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1, Friday, Fair, mild and very pleasant- a very little frost.Col'o James Barbour & self went to J.Taylor's to Breakfast. some of the company that came Wednesday still there but chiefly went away to day. Mr William Dade sent a boy with 2 bottles,which I filled with honey as promised yesterday- Went from J.Taylor's to Hiring Dade's Slaves at Col L.Taliaferro's Shop- They hired very high- J.Taylor, John Pendleton, T.Barbour jr & J.Taylor jun'r went- We returned before night- I came home- Rec'd a Note from James Bell (by G.C.Taylor's Jim, that I might hire him,which I concluded to do, the hire,on same terms I had him in year 1794, $12.
2, Great white frost- moderate, a little hazy in evening. Macon Biggers went to Mr.Shepherd's Shop, brought away part of a bar of Iron & went to M.Taliaferro's to get some Smith's work done. I think to have my work done there. I rode to Court house- Got a pair of boots made at Hyde's by Eubank- rather too short in show & sharp toes. I took dinner with G.Barbour. Reu Taylor there.
3, Sunday, Flying clouds, Windy from South but not cold. I went to James Taylor's J.Pendleton & T.Barbour jr went home yesterday-both their families, J.Taylor jr & wife & E Chew & Roger Bell's wife & children dined there.
4, Monday, Slight frost, fiar mild day. I walked to Aunt Taylor's- Mr.C.P.Howard & wife got home last night- He paid for sundries for me in Philad'a 34/- and returned 26/- the balance of 10 dollars sent- I paid him 5/3 for Nails (bo't in his absence). J.Taylor & wife, J.Taylor jr & do.,*Nancy Taylor, +Chas Bell, #Jno. Pendleton's wife, #T.Barbour's Wife- Miss Polly Moore, John Moore, Fanny Barbour & Sally Burnley, dined there. G.C.Taylor's Jim came to live with me and work this year, I having hired him of James Bell p/t note. *Probably Ann, daughter of James Taylor- m. Thos.Crutchfield-WKA-, + Probably son of Thos Bell who m. Eliz Taylor dau. of Zachary- WKA.-, # Elizabeth & Mary, daus. of James Taylor & nieces of the diarist.-W.K.A.-
5, Cloudy,soft misty day. Mrs James came here to breakfast- Paid 5 dollars,being the balance due from her to the Estate of G.Taylor deceased after deducting her proved account,which she did not produce but promised to do it-when I am to give her a Receipt.
6, Rained a good deal last night & this morning, about 10 o'clock snow & sleet with the rain. Snowed till night with North wind but only about 2 inches at night- the earth being wet, most of it dissolved- This is the first weather like winter of the season. I did not go from home & saw no white person.
7, Ceased Snowing in night, froze hard- Snow only ab't 2 Inches deep. Fair moderate morning, cloudy afternoon, clear at night. One Ewe had 2 lambs last night,only 1 alive- 119 days since 10 Sept'r the Rams were parted from Ewes- Sent a Dollar by M.Biggers to pay his wife for Davy & Moses,3/- each for part making their Cloaths-
8, Friday, Fair, cold but not severe. J.Taylor, John Pendleton, T.Barbour & J.Taylor jr dined here. J.Taylor paid the balance of his acc't $5.15.6. a Doublcon $..11.6 & 4 dollars $1.4.0- At night _____Roberts came & got M.Licence. Sam'l Ham & Jas Hay were with him-
9, Clear & cool. I walked to J.Taylor's- J.Pendleton & T.Barbour & family's, J.Taylor jrs wife- E.Chew & C.Bell there. J.T.jr at Ct house. T.Barbours young child died ab't 2 o'clock this morning. I carried E.Chew a pair shoes.
10, Sunday, Clouded in last night, began to snow before sunrise & cont'd all day,not cold or windy,Snow fell 6 inches on the old. I received a letter from Mess'rs Blairs,desiring me to send them money & that they had sent me Iron for Cart. I walked to C.Taylor's,dined with him & family.
11, Cloudy mist all night, fine rain mixed with snow all day,and thawing-snow no deeper. J.Taylor, John Pendleton,Tho Barbour,C.Taylor & J.Taylor ju'r dined here.
12, Cleared last night,thawed much to day. J.Taylor sent and got 13 lb butter,he spoke for yesterday- Had my Pork hung up to day to smoke for Bacon,Killed and Salted 15, December.
13, Cloudy and thaws. Sent & got 3 Bus'Wheat ground at Dade's Mill.Mr.D.Triplett sent 3 Waggons- John Hill, Abner Watson & Lee, for Wheat. they got here about sunset and got partly loaded and wait till morning.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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