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5[259] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1795, 1795
8, Sunday. Cleared in night very cold & hard frost, flying ckouds with blasts of snow, windy & cold day. I staid at home. Phil brought my boots he had mended but one of them tore in getting it on & he took them back, I paid him 1/3.
9, Hard frost, clear. Capt Cresman(of Rockingham) came here & brought 2 Barrels corn for his teams going with Whisky to Fredericksburg- I bought half a bar'l, 16 1/2 Gals. Whisky at 4/- received 24/- for the corn & paid him $3.6.0 for the whisky & am to let him have one bushel corn, on his return for the cask & 1/3 he paid.
10, Sharp frost,clear,evening milder. I rode to Court house,got Shepherd's smith's Acco't,Bought a Scrubbing brush & paper, Ink powder, and returned to dinner- In evening went to J.Taylor's- got a quire of paper of him.
11, Frost, but moderate, clear. Jos Clark called her and got some seeds,he had been with his Waggon for Lime. Barbour jr sent me 2 pair chains, I spoke to him for them some time ago.
12, Cloudy morning, small or fine rain in evening. Tho Barbour jr & Ja's Taylos jr called here on their way to Fred'g- I let J.Taylor jr have 3 dollars to buy some things for me, he ret'd 9/- & got articles with balance(see 15th).
13, Friday, Dark cloudy morning, a little rain with spits of snow, cleared about noon,cold and windy. Capt Cresman's Waggoner called & got a Bus' Corn W' ch was paid for the 9th.
14, Severely cold last & to day, windy & clouds. C.Taylor came to see me. I sent for J.Taylor,who came also and they dined with me.Wm Pollock jun'r came here from J.Taylor's, but went away before dinner. I gave him 1/3 for a quire paper. I lent C.Taylor 20 plays & Farces, and gave him sundry Garden seeds. M.Biggers went 1/3 & got a bottle Whisky.
15, Sunday, Clear & cold but more moderate. I went to J.Taylor's. C.Taylor was there Thomas Barbour jr & J.Taylor jr got there about noon from Fredericksburg. Tho' Barbour jun'r paid me $80.9.10 in part for Certificates &c. I paid him 3 dollars for 2 pair plow chains. I paid J.Taylor jr 9/- for articles he bought for me.
16, Began to snow before sunrise, it covered the ground before noon,but soon dissolved, cleared moderate at night. I went to Court house,it being the day for Election of the Representatives for Congress-But few people met,the number who voted did not amount to 30, all for J.Madison. I paid Mr A.Shepherd for Shepherd & Day's account for Smith's work, $1.10.8. Do for Shepherd for Brent's Do $4.4.5 & 1/2 he paid for Waggoning, total $5.16.3. Cash. Capt Conwy let me have 4 sail needles for Spaying, he sent from C.Taylor's in evening & got Garden seeds.
17, Fine day, hazy in evening. Mr Wm Dade sent a boy with a jug for two Gallons honey,which I sent. Sent to J Taylor's & got 2Pear trees & planted in the yard Also got nest tumblers & salts, J.Taylor jr bought for me. I went to C.Taylor's about noon, he was gone to Col.Wm Taliaferro's(who is sick)- J.Taylor & family & Sally Burnley dined at C.Taylor's.
18, Cloudy morning, constant rain afternoon, mild. I was unwell last night-mending to day.
19, Sharp frost,cold windy,Snow at G Mountains. I have head ache and am sicker than usual. M.Biggers with Davy,S.Daniel & Little Peter, went to work on the road- he said Roger Bell & J.Taylor's people were to meet him,
20, Sharp frost,windy & cold, Evening more mild. C.Taylor came here. I settled and paid him for his balance due from the Estate or Geo Taylor dec'd and took his receipt for $14.13 0 1/2, he would have staid for dinner but was sent for to Mrs. Madison's. I was very unwell last night & in morning, am better this evening.
21, Smart, frosty,hazy,windy and cool. C.Taylor sent for and got a Turkey cock. I staid at home- Downey(the Pedlar)called here,wanted Corn & fodder. I did not sell him any.
22, [SUNDAY] Cloudy,some drops rain, smoky & warm. I Walked to J.Taylor's-E.Chew there, James & Nancy from home.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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