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13, Dry, smoky, thin clouds-thickened at night. I was unwell, proceeded from indigestion. Finished planting corn in the old field & began in the Barn field.
14, Dr,warm,windy,some clouds and smoky. J.Taylor was here early in morning,wanted some Linseed oil to pain with, I could not spare any. After dinner I walked out, saw C.Taylor in the road,asked him to see me tomorrow,went to J.Taylor's who said he wou'd come over.
15, Friday, Very dry-Fair and warm. J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr, Charles Bell, C.Taylor, C.P.Howard,Rob't Taylor, William Dade,Allen Massey & a son of John Stevens dined here.
16, Misty morning, cloudy day but no rain. Finished planting corn in the Barn field. The new ground not planted, not the ground broke up yet. M.Biggers says he planted 6 1/2 Bus. Corn.
17, Sunday, Cloudy cool morning- Fair evening,continues very dry. I went to Court house- Heard Mr.O'Neil preach &c. Came home and left my mare & went to J.Taylor's to dinner. Reu Taylor,W.Moore jr & Robert Moore dined there. C.Taylor came there in evening- J.Taylor jr & wife at home. Received a letter with Norfolk papers from F.S.Taylor.
18, Dry, warm and fair.
19, Dry warm, hazy evening. I got 3 Bushels Oats from J.Taylor's & had them sown in the Apple Orchard. Had a small place sown with Peas in N.E.square. Took up Sweet potatoes, most of them rotten.
20, Continues dry- warm with thin clouds & smoky. I walked out with Gun,killed 1 Squirrel & 2 doves. Bought 3 pecks sweet potatoes of Peter, had them and a peck of my own planted. George Brought a piece of German oznab's 119 Ells from Mr. Shepherd's,sent there for me by D.Triplett,being 148 3/4 yards- he kept 50 yards. I had cut off when I was there the 11th instant & which deducted from this bolt leaves 98 3/4 yds charged last. I went to J.Taylor's in evening & paid him 2 dollars for the 3 Bus' Oats I had yesterday.
21, Dry weather continues. Had part of my Bacon packed in ashes. Took up Irish potatoes & put in Cellar.
22, Dry & warm. I went by C.Taylor's & to Mr.Dade's- Capt Conway, Col Maury,H.Fitzhugh, J.Taylor, C.Taylor, Reu Taylor, J.Taylor jr, Allen Massey, C.P.Howard & wife, Mrs B.Porter, Mrs Stuart and Mrs Perry dined there.
23, Continues dry, cloudy at night. I was unwell & took a purge-which relieved me. Rob't Taylor came here to ask me lend my Bull. I went with him to Aunt Taylor's to dinner, his family there. After dinner J.Bell & wife walked there. Had 21 Geese picked, got 4 1/2 lb feathers.
24, Sunday, Smoky & Cloudy- some scattering drops of rain. I dined at home. After dinner James Taylor & C.Taylor, with their little sons, came here from C.Taylor's & staid some hours.
25, Cloudy with mist through the day. cool. I went to Court & Election. * Davis & Johnson Elected- I bought 7 yds Calico & 4 1/2 yards Wildboars of Pedlars for a Gown & Petticoat for E.Chew- also 1 oz thrd & hand silk. Bought for self a Silk H'f 6/- 7 1/2 yds Rib'd 3/9 & 1 pr Gloves 2/3. I came home at night & dined alone. Had a Shoat killed, gave a hind Q'r to M.B. [* Isaac Davis, Father of Tom D., of Green Co.-A.G.G.-]
26, Cloudy all day- misty, cool. I sent Frank with 27 lb coarse thread to Jos Clark's to get it wove- He brought back 46 yards Cloth in two pieces (30 1/4 & 16 1/4) wove of yard somethings at Fred'g for me and let him have two 5 dollar B.notes. Court adjourned- I came home at night & dined. Gave my List of property & 400 A. land to P.Sanford.
27, A little rain in the night, a very good one to day,being the first of any notice since early March. Fair evening- I staid at home writing to brother William &c. Took 1 Hhd Corn out of new & put in Old Corn house.
28, Cool, Clear, with some flying clouds. Had Hog pen plowed and sowed Flax there. Had Cimbling patch planted by Potatoe patch and planted Cucumber seeds found potatoe patch. James Taylor came here in evening and Borrowed $20. or me,which he wanted his son James,who intends to set out for Kentucky next Saturday.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECED BY COPYRIGHT.

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