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3[257] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1795, 1795,
6, A little snow fell last night,cloudy with some snow to day,but not enough to hide the earth.Tho's Barbour jr came here and wanted to buy about $600. Certificates. I let him have the whole of mine $900. & odd pounds to draw the Int. for me at Richmond-and told him if he choses he may have Interest warrants & Certificates except $600. 18/- in the pound & if he wanted & took more 20/-,which was agreed upon. I sent 12 lb Butter to Z.Nooe by Negro George. C.Taylor sent 7/6 for which I sent 9 1/4 lb butter. I sent Frank to Hay Taliaferro's for Cyder & 7/6 he says he got 7 gallons cyder & paid the money to Mrs Taliaferro. I went to Ch Taylor's, carried Flannel to make me two vests-I dined there.
7, Small snow in morning, faster in evening & fell about 3 inches, not cold. I staid at home.
8, [SUNDAY] Continued to snow at times,briskly afternoon moist about 4 or 5 inches I dined at J.Taylor's. J.Pendleton & family and Nancy Gaines was there.
9, Ceased snowing last night,about 6 inches and not cold-Cloudy & thawed to day. J.Taylor, J.Taylor jr, J.Pendleton & C.Taylor dined here.Geo Bledsoe came to see C.Taylor,who went home after dinner with him.
10, Fair fine day, thaw. I am very unwell,taken in the night, I believe with Bilious Colic. Gabriel Barbour came here in evening to inform me that his brother Tho's Barbour returned from Richmond yesterday & had made use of my certificates as agreed upon.
11, Cloudy & mild, thaw. I feel better than I did yesterday, am invited to a Ball to night,but decline going.
12, Some clouds,some spits of snow,but not cold. I staid at home.
13, Snowed very fast in the morning, 1 or 2 inches fell but melted-cool in evening and clear. J.Pendleton,J.Taylor jr & C.Bell came by here to hunt. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner. C.Taylor & sundry others there.
14, Saturday, Cool-some clouds, cold evening. I went to C.Taylor's- J.Taylor & family, John Pendleton & do, Nancy Gaines,Lucy Barbour & Robert Taylor, C.Bell, dined there. Brindle Cow had a calf.
15, [SUNDAY] Very cold, fair. I went to J.Taylor's his daughter Nancy unwell.C.Taylor J.Pendleton &c, Nancy Gaines, Lucy Barbour & Col Campbell dined there. J.Taylor jr went in evening with Col.Campbell down the country. they intend to Mr.Porter's to night.
16, Clear & hardest frost this winter. L.Taliaferro jr called here in evening to inform me the Com'rs to settle Dade's Estate are to meet at his father's next friday & desired me to attend.
17, Continues cold but not so severe, hazy. John brought a pot from C.Taylor's in which I put about 5 quarts honey, for making vests &c.
18, Continues dry and cold.
19, Continues cold and fair. I rode to Court house-Bought a shawl for E.Chew at Banks'- I returned to dinner- J.Taylor was here in evening- got a letter from T.Barbour jr about my certificates, he used part and sole the remainder. This day was appointed for Thanksgiving & prayer. [????????????????-PFT]
20, South wind,thaw,fair. Frank carried a shawl & knife to Eliz' Chew at Aunt Taylor's,& says she liked them. I went to Col.L.Taliaferro's,where a meeting of persons to settle sundry matters relative to Dade's Estate was held,but not concluded. Mr.T.Bell,James Bell, Rob't Taylor,J.Taylor,Ch's Taylor,Ben Porter, Catlett Conway, Harry Fitzhugh, A Maury, Wm Dade & wife and Miss Brooke, were there. I was one in the order for dividing Dade's Estate( which as to the Slaves, was made two winters ago) the Land being undivided) but only three being necessary to sign, B.Porter,T.Bell & C.Taylor sent me a note that he, J.Pendleton &c would dine- I sent the bearer by C.Taylor's to ask him over,soon after,C.Taylor's boy came to ask me to go there & said he had been to J.Taylor's to ask them. I went to C.Taylor's- C.Conway,A Maury, W.Dade,H.Taliaferro jr, Jas Bell,J.Taylor,J Pendleton, J.Taylor jr, Misses Hannah Watkins,Franky Aleander,&Milley Glassell, were there. I staid till after supper.
22, Mild, South wind, hazy-very little snow can be seen. Misses H.Watkins,F.Alexander M.Glassel, Sally, Betsy and Polly Taylor walked here before noon and after

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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