cloudy in evening with a little rain. Had a Hhd Corn (the 3d,) moved into old house. Let E.Chew's Hannah have 3 1/2 German Ozh'a & thread.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECED BY COPYRIGHT.

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