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6[260] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1795, 1795
23, Warm,hazy and smoky. --Monday-- I went to Court. Mr Wm Watts delivered me a Land Warrant for 100 acres No.1206, dated 5,March 1795, which he took out in my name & paid 17/- for Warrant & Register's fee, which I this day repaid to him. I paid Jos' Clark 1/- balance for weaving. Began to make soap. Capt C.Conway came home with me.
24, Warm &c as yesterday, dry. Reuben Taylor called on me in the morning. I paid him cash to make the amount $90. with what he had before rec'd of Estate of G.Taylor dec'd & took his receipt. Capt Conway, R.Taylor & I went to Court.
25, A little rain in morning-warm,fair even. I went to Court house-Court adj'd to Ct in course. J.Taylor was unwell & came away by noon. Court sat till near sunset.
26, Warm morning, cloudy,cold evening & some rain. I packed up my Bacon in ashes- had used only now 9 Jowls,2 Midlings & 1 Shoulder of New Bacon, 18 hogs,4 Gam's old,36 new, 35 do shoulders, 34 Midlings & 9 Jowls- Replanted in Orchard 6 Apple trees out of my Nursery and planted Slips of grape by 2 cherry trees in yard. Finished braking up road field. Thompson Taylor arrived here at night from Kentucky,brought Letters from brothers Richard,William & Benjamin, says (27) he left friends generally well.
I believe it rained, all night, early in morning began to snow & continued with mist & cold wind all day- the ground covered & frozen weather. Thompson Taylor continued here-J.Taylor jr was here in evening but returned at night.Roger Bell came here in morning. M.Biggers had asked him to assist to spay some Shoats,but I had them turned out, on account of the cold weather. Finished making Scap-very cold.
28, Snowy mist & hail in the night & continued till noon & then snowed very fast- cleared in evening mild. Thompson Taylor set off about 9 o'clock in bad weather J.Taylor jr & Cha's Bell dined with me. Snow about 3 inches very close.
29, Sunday. Sharp frost-mild day- Snow melted much.I went to J.Taylor's to dinner. C.Taylor & M.Chew there-Janey & Nancy from home.
30, Some frost-most of snow disappeared,warm even. I was unwell, violent headache- I walked to School house in evening.
31, No frost, cloudy raw day, nothing fell.I took a dose of salts and feel better. Had about 30 Peach trees lanted this side of Apple orchard & some in the Mountain orchard where missing- 10 or 15. the trees not in bloom but near.

1, Mild day,hazy & a few clouds. I carried my gun to D.Davis's to get the lock put in order and left it with him. Reuben Taylor,J.Taylor jr & Cha's Bell joined me from School house on the way- we fished in Mill dam,but caught nothing. Returned by Z.Herndon's new house,got Beer,cyder,Bread,Cheese &c. Some blossoms blown on peach trees in my yard.
2, Cloudy morning,moderate rain in evening. I planted 2 Apricots in Garden & 2 in the yard. J.Taylor came here before noon, I gave him silver 90/5 for a Doubloon. He dined & staid till evening. I sent Frank in the morning to Daniel Davis's for my gun which he brought home; Lock was repaired.
3, Rained a great deal in first part of night, cleared and was a fine day.I staid at home, trimmed Apple nursery.
4, Saturday. Fair pleasant weather. I have been more unwell than usual and took a dose Ipecac & Jallap. Roger Bell came here- he & M.Biggers spaye 10 Shoats- M.B. cut 6 last month- Mrs James and they breakfasted here- Mrs James paid 30/7 Cash & I gave her credit 12/- by G.C.Taylor for Laying Betty. I sowed some Barly Wheat in a bed- & some of the common sort adjoining. Went to J.Taylor's in evening- he & son from home,two of Phil Pendleton's sons & E.Chew there.
5, Easter Sunday, warm & hazy-Thunder at night. I went to Aaron Bledsoe's meeting & heard him preach(the first time) a large congregation there. I saw Daniel Davis at meeting & paid him 2/6 for repairing my Gunlock.Got up about 3 o'clock, left my mare & walked to J.Taylor's.Sally & Betsy Taylor, Suky Conway,Allen Massey, went there to dinner. George & Jos Pendeton & E Chew dined before. Paid Syl 9d. for 2 Iron Spoon.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLYl PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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