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11[265] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR,1795,1795
29, Rained last night & today a plentiful moderate rain. Sent J.Taylor's Steelyards home by Frank,who brought 2 lb Coffee & Brass cock I lent-also 10 lb Rice J. Taylor bought some time ago for me. The Red cow,Cherry, calved-a male.
30, Fair morning, a little rain in evening. Gave the sick mare a Drench of milk & molasses and afterwards Linseed oil. Grandison came for honey, I sent ab't 5 quarts to J.T. Finished thinning corn.
31, Sunday, Clear & pleasant. I went to Court house,Heard Mr Lacy(a Presbyterian) preach, there was a good many people. I paid 10/- to Aunt Taylor for Venue Laying Sary. Paid Moses 1/6 for altering Branding Iron. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner. T.Barbour jr & family & young sister, Reuben Burnley, Phil Barbour jr, Stephen Smith & E.Chew there- John Pendleton & son James came in evening.

1, Cool & clear. Took 1 Hhd Corn out of New & put into old house,making 5 Rhds taken out since 4 May. C.Taylor came by & I went with him to see Reu Taylor who is recovering from his sickness,tho' weak. We walked from R.Taylor's to Hay Taliaferro's. I heard he wanted to sell a Negro but he said he did not now. I paid him 3/-, the balance I owed for Cyder. J.Taylor was here when I got home,wants some butter-
2, Cool and fair morn-Some drops rain in Even'g. J.Taylor sent & got 4 1/2 lb butter. I walked to J.Taylor's and dined there. Belf'd Cave's son & Wm Pollock jr was there for business of Sheriff's, the latter, T.Barbour jr's family-P.Bickers & daughter, dined there- Phil Barbour(of James) camethere in evening- I felt very heavy all day.
3, Warm-some clouds in evening- I walked by M.Biggers's. Mrs James, her G. daughter & E Brockman's wife there. M.Biggers's wife got some green peas here in morning-I went through my wheat,by Barn,which is as likely as I could expect-Went from there to C.Taylor's-Misses Polly & Fanny Moore & J.Taylor jr dined there.
4, A little rain last night, cloudy morn. Rec'd a Scythe from Triplett's Store, C.Taylor got. J.Taylor,T.Barbour jr, J.Taylor Jun'r, C.Taylor,C.P.Howard,John Taylor & Felix Gilbert jun'r dined with me- I spoke to John Taylor to try to purchase a Negro boy for me in Caroline, he intends to set out tomorrow.
5, Cloudy, without rain. I staid at home.
6, Warm dry weather. J.Taylor sent & I went there to dinner. Thomas Barbour jr & family, M.Chew & C.Bell there. J.Taylor jr was from hone, he went to a Barbecue at the Springs yesterday.
7, Sunday, Warm and dry. I staid at home.
8, Fog in morning, fair and dry. I staid at home, J.Taylor jr here in evening. Had Irish potatoes planted below the Spring.
9, Dry-but pleasant. James Early called on his way to Fred'g, he brought 2 pair Stockings- I took the largest,coarsest pair & paid him 7/6 for them. The other & pr I carried & left with Nr.Shepherd- C.Taylor was there & I came to J.Taylor's & dined. M.Biggers carried the Scythe C.Taylor got to Triplett's Store, returned tgat ^ took 2 others. Rec'd a letter dated 15, May from F.S.Taylor but not the articles he mentioned he had sent.
10, Several good showers of moderate rain. I walked down the Run & was in some rain Planted Cabbages in garden. Mrs Burnley & Reu Taylor sent here & got Cabbage plants.
11, Cloudy morg,fair Noon, Rainy evening. Reu Taylor sent & got 250 nore Cabbage plants- Widow sent & got ____ Cabbage plants. A swarm of bees came as if from the tree by Spring and Settled beyond Corn house. Hived them. Rec'd a letter with Newspapers from F.S.Taylor but not the Castor oil &c mentioned in former letter.
12, Showery but no heavy most of the day. Sent 200 Cabbage plants to Mr Dade's by Peter as he went to Mill. J.Taylor came here after dinner & staid till evening.
13, Rained last night & most of this day,moderate N.E., I staid at home. J.Taylor jr & W Madison got here at night, came from Fred'g and were wet- J.T.jr, said he got 2 pieces Nankeen for me from Blair's-

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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