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8.[262] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR,1795,1795
19, White frost and cold for the season. I went to J.Taylor's and dined-E.Chew there J.Taylor jr came home(from Muster) in the evening. ---[SUNDAY]---
20, Cold,but saw no frost, windy, Fair mild evening. I rode to Reuben Taylor's, J.Taylor & wife, J.T.jr, Nancy Taylor & Betsy Taylor, were there.I agreed to give Reu Taylor Ten pounds for the Mare colt he bought at G.T's Estate, She is now about Three years old-in poor order. R.Taylor trimmed my hair before. Finished planting corn in a moist spot below Spring.
21, Cloudy and cold for the season. Had 400 hills planted with sweet potatoes.
22, Frost & cold, some clouds. Tho's Richards, by Z Webb, wrote that he would take my Hay- I let Webb & two other Waggoners have 479 lb which I told my price 4/- They are to take the balance of Stack when they return from Town. About noon I went to J.Taylor's- Reuben Taylor, Gab'l Barbour,dined there- they with J. Taylor & J.Taylor jr went after dinner to T.Barbour jrs. Geo Waugh came to Office after they went away but did not do his business.
23, Cool, smoky & windy. After breakfast I walked to J.Taylolr's to look for my spectacles, which I missed when I got home last night. The family were gone to Mrs. Thoma's, as I returned I found my spectacles. I walked on Walk- and Scarcity in bed from Gate towards Stable. Had Cucumber & Cimbling seeds planted in Nursery beyond Garden.
24, Cold morning,some clouds-fair evening-very dry. I had Irish potatoes taken up & planted in pen by nursery & b S.Daniels- Sowed Beets in the bed from Garden gate towards Meat house & the two beds in front to right and left of the main walk- and Scarcity in bed from Gate towards Stable. Had Cucumber & Cimbling seeds planted in Nursery beyond Garden.
25, Saturday, Small rain or mist most of the day. I staid home.
26, Sunday, Cloudy morn & evening- Sun shone abt 1 or 2 o'clock.I staid at home. Zach Webb, about noon, with Smith & Sebree, came, came and got 1,110 lb Hay on D.Triplett's account. Sold ____Francis, a Huckster from Fred'g, Six Bus Corn & 55 lb Hay for 17/- at night.
27, Cloudy morning, rainy day & very dirty at Court house. I went to Election- the rain occasioned it to be conitnued,Davis was foremost,Wright 28 more votes yn Johnson- I paid Tho's Mallory 1/6 balance he said I owed him for 1 lb. 5 oz. Spun Cotton in 1792. I paid 4/- before which he said was not enough,but that he is now satisfied. I entered 100 acres Land with H.C.Webb-Surveyor- between Z.Herndon & Langham's lines & the road from Brick Church to Gum Spring-on a Treasury Warrant No 1,206,dated 5 March 1795. Col wm White,James Early & son John, came home with me & I went the 2g with them to Court & Election which was concluded, Davis ____Wright____& Johnson____,Votes. G.C.Taylor's [S?ry?], Delivered of a boy-Venus with her-
28, Fine day,a little shower of rain in evening. J.Davis & John Wright were Elected to represent the County, the latter had 31 votes more than Johnson. I took Thos Barbour jrs & his father J.Barbour's bond for $823.16.6 the balance due for certificates sold them some time ago. Wm Banks & Philip Barbour witnessed the bond Col.J.Madison jr was at Court to day.
29, Fair day,rather cool,hazy evening. I went to J.Taylor's,gave him a mem'dum to get some things for me at Fredericksburg, he intends down tomorrow. I dined there-Not so well as usual. T.Barbour's wife & family & E.Chew at J.Taylor's
30, Cloudy cool, afew drops rain. I went to J.Taylor's-Reu Taylor & family,Miss M.Conway,Sally Taylor,C.P.Howard, Ja's Bell,Gabriel Barbour,T.Barbour's wife &c, Lucy Barbour and E.Chew, Ch's Bell writing in Office yesterday & today Sowed Hemp seed by Sheep pen. Lent a gallon Whisky to J.Taylor this morning.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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