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1, Monday, Froze hard. Fair day & moderate even'g. Cloudy at night. Polly Edwards sent a negro woman by whom I sent 12/6 for her account of work she did for me. John Pendleton walked here after dinner. I gave him some Garden seeds, he said he intends home tomorrow but his family will stay till he Returns.
2, Cloudy. South wind, thaw. I walked to Mrs Burnley's- She gave me leave to get some Pine boughs for my sheep- I returned about noon. E.Chew sent by Hannah the pair Shoes she had sometime ago- being too small, she kept the last pair.
3, A little rain last night- Sunshine & Clouds, mild till evening- spits of snow and cool. James Bell came here from C.Taylor's before noon, and afterwards C.Taylor came and went with him to Mr.T.Bell's who thinks himself worse. I sent & got Pine tops(a cart load) from Mrs Burnley's- Sister(j.) Taylor sent me a piece fresh beef. I sent Three Churnings butter back by Grandison.
4, Thursday, Clouds in morning. Fair moderate day. J.Taylor, C.Taylor, C.P.Howard, James Bell, Wm Dade, Wm Edwards, Joseph Clark went away after dinner, the others about 10 o'clock at night. John Hill & _____Pratt came with waggons & received 14 Bushels very good wheat for Daniel Triplett- Macon Biggers had half a bushel which was the whole in the Wheat house.
5, Fair, moderate- a little hazy at night.
6, Fair and moderate, frosty mornings. I walked to Court house- Paid Andrew Shepherd jr. 15/6 for 2 Bushels salt at 6/9 & 2 doz buttons at 1/- had some time ago. I got 1/2 lb Tea of Gabriel Barbour & am to let him have money in exchange when he send for it. sent it the 10th, 2,1/3 Quarts. I returned to dinner. boiled Wormseed & took at dose at night.
7, Sunday, Fair and moderate. Frost of nights. J. Taylor sent Randolph's Vindication and word that he was going to Mr.Bell's to see*Maj'r Lee- I met him at the road and went with him. Maj'r Lee staid till noon and went to Mrs Madison's- he said our Kentucky friends he left well- I rec'd a letter by him from Jon'a Taylor jr but no other- J.Taylor & I ret'd after dinner. I let G.C.Taylor's Sary have a blanket. [Maj'r John Lee, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Bell, and had among other children: Sarah Lee, m. Hon. John Jordan Critteden.-PFT]
8, Monday, Frost- Thin clouds, moderate. Mr.T.Bell sent a new Gammon Bacon to exchange for old. I sent one of the year before last for it. After reading Randolph's Vindication I sent it to J.Taylor.
9, Cloudy, not very cold. I have been taking Jerusalem oak, or worm seed, three days but have discharged no worms. C.Taylor sent Pat and got 7 lb butter. She informed me that sister Taylor had a*daughter born to-day. [* Dr Charles Taylor & wife had six daughters-no sons(?)-WKA] [*Dr Charles Taylor and wife did have two sons: Charles,b.1790, and George Francis b. Apl.27,1798, but both died in childhood. Harriet Thornton Taylor, the daughter born this day, d. Apl.Apl.8,1825; m. Catlett Conway.-PFT]
10, Rain last night and all day, ice on trees. I sent 2, 1/3 Quarts honey (p/r note of G.Barbour) for the 1/2 lb Tea I had the 6th instant.
11, Cleared before day- spme clouds,very windy afternoon. Reuben Taylor brought a Game Cock,his sons Billy and Frank were with him, they dined here- ave R.Taylor Tobacco and Mustard seeds to sow-
12, Moderate, scattered clouds & a little windy. Sent Frank & Jim to Mr.Shepherd's and got 4 bars iron, lodged there from Mess'rs Blair's:about 170 or 180 lbs. Sent my Cart to *H.Taliagerro's shop with the above iron and New Cart Wheels to be Shoed &c. Sent a Turkey cock by Frank to Reu Taylor's & exchanged for one of his. After dinner walked to J.Taylor's, got 5 1/2 lb Shot which was settled in our last account. J.Pendleton was there.
13, Saturday, White Frost moderate. I took a dose Ipepcac & Rhubarb.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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