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15[269] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1795,1795
1, Saturday, Thick warm morning, a little rain. Wind & Shower in even'g. Plowed Turnep patch before the house, but thought too wet to sow- Wm Taylor came here from J.Taylor's to dinner. In evening Ben Hyde came here & staid.
2, Cloudy-rainy evening. B.Hyde went away after breakfast. Wm Taylor & I went to C.Taylor's. J.Taylor & family,T.Barbour & do.,Sukey Gibson,Sukey Conway & Salley Burnley dined at C.Taylor's- W.T. & I came home in the rain.
3, Violent North wind with rain all last night, laid the corn very much.Wm Taylor & I went to J.Taylor's to dinner. T.Barbour & family & E.Chew there. Patrick Bell agreed to buy 15 Barrels corn 13/4 for ___quisenbery but said he would let me know certainly tomorrow.
4, Fair day. W.Taylor & I went to a Barbecue at Mr. Nooe's. There was a Genteel Company, the river being full stopped a good many. W.Taylor went to C.Taylor's at night. Saw Aaron Quisenberry at Mr.Shepherd's- he paid me $10. for 15 Barrel corn, which he said he wou'd send for tomorrow & next day. Deliv'd Pat'k Bell 10 Barrels the 5th & 5 Bar'ls the 10th August-
5, Fair morn & warm. Had the Wheat in home field stacked. Delivered 10 Barrels corn to P.Bell for A.Quisenbery. Sowed winter Turnep Seed in North Patch before the door, and my old sort in South. Ben Taylor arrived from Kentucky this evening- said Hub'd Taylor went to Col Madison's
6, Fairweather. C.Taylor & Wm Taylor came here- We all went to J.Taylor's- John Pendleton's family, one of his sisters & one of Mr.H.Pendleton's daughters got there to day. T.Barbour's family was there & C.Taylor's. I sent Frank with 3 Bus Wheat to Dade's Mill, did n t get much four. W.Taylor's George went with him & a bag of Corn. J.T.jr came with Ben & W.Taylor at night.
7, Some clouds- rain at distance. J.Taylor,C.Taylor,Ben Taylor, Wm Taylor(B.), J. Taylor jr,dined here- Wm Banks & Gab'l Barbour came here in evening- I agreed to let G.Barbour have 10 Bar'ls Corn at 13/5- Hub'd Taylor got here in evening- he,Ben & W.Taylor staid- Had a bed of E.Wheat Trod.
8, Saturday- Fair morn, a little rain in evening. We went to a Muster at Court house & from there to C.Taylor's- J.Taylor,Hub Taylor,Reu Taylor,Ben Taylor, J.Taylor jr, Wm Dade & Allan Massey dined here & W.Taylor(Botetourt). H.T., B.T. & Wm Taylor came home with m.
9, [SUNDAY] Pleasant for the season. W.Taylor wen to C.Taylor's,who he said promised to go with him to Capt Conways- I paid Benjamin Taylor Twenty pounds, which he had paid Jonathan Taylor- & Eighteen pounds he had paid for an order (from Wm Taylor & Sally Taylor,by their brother George) in favour of James Ware-being what was due from the Estate of Geo Taylor dec'd. I also paid Ben Taylor twelve pounds,which sum he had paid to Richard Woolfolk, my Agent in Kentucky for the purpose of paying taxes on my Lands there. I went with Hubbard & Ben Taylor to Reu Taylor's from thence they went after dinner by the Springs to Caroline. J.Taylor & family, T.Barbour & do, J.Pendleton's family &c,John Moore & Fanny- Phil Barbour & two sisters(of Madison), Rob't Cawthon & Wife dined at Reu Taylor's.
10, Fine morning- Rainy afternoon. Delivered 5 Barrels Corn to Patrick Bell,making the quantity of 15 which I sold Aaron Quisenbery- Rec'd by Patrick Bell from Mess'rs Blairs, a Sack Salt & a loaf Sugar 8 lb- I paid 3/- for bringing to P.Bell. Gab'l Barbour sent a boy & got 2 1/2 Bus Corn to send to Mill for meal. I rode to Mr.Shepherd's & carried Newspapers w'ch P.B.bro't from Fred'g. J'Taylor sent me a Quarter of Lamb.
11, Cloudy last night & to day. Rainy afternoon. Ch's Leathers was here & informed me he could get pines of Capt Z.Herndon for pales. Had Corn Beat out for G.Barbour. M.Biggers had 1/1/2 Bus Wheat. Wm Taylor[son of Jonathan -WKA] came in evening from J.Gibson's to day and thinks it probable that Miss S.Gibson will marry him and he intends to Orange about the last of October.[He married Susan Gibson,dau. of John Gibson, Nov 26,1795.WKA]
12, Cloudy misty morning,Great rain afternoon- Wm Taylor set out for Botetourt.intends to Col Madison's to day.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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