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2[256] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1795, 1795,
20, Hard frost and clear, James Taylor,J.Taylor jr,J.Pendleton, Henry Pendleton,C. Taylor & G.C.Taylor, were here.
21, Sharp frost & clear-somewhat mild evening. I went to C.Taylor's, G.C. Taylor was there & we agreed how his account with G.Taylor dec'd should be settled. He hired Sarah & children to me this year for $5. and Ben(who being lame) his value to be set at end of year.
22, Thursday, Clear morning, soon cloudy, some spits of snow. G.C.Taylor called on me,we settled out account for the hire of his negroes and I paid him the balance $14.0.11. He went to C.Taylor's who went him to J.Taylor's where I met them. Mrs Burnley &c, Nancy Gaines, J.Pendleton & family , dined there. J.Taylor jr & Nancy gone to T.Barbour's.
23 Began to snow in the last night, 2 or 3 inches fell, Snowed all day, at night about a foot deep, rain & sleet in night, not very cold.
24, Small rain till in the night, snow very wet and sunk above half its depth. I paid Macon Biggers 13/8 the balance due him for his crops & account with me to this time. Also paid him 1/4 the balance due him from the Estate of G.Taylor dec'd. Frank began to ride my colt.
25, Sunday, Cloudy and thaw, a little mist or fine rain in night. G.C.Taylor called here on his way to Montgomery, we agreed to settle his acco'ts w'th G.Taylor's Est'e hereafter. I rode to J.Taylor's. John Pendleton & c, H.Pendleton and Nancy Gaines, dined there.
26, Monday, Thaw & earth very wet- fine dry day above. I went to Court- paid Jos Clark 3/- for sundry waggonages- paid C.P.Howard for 2 Gallons Whisky,which I am to have on sending for at Barbour's store.
27, Fine moderate day, thawed some. I sent Frank to Barbour's store for 2 gallons of Whisky, it wanted about a quart of quantity. I rode to Court house about noon, returned to dinner.
28, Fine weather continues- hazy evening. I walked to J.Taylor's-C.Taylor & family (except Sally & Betsy who went to Reu Taylor's), John Pendleton's wife & Nancy Gaines were there. J.Taylor jr & H.Pendleton went to Col.T.Barbour's. I saw Elijah Brockman as I came here, who told me he saw Reuben Taylor going home, just returned from Kentucky.
29, Some spits snows about day, small rain till noon & afterwards very rainy till in night. I rode to Reu Taylor's, he is as well as when he left home and says their party got safe out, left Friends well except R'd Taylor's wife & Matilda, the former's indisposition from fatigue. H.Taliaferro's wife, C.Taylor & daughters Sally & Betsy, Sukey Conway & brother were there.I got letters from R'd Taylor jr & Roger only,
30, Cleared in last night-cold & windy. J.Taylor came here after breakfast to enquire what accounts Reu Taylor brought from Kentucky, he did not stay long.
31, Cloudy morning & evening- mid-day clear & mild. The second young Sow had 5 pigs. I remained home.

1, Sunday, Fair windy, moderate. J. Taylor called here, going to Reuben Taylor's & asked me to go, I was not well and staid at home. Robert Taylor & C.P.Howard dined here.
2, Thaw most of the ice melted. I sent Frank with 11 lb Spun Cotton to Joseph Clark's, he said Mrs Clark will weave it. he rode the colt. I was very unwell all day. Sary came from Mr.T.Barbour's yesterday to C. house in his waggon, I sent my cart & brot her at night.
3, A little rain in morning, warm,cool at night. I am something better, staid at home. Moon eclipsed at night.
4, Very cold,some clouds. J.Taylor sent for me, I went over, Reu Taylor & wife, J Pendleton &c, Harry Pendleton, Milley Glassell, Sally Taylor & Nancy Gaines there.
5, Some clouds,mild,some spits snow at night.I took a purge which relieved me a good deal. C.Taylor sent 4 lb Candles, for Lent at dance

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina LIbrary, Chape Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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