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12[266] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR,1795,1795
14, Rainy morning-cloudy afternoon. J.Taylor jr, & W.Madison went home after breakfast. I wentto J.Taylor's to dinner. After dinner, C.Taylor,John Taylor & Felix Gilbert there. ---[SUNDAY]---
15, Fine morning-cool for the season. I rode to the Court house,but a few articles from Banks': Dined at Mr. Shepherd's. Mrs Wood & Alex Shepherd there. Had the grass Scythe strapped at the shop & brought home.
16, Fine day- A little rain about sunset.Had my early wheta out at the Barn. J.Taylor jr brought 2 p/s Mankeen, wh'ch he got on my acco't last week at Blair's- C.Bell was with him, we went to Wheatfield-they went on. J.T.jr asked me over. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner. Aunt Taylor, John Taylor's wife &c, Mrs Howard, Sally Burnley,Felix Gilbert jr, Jas Barbour (Atto) & C.Taylor dined there- Mr Howard there after dinner.
17, A little rain, pleasant weather. I was unwell-But went to C.Taylor's to dinner. The same as at J.Taylor's yesterday, & J Taylor & family. Sent 3 lb butter by C.Taylor's Frank.
18, Fine day,warm evening. Mr Shepherd sent word a Box was there for me. Two bottles (of four) of Castor oil broken,and all the Limes rotten, part of the Oranges (6 of 10) not spoiled. 1 Cocoa Nut came w'th do. I sent Frank who brought the above- Cocked wheat out the 16th. 19 cocks.
19, Fine weather,some clouds in evening. I had early wheat by meady reaped-very thin from 5 Bus' Sown, expect not more than 10 or 15 bus. Hives in small Gum a Swarm Bees from Hewed hive. Went to J.Taylor's in evening, he & Nancy gone to T.Barbour's. J.T.jr gone to Barbecue at Reuben Fry's.
20, Rainy morning.Showers & heavy rain at Night. Turkey hen killed last night by a Hawk. Wm Taylor (of Botetcurt) arrived here about dusk in the rain which was very heavy-by far the greatest rain that has fell here the present year.
21, Sunday, Fog in morning, cleared. J.Taylor jr wrote to Wm Taylor that he was going to dine at Col L.Taliaferro's- W.T.went with him.
22, Clouds without rain. Wm Taylor came to breakfast, I went with him to Court-he returned with me in Evening.
23, Clouds,some drops rain in evening. W.Taylor & I walked to C.Taylor's,he went with us to the Appraisement of Mrs Thomas's Estate. Benj'a Porter, C.Taylor, Jos Clark,Wm Dade & myself were Appraisers, they were all present,but only the three last signed the Appraisement,which amounted to about $730. Col T. Barbour the Ex'or- & sundry others there. I came by J.Taylor's in Evennn'g- W. Taylor staid there- Cocked the Wheat cut the 19th.
24, Rained a little in morn, rained in even'g & heavy at night Sent Moses with a Sledge to Mr Shepherd's for a Cask Whisky(suppose 25 Gallons) John Taylor purchased for me. I walked to J.Taylor's- he & Wm Taylor went with me to Mrs Thomas's-to Sale- the wetness of day,there was only a few people &(ecept a few things to Legatees) the sale deferred to 10th next month- Wm Taylor, J.Taylor jr & I came by C.Taylor's & dined. C.Taylor was unwell- & I caught cold from wet- W Taylor & J.Taylor jr came home with me-
25, Cloudy & some rain in morning,ceased in evening. Wm Taylor,J.Taylor jr & I went to Reu Taylor's,dined there. Wm Moore jr came there after dinner, they staid. I came home being very unwell-sore throat & cold- R.Taylor cutting common Wheat I paid Negro George1/3 for Wm Gardes order for Soaling my shoes.
26, Fine day. Began to cut my common Wheat in Barn field.WmEdwards called & paid $9.14.7 in part of his Bond.J.Taylor sent Charles for 4 Bottles-which I sent, being the last of those he bought at G.T's Sale. I also sent 2 lb Butter.Zeb & James May Mowed wheat from 11 o'clock till night & I paid them a dollar.
27, Fine day- cutting & Cocking wheat. J.Taylor sent for me, I dined there, Wm Taylor was there and came with me in evening.
28, Sunday, Some clouds, warm,no rain. I put $50.16.4 into Wm Taylor's hands & desired him if he could purchase a negro boy to do so for me. C.Taylor came here to breakfast, gave Wm Taylor a mem'dum to purchase some articles for him at Fred'g for which place he set out after breakfast. I went to C.Taylor's to dinner, none but his family there.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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