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9[263] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1795, 1795,
1, Friday, Cool,hazy & smoky,evening warm. Mr. Tho's Bell, Ja's Bell,Wm Banks,C.P. Howard, Reu Taylor,Rich'd Barbour (Madison), Gab'l Barbour,J.Taylor jr & C.Bell dined with me. Kille a small shoat,sent a fore quarter to M.B.
2, Cool foggy morning, warm,smoky after. Sister J.Taylor sent & got 1 1/2 lb butter. Had Indian Peas & Irish potatoes planted together in the Mountain Young Orchard Planted Mrs Daingerfield's sort of Indian peas in some borders in the Garden. Do. Cimblings & Cucumbers in other borders.
3, Sunday, Foggy morning, very warm smoky day. I walked to J.Taylor's,he is not ret'd from Fredericksburg. _____Wishart came to search the Office for a Record which J.Taylor jr could not find. T.Barbour jr & family, Lucy Barbour & E.Chew there, Sister J.T. sent & borrowed 2 lb Coffee.
4, Warm,hazy,smoky. Began to use corn out of New House, 108 Barl's were put in. I walked to J.Taylor's, he got up last night. T.Barbour jr & family went home to day- I walked to C.Taylor's,he was from home. Got a plaister for Davy's for Davy's knee, came home & went to J.Taylor's to dinner. Mr. T.Bell, Jas Bell, L Barbour, E.Chew there
5, Smoky, Thunder but no rain here. I took Ipecac 15 & Jallap 25 grains, worked me. Widow Day was here & got a horse & boy to go to Mill with 1/2 Barrel Corn from M.Biggers's Delivered to D.Triplett's Waggons 630 lb Hay, Z.Webb. See 22d, April 479 & 27th 1110, total del'd 2219 lb to this date. Reuben Taylor came here- I paid him $10.cash for a young bay mare I bought of him 20, April, she is yet at his house. Had 2 Shoats put in pen to fatten,turned Hogs in Woods. I walked down the Run with Gun & hooks but caught very little. Had Watermelon seed planted in Pen by S.Daniels'
6, Much thunder last night,a little rain,cloudy morn, warm day.J.Tayor came & got Pompion & water melon seeds- Roger Bell borrowed my Spade to Ditch meadow- Had Broom corn seed planted in mountain field.
7, Very warm smoky and dry. Had 19 Geese picked. I walked in evening to J.Taylor's. Henry Pendleton there returning from Richmond. he gave me 2 Lemons. Lucy Barbour & E.Chew also there. I rec'd 1 1/2 yards Linen,2 oz fig Blue, 1 Box Anderson's pills, J.Taylor paid for, and am to have 10 lb Rice.
8, Friday, Very warm,smoky, with some clouds- J.Taylor & family(except J.Taylor jr.)set out early in the morning to Culpeper. Col.Jos Spender & Rob't Moore (is son-in-law)came here from the Office & wanted me to go there but I was unwell & did not think cou'd do their business. William Edwards came here about noon & paid $26.1.6. in further part payment of his bond for Land. I had planted in Pen by S.Daniels' Indian peas, viz't early Crowders- Reu Taylor's do Horn peas.
9, Cooler & clear of smoke-very dry. I staid at home-Negroes planting for themselves
10, Sunday, A little rain in morning & evening. A wether died. Black mare hurt herself by humping over the pales into yard- M.B. bled her. I went to C.Taylor's (they sent for me) _____Williams,Allen Massey,Jonath Gibson,J.Taylor jr & M.Chew, dined there. [Note-Jonathan Gibson,was the name of the Diarist's maternal grandfather. the above J.G. was probably an uncle of 1st counsin-WKA]
11, A pretty rain in morning, but cleared off and did not show much by night. My mare had last night a female colt. Joseph Clark called on me. I let him have about $7.16.0. to purchase sundry articles for me. I sent my Keg by his waggon &c. Wrote Mess'rs D. & J.Blair to send me some rum & G.Ozna's- J.Taylor went by here to muster at Wright's. M.Biggers also went to muster- I went at Mr.A.Shepherd's request to Court house to meet com'rs to Settle the Exr's accounts for Estate of Wm Bell deceased- The Ex'ors & some of the others concerned were there but only two Com'rs, Col.Madison & self,so that we could not proceed in the business-
12, Warm, cloudy,dry, Thunder- Z.Webb called here & got 224 lb Hay- Mr. Baimain & C.P. Howard called here returning from Mrs Burnley's and asked me to go with them to Aunt Taylor's- Maj'r Willis's family, Mrs Burnley & do. Rob't Taylor & do. Rob't Taylor & do and Mrs Baimain there- Mrs James came here and paid 14 dollars towards discharging her account with G.Taylor's Estate.
13, Arm & dry. Alight. G.C.Taylor & J.Taylor jun'r called before noon,were going to dine with Mr. Banks- G.C.Taylor took Ben with him to get cloathes made,

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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