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14, Small rain last night,very rainy morning, rainy day. The Waggons came for Wheat last night only took 71 1/2 Bushels, not having bags to hold the balance, about 15 or 20 bushes- John Hill & A.Watson gave their Receipts, Lee drives for Watson.
15, Rained a little last night, cloudy soft day-rainy evening. I rode to Court house. Left a letter at Mr.Shepherd's for Mess'rs Blairs. Saw Mr.C.P.Howard, came with him to Aung Taylor's. Maj'r Moore, John Moore & Capt R.Barbour dined there- They went out with Partridge Net-but did not catch any birds- they caught some as they came from Maj'r Moore's-
16, Thick soft and cloudy,most of snow thawed. Heard Frogs in the evening.
17, Sunday, A great deal of rain all day with some hail and cold. There is much water in Valleys and on the earth- I staid at home.
18, Cleared last night, great white frost,fog,clouds & sunshine. I remained at home. Had Turnep tops at dinner.
19, Cold and raw-some clouds. John Pendleton called here before noon, going to Mrs Burnley's, and as he returned in the evening- He said Brother James has a bad cold.
20, Rainy and freezing- much ice on trees & c. C.Taylor sent a note informing that Company was expected by Mr.W.Dade who desired I would dine with him to day. The weather was such that I did not go.
21, Cleared a great frost- Cold, flying clouds and windy. J.Taylor sent for me to dinner, I went, he is unwell and has been several days, with bad cold. C.P. Howard & wife- J.Pendleton's & T.Barbour's familys and their own family- C.Bell & E.Chew were there. J.Pendleton & T.Barbour gone home.
22, Clear & hardest frost this winter. Evening mild. Major Moore, Col.Ja's Barbour & Mr C P Howard dined with me. Col'o Barbour staid with me. Macon Biggers had 1/2 Bus' Salt. 1/2 Bus' more is due him.
23, Fair and mild- heard frogs at night. Col.Barbour went away after breakfast. Finished Memorial to Congress & inclosed in a letter to Col Madison.Wrote to F[rancis] S[tubbs] T[aylor].
24, Sunday, Fine mild weather, a little hazy at night. I went to J.Taylor's,he has got better of his cold. J.Pendleton's & T.Barbour's wives and children, Rob't Moore, J Taylor jr and wife & E.Chew dined there.
25, Warm S.wind. Began to rain before noon & small rain till night. I went to Court. Rec'd a letter from D.Triplett- no money- Mr.A.Darby took my letters to Col Madison & F.S.Taylor and promised to Lodge them with Mr J.Blair.
26, Rained heavy last night. Warm cloudy day. I took a dose Jallap & Ipecac & staid at home. Had some Irish potatoes dug- most of them quite sound.
27, Began to snow before day & snowed all day, 6 inches deep- Not very cold. Sent S[lave?PFT? Peter to Mill yesterday & cou'd not get meal- Sent him & Frank to day & only got a bushel ground. I staid at home.
28, Frosty fog in night & morning- Fine day. John Langham came here after dinner. I gave him some Garden seeds- Returned him a Book he lent.
29, Cold Cloudy morning- Fair evening, cool. C.Taylor sent a boy with Rum for lent the 28th last month, and ask me to dinner. I went over, Maj'r Moore, Polly Moore, J.Taylor & wife, John Pendleton & wife, T.Barbour's wife, James Taylor jr & wife, Nancy Taylor & C.Bell, were there.
30, Clear and cold. J.Taylor jr and John Pendleton chased a Fox through my plantation but did not catch it- suppose a Red Fox. I staid at home.
31, Sunday, Froze very hard- Clear cold day. I walked to James Taylor's- Col James Barbour, J.Pendleton & family. T.Barbour & do, Ch's Taylor & daughters, James Taylor jr & wife, Miss Fitzhugh & E.Chew were there. I carried a New pair Shoes for E.Chew- the other pair being so small she could not wear them. I told her to send the first pair back.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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