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4[258] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1795, 1795
22, [continued] about two hours returned to C.Taylor's. I went there with them,about noon. Miss'es Watkins & Alexander(being sent for) went to W.Dade's. I dined there. J.Taylor jr was there in evening. --[SUNDAY]--
23, Rained moderate before noon,heavier in evening. I went to Court. Mr T.Barbour jr gave me his note of hand for $923. to bear interest from date, it being for $958.19.0. Certificates & Interest, he had the 6th instant-$600. being at par, the balance 18/- in the pound. He & Col Ja's Barbour are to give bond when we meet for the above. Some persons sid Brutus fought a Mad dog to day,at Mr Shepherd's, but I see no bite.
24, Cleared in morn. Windy-cool evening. I rode to Court. Wrote Letters to Col.E.Pendleton jr about suit vs Thornton. also to Col Ja's Taylor inclosing a Land Warrant he sent Oct'r 1792. Capt Conway promised to Convey the letters. Z.Nooe paid 12/- for 12 lb butter had the 6th instant.
25, Windy night,cold,clear and very windy day. Reuban Taylor called on me,we went to Robert Taylor's to dinner. C.P.Howard,John Taylor & C.Taylor there. In the night Wm Herndon(of Madison) called here & warmed,complained much of the wind & cold being severe.
26, Very cold. Had 4 Lambs from 2 Ewes, 1 dead. J.Taylor, C.Taylor, Reuben Taylor, C.P.Howard,John Taylor & Rob't Coleman dined with me.
27, Continues cold. John W.Berry [m. Ann, dau. of Jonathan Taylor-WKA], of Kentucky came here (from Mr.Nooe's) to breakfast. He went with me to Ja's Taylor's. C.P.Howard & wife, John Taylor,Milly Glassel, Wm Moore jr, two of Col J.Barbour's daughters, C.Taylor & Reu Taylor dined there. Eliz'a Pendleton & children went to Madison to T.Barbour's. J.Pendleton & J.Taylor jun'r went to Culpeper a day or two past. I sent 3 1/2 Bus' Wheat to Dade's mill & got it ground. No Toll taken, I am to pay for it. J.W.Berry returned with me at night. Jos Clark sent ____yds Cotton Cloth home, I paid his son James 15/- in part fr weaving.
28, Cold weather continues. Joel Dogget & Geroge Thomas came here from J.Taylor's to breakfast, they, Mr Berry & I walked to C.Taylor's. Jas Taylor, Reu Taylor, C.P.Howard, John Taylor,Robt Taylor, Wm Dade, Robt Coleman,Nancy Taylor, Fanny & Lucy Barbour, dined there. Mr Berry ret'd with me. I paid Wm Dade 2/3 for Toll of Wheat. 1 Eew had 2 Lambs fell to day.

1, Sunday, Fine morning- Frogs cry- evening cool. J.W.berry & I rode to Reuben Taylor's. John Gore & Rob't Coleman there. Mr.Berry intends going down the country tomorrow.
2, Fair day, cool but not severe, dry. I staid at home till evening,then walked to the School house- saw J.Taylor in the road.
3, Fair,moderate, wind South. Billy Wood came here & got some Garden seeds. In evening I walked to J.Taylor's, his wife &c gone to Mrs Thomas's. The ground in high places frozen very dry.
4, Fair and moderate. J.Taylor called to know if I had any butter to spare,but I had not. Cabbage, Lettuce & onion seeds sown in plant bed.
5, Very warm and fair. Began to plow with one plow in road field. C.Taylor sent & got Peach trees. I rode with J.Taylor to Gum Spring, a Sale was advertised, but none made. Reu Taylor was there, we called at his house and dined.
6, A little hazy,smoky,warm & very dry. Trimmed the Apple trees. Sowed peas in the middle square next to gate,6 rows to the South, the common sort, 5 rows to the North, nonpareil of Marrowfat. Scattered Cabbage,onion,Lettuce & turnep seeds over Asparagus bed- had part burnt yesterday.
7, Warm,smoky,cloudy,with light showers of rain.Thunder storm at night. Guinea Sow had 4 pigs. M Biggers out 6 shoats yesterday & marked the Sow shoats, turned 1 boar shoat out. 1 Ewe had 2 Lambs. Had clover seed sown this side the meadow

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECED BY COPYRIGHT.

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